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December 17th, 2015 by Samantha Weaver The Grid Print: Mixing and Matching

This week at Crossroads, we’ve stocked our stores with mix-and-match pieces in bold prints, so naturally we’ve turned to Melanie of LACB for some seasonal styling inspiration.

Whether you’re shopping for a classic plaid coat or those grid print culottes you’ve been dying to find, Crossroads is offering up some great options in plaid this week.

Grid Print Shirt Dress ($32.50).

Have some fun mixing and matching our Drop Waist Dress in Grey Plaid ($28.50)! Wear it over our Striped Joggers ($25) or get the matching Grey Plaid Midi Coat ($36.50).

Buffalo Plaid Coat ($40) and Grid Print Culottes ($22.50).

Jumpsuits are an easy go-to for work or weekend. Our Grid Print Jumpsuit is available in stores for $28.50.

November 30th, 2015 by Melanie Sutrathada 4 Winter Essentials

Baby, it’s cold outside, so it’s time to bundle up! We’re transitioning into winter (we know—where did fall go?!) and the temperatures are dropping.

It’s time to pull out your coziest knits, thickest layers and a big mug of hot chocolate. While we can’t help you with the last one just yet, Crossroads is the place to go for all your winter essentials. Here ​​are our must-haves this season:


1. Invest in ​great outerwear​ that will keep you warm all winter long. Look for ​a coat​ with a thick lining and enough breathing room for you to layer a thick​ sweater underneath.

2. A pair of ​warm ​gloves is a must.  ​Choose a stylish pair with​ touchscreen capabilities ​for ​when winter becomes​ that oh-my-gosh-my-fingers-are-going-to-fall-off level of cold.  A touchscreen pair ensures that you can Snapchat and text away no matter how hard the wind is blowing. ​

​3. Nothing says cozy better that ​a huge blanket scarf​.​ We’ve been wanting to wear blankets outside for as long as we can remember, so we’re totally in love with this fashionable and functional​ trend.  ​Double style points for belting it!

4. Stylish and functional over​-​the​-​knee boots are c​alling your name in December. ​Cover up by layering​ a pair over tights and tall socks as the season gets colder.

Missing any of our​ must-haves? Head to your nearest Crossroads today to make sure you’re winter-ready!​

October 30th, 2015 by Samantha Weaver Trending: Ultra Blue Denim

Denim has been front and center for most of 2015, and for that we are grateful. But what does 2016 have in store for our favorite durable fabric? I’m calling it now: next season’s denim trend will be based on color over style—specifically on the bright ultra-blue color of ’70s raw denim. So take a look at our newest and bluest denim pieces available in Crossroads stores now.

Get the look with our Button Down Denim Skirt ($35).

Add some royal blue with our Cut Side Pullover Sweater ($32.50).

The perfect flares? Look no further than our Ultra Blue Bell Bottoms ($35).

Go casual with our Embroidered Denim Dress ($38.50)

Cozy up in our Oversized Terry Pullover ($28.50).

And last but not least: check out our deep blue Felted Wool Car Coat ($55).

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October 16th, 2015 by Samantha Weaver Autumn Accessories

This October, we’re loading up on hats, vests, and bags perfect for the coming season. It may be 86 degrees outside my window now, but I’m crossing my fingers for that brisk fall weather to come and call in pieces like these.


An Embroidered Vest with Faux Shearling ($35) is the perfect accompaniment to any fall outfit. Pair it with a maxi dress or bell bottoms for that full-on bohemian flare.

AutumnGrab a Knit Fedora ($25) for some warmth. Ours is available in grey, navy, tan, and black.

AutumnJust in time for the autumnal color palette—our Double Tote in Camel ($25) is really two bags in one!

AutumnBonus: our Striped Dress with Faux Leather Sleeves (28.50) has it all; great coverage, fit, and price for the upcoming season.

I often think of Emily Dickinson with the change of season. Here is a favorite of mine entitled Autumn:

The morns are meeker than they were,

The nuts are getting brown;

The berry’s cheek is plumper,

The rose is out of town.

 The maple wears a gayer scarf,

The field a scarlet gown.

Lest I should be old-fashioned,

I’ll put a trinket on.

September 4, 2015 by Samantha Weaver Will You Try a Sleeveless Coat This Season?

Are you planning on experimenting with a new hot trend this season? If you haven’t picked one to dabble in, ask yourself this: Do I want my arms to be able to move around freely while still keeping warm? If you answered yes, get ready for your new favorite piece of outerwear: the sleeveless coat.

Unlike the dreaded sleeveless turtleneck, this coat/vest hybrid is more utilitarian than you’d think. No more sizing up to fit your bulky sweaters underneath, and you can dress it up or down. For a light version, head to your local Crossroads this week for our Sleeveless Coat with Front Welt Pockets ($32.50).

Scroll through for more ways to wear this versatile piece!

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