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August 28th, 2015 by Samantha Weaver Graphic Tees: A Wardrobe Staple

Graphic tees have become a staple in the wardrobes of stylish men and women everywhere. From Parisian fashion houses like Yves Saint Laurent to edgy street labels like UNIF, we saw cheeky, logo-adorned tees featured front and center in collections in the past year.

This week at Crossroads, we’re featuring five tees with cool graphics priced at just $17.50.

Catronaut Tee ($17.50)

Flaws Tee ($17.50)—we all have them!

Los Angeles Tee ($17.50)

Mystic Cactus Tee ($17.50)

Tidal Wave Tee ($17.50)


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MAY 15, 2015 BY SAMANTHA For the Guys: Men’s Summer Styles

It’s high time we highlighted the amazing men’s clothing available at Crossroads. We’re gearing up for summer, guys, and this week we’re featuring great men’s pieces from backpacks to joggers. And the best news: most of these new arrivals that are “just for the guys” are available this week at a Crossroads store near you!


Floral Woven, $28.50
Skinny Denim, $35
America Socks, $10 (coming soon)


Stripe Knit Tee with Pocket, $20
Geometric Design Backpack, $18.50 (coming soon)


Welt Pocket Joggers, $35
Red Ringer Tee, $17.50


Striped Tees, $15-$18.50


Cuffed Camo Shorts, $22.50
Bias Tee, $18.50
Gray Backpack, $18.50 (coming soon)


Short Sleeve Wovens, $27.50-$28.50

MAY 8, 2015 BY SAMANTHA Trending: Unisex Backpacks

A well-made backpack is a wonderful thing. Perfect for music festivals or a quick walk down to your local farmer’s market, these bags are a favorite for men and women alike.

We’re committed this summer to utilitarian accessories, so naturally we’re all in on the backpack trend. Check out these ones, now available in Crossroads stores, and tell us which one is your favorite in the comments section below.


Thick Stripe with Front Pocket, $42.50


Tan Canvas Backpack with Zippers, $42.50


Railroad Stripe, $42.50


Jason is all over the backpack trend this season. I’ve seen him carry everything from leather backpacks to small canvas ones like these. He can’t seem to decide on just one!

MAY 10, 2013 BY SARAH Our Top 4 Favorite Male Bloggers

Here at CTC, we’re pretty proud to have been following blogs and talking to bloggers since the beginning of the phenomenon. We think they bridge the gap between magazines and real people, and while we don’t have the facts or stats to back it up, we are pretty sure that people in general are becoming more artful when dressing themselves, and it’s largely thanks to our
blogger friends.

The thing is, there’s no avoiding the fact that the vast majority of personal style bloggers are female. Bloggers have definitely democratized fashion, but where’s the male voice? Well, if you haven’t heard, there are some pretty stellar dude personal bloggers out there, some of which we’ve given a nod to before. To make it easy as entering our Man Month raffle, we decided to make a to-the-point guide of our top four favorite male bloggers that you need to add to your reading list asap. Get to clicking!


1. Adam of I Am Galla. Recently relocated to New York, Adam’s style is electic – one day he is wearing a suit and bow-tie, the next he’s wearing a beanie and a hoodie, and the day after that he may be dressed like he is above…however, all of his looks are unified by a kind of classic elegance, sometimes captured just in a pair of shoes, sunglasses, or fits. It’s the thing that makes Adam’s style so chic, yet still so personal.


2. Freddy of Blue Perk. We conducted a great interview with Freddy of Blue Perk not too long ago, so needless to say, Freddy was bound to be included in this list. Another New Yorker, Fred’s style is always on point, colorful and fun – and yet, it always remains to be very wearable. Also, we just love this photo of Freddy on a swing! Didn’t we just say he was fun?


3. Peter of The Hobbyists. Besides showcasing some stellar photography (we can thank girlfriend Bethany for some of it), Peter of the Hobbyists has a sort of California cool-casual style that we think could be very inspirational to anyone seeking an easygoing kind of dapper. Not much of a suit guy, Peter dresses up jeans, sneakers and tees like no other.


4. Edward of Edward’s Hair. Edward has a strong affinity to cool sneaks, and that’s one of the reasons we have a strong affinity towards him. He has an array of cool kicks that he manages to wear flawlessly with any of his dapper duds, adding a bit of sporty to his ensembles, which range from denim looks to suits with ties. We also find his facial expressions (and sometimes lack of them) amusing – sometimes he turns away from the camera or covers his face altogether. As an answer to someone who asked him, “Why do you always look so angry in your pictures?” Edward said, “Because blogging makes me angry.” Which leads to the last reason we love him – a biting, witty sense of humor.

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