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December 1st, 2016 by Jennifer Beile 7 Activities to Get You Into the Holiday Spirit

It’s that time of year again: the holidays are upon us, and the next thing we know, 2016 will be gone and we’ll have a clean slate to begin again. Instead of letting the holidays sneak up on you this year, take the time to enjoy the little joys of the season. Whether you’ve been listening to holiday music since Halloween or are slower to get into the festive spirit, check out a few of my favorite holiday activities below for enjoying the season to the fullest this year.

holiday spirit

1. Listen to Holiday Music
“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” Buddy the Elf wasn’t wrong! Sing along to some classic holiday songs to spread a little cheer to the people you love. My personal favorite? Mariah Carey’s classic album Merry Christmas.

2. Decorate
Whether you’re into traditional or unconventional holiday décor, decorating will surely put a smile on your face and give you those warm fuzzy feelings inside!

3. Pace Your Shopping
Don’t wait until the very last minute to get all your shopping done. Create a list and take your time shopping, whether online or in-store. Shopping and spending money can be the biggest source of stress during the holidays. You may be surprised at how much more you will enjoy the holidays with a little planning and time management!

4. Do Unto Others
The holidays are ultimately about spreading love, and the best way to do that is to help people who are less fortunate than you. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, participate in a toy drive, and donate what you can, whether that be your time or money.

5. Plan a Gift Exchange
Plan a gift exchange with some of your closest friends. I love White Elephant and Secret Santa gift exchanges during the holidays to put everyone in a joyful mood. Plus, who can say no to a holiday party? Dress it up with a formal dinner, or dress it down with an ugly Christmas sweater or pajama party!

6. Have a Holiday Movie Marathon
I started this tradition with my husband last year, complete with cinnamon rolls in the morning, pajamas all day, and hot chocolate. Cozying up on the couch with a loved one or a best friend while watching all the cheesy holiday movies that you pretend you don’t love is a great way to spend quality time together.

7. Take a Day Trip
I love taking a day or overnight trip up to the mountains to play in the snow during the holiday season. Living in LA, the weather leaves a lot to be desired during the winter months, so I always make sure and take time out to go somewhere close that will cure those sunny winter blues. If you already live where it snows, take the time to go outside and build a snowman, have a snowball fight, or just walk in the snow. I end these trips with a drive around town looking at all the holiday lights. Use this Light Finder to find the best places near you!

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November 30th, 2016 by Beth Jones HOW TO: 3 Videos to Get You Ready for Holiday Parties

Well, it’s that time of year again; it’s the holiday season! I love this time of year, and one reason I love it is all of the holiday parties and festivities. I love an excuse to play dress up!  Dressing up is a blast, but sometimes we need a little help or inspiration, so I looked through my favorite social platform—YouTube—and found some great how-to videos to help get you ready for all the fancy parties ahead.

First up is a video from VOGUE that stars one of their favorite models, Karen Elson. She takes us into her bathroom at a posh hotel to show us how she gets ready for a night on the town. Her smudged look is party-perfect!

Next is a video created by me, B. Jones Style. I teach you how to do classic Hollywood waves, which is such a great look for your upcoming holiday party. It’s the easy “cheater” version!

And finally, What Olivia Did shows us five festive party look ideas!

October 27th, 2016 by Jennifer Beile 10 Last Minute Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Running behind on Halloween preparations this year? No worries—we all get busy! This year, consider taking a detour from your usual costumes and have a bit of fun with a pop culture-inspired costume. From iconic movie characters to digital sensations, check out my list of last minute pop culture Halloween costumes that anyone can put together in a matter of a couple of hours—without going over budget!

Sandy from Grease

halloween costumes

A classic, this sexy costume is easy to replicate with clothes already in your closet and a little bit of thrifting know-how.

Wednesday Addams, The Addams Family


I bet you’ve pulled this look off on a normal weekday without even trying! A schoolgirl-ish dress with some knee-high socks and a touch of white powder will give you an instant costume.

Carrie White, Carrie


Slip dresses happen to be trending, making this costume all the easier. Add a tiara and fake blood and you’ll be instantly recognizable as Carrie!

Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City


And now for a completely different Carrie, but one that’s still a classic pop culture icon: a Carrie Bradshaw costume will have you feeling fun and flirty!

Phyllis Nefler, Troop Beverly Hills


This was my favorite movie as a child. If you have access to a vintage Girl Scout uniform, you’ll have the best throwback costume at the party!

Alex Owens, Flashdance

halloween costumes

This will possibly be the most comfortable costume you will ever wear. Throw on an off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, a leotard, and some leg warmers, and you’ll be right at home on the dance floor.

Eleven, Stranger Things

Stranger Things

One of TV’s most mysterious characters is also one of the simplest costumes to put together for Halloween. Grab a pink dress, a blue track jacket and of course, don’t forget the Eggo waffles!

Rosie The Riveter


Representing strong, hardworking women in America, a Rosie the Riveter costume requires just a denim jumpsuit, a bandana, and a fierce attitude!

Snapchat Filters


We’ve moved on from emojis to Snapchat filters, and I think they are both more fun and easier to pull off!

Instagram Photo


Simply using a square cardboard cutout, paint a caption on the bottom (don’t forget all the likes!), and you’re transformed into a live Instagram photo.

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February 9th, 2016 by Melanie Sutrathada Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

You just finished booking your reservations, and you’re almost done shopping for your present. All that’s left is picking your outfit! Whether you’re planning a Parks and Recreation-style Galentine’s Day brunch or a special weekend getaway, dressing the part is always one of the most exciting aspects of Valentine’s Day—right behind eating tons of chocolate, of course!

Here are some of my favorite outfits that will steal your heart: 

Valentine's Day
Go minimalist with an all-white ensemble with tons of texture. 

Valentine's Day
Make a bold statement and color block with a bold red midi skirt and a neon pink sweater.

Valentine's Day
Give a subtle nod to Valentine’s Day with relaxed boyfriend jeans and a pale pink blazer. Flowers are optional, but highly encouraged.

Valentine's Day
An oversized red knit sweater and pleated leather skirt are perfect for date night.

Go super romantic with a pretty lace dress and red heels.

A black jumper and structured red coat are perfect for a night on the town at your favorite restaurant. 

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December 31st, 2015 by Melanie Sutrathada 4 Fashion Resolutions to Make in 2016

2016 is right around the corner! With the big ​midnight ​ball drop only a few days away, ​you’re likely thinking about work, relationships and health. There’s no better time to figure out your ​fashion resolutions too! ​

Fashion Resolution

Here are some of ​my​ favorites to take into the new year:

​Make more of an effort to take care of the items you already have in your closet.

Put each piece back where it belongs and properly wash them instead of stuffing them in to the deep dark recesses of your drawers.

​Edit your closet.

Wear those old favorites or let them go. Bring your current, on-trend, name-brand clothing and accessories to your nearest Crossroads Trading Co. or sell by mail (learn more here). Just imagine how much more space you’ll have!



​Identify the missing staples in your closet and resolve to fill those gaps in 2016.

This will ensure that you get more use out of the pieces you already have and will help you define your personal style (#winning).

Buy fewer things of better quality.

​Invest in pieces that you really love and enjoy the fact that you’ll likely keep them well past 2016. ​


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