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February 14th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile Crossroads Shopping Tips from the Crossroads Style Council

Last week, five of my fellow Crossroads Style Council members and I took a short road trip from LA to Santa Barbara. We took over the Crossroads Trading in Santa Barbara and challenged ourselves to create an editorial outfit in just under an hour. Photos and videos will be coming to Crossroads’s Instagram soon!

Between photoshoot pit stops at gas stations, styling and shooting all of our fun Crossroads looks, the most amazing lunch together, I was able to round up some of the best Crossroads secondhand shopping tips from the experts themselves! Take a look at tips from your Crossroads Style Council on how to make the most of your store shopping experience.


shopping tips

Beth, B. Jones StyleInstagram

Beth is a secondhand shopping god (in my mind, anyway). Her thrift shopping challenges inspire my soul and make me want to spend hours at my favorite Crossroads locations finding treasures. From Beth:

My tip is: at Crossroads, I get all my awesome, great, classic essentials. Like a great rag & bone tee, designer shoes, denim. So I always use Crossroads as a way to build my essential, classic wardrobe staples.

shopping tips

Amelia, ClotheshorseInstagram

Amelia is the ultimate cool girl in her classic and chic pieces. I do have to admit that her Crossroads finds on our trip were the ones I was most jealous she found first!

Go when you can be leisurely—taking your time shopping secondhand will yield the best results. Get a coffee, caffeinate, eat something before so you’re not starving, make sure you’ve peed… Just know that you might have to do two rounds in the dressing room to be thorough.

Cassidy, Cassidy GardInstagram

Cassidy’s style is all-American, colorful, feminine, and flirty. It was my first time meeting Cassidy, and she is honestly the most genuine and so much fun to shop with!

I always pay attention to the materials—I don’t really look at the brand. I just look at the materials that I know are high quality, and the second I feel something that feels nice on my skin, it’s always a more luxurious brand than fast fashion [ones]. And that’s how I get through really quickly–looking at the colors and materials, feeling it… things that just breathe well on my skin.

Morgan, The Maverick MuseInstagram

Morgan has a style all her own: daring, retro, modern, and just SO MUCH FUN. I definitely have a girl crush!

One rule of thumb is that I will typically go where nobody else is, to not be clustered with other shoppers. A lot of thrifting is having the desire to spend time [on it], so I make sure that I don’t have any other requirements for the day and I can just leisurely stroll through and do my thing. You have to be hungry… you really have to have that desire to look and find the gems.

Mary, Hey Mary ElizabethInstagram

Mary has such a fun, whimsical style, and knowing that she is able to use Crossroads to build her wardrobe, you can bet that she has great tips to help you during your shopping trips!

Always check out the rejects from the dressing room. Think of it as a potentially curated section of clothes that didn’t fit someone else so well. Start at an area that’s not so overwhelming ([such as] shoes at Crossroads). When you find one good item right away, it gives you motivation to dig in.

Jennifer, Jennifer Beile

And from me: Go in with an open mind. If you are going secondhand shopping with specific pieces in mind, you will most likely miss out on some other great items that you weren’t looking for because you were concentrating too much on something specific. Also, look in multiple sizes! Not all brand sizing is created equal. I especially look at a range of sizes in denim, hold them up to my hips, and if they look close to fitting, I try them on. Don’t be afraid to try something on. It will always look different on the hanger versus on you.

February 6th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile 5 Fashionistas to Follow on Instagram for Style Inspiration

Instagram has quickly become the fashion lover’s go-to for instant outfit inspiration. I would go so far to say that Instagram will—if it hasn’t already—quickly surpass the traditional blogger’s platform.

When you’re looking for outfit inspo, it’s as easy as plugging in a descriptive hashtag or simply scrolling through your feed in the morning. Just follow your favorite fashionistas for a daily dose of style delivered straight to you! Need somewhere to start? Take a look at five of my favorite fashion babes you should be following on Instagram if you aren’t already.


Anine Bing, aninebing

stylish ladies

Designer Anine Bing (check out her self-titled line here) is the queen of chic and classic with just the right touch of modern. Known for her outfit uniform of graphic tees and blazers, Anine can also be seen rocking badass booties, leather jackets, and the denim of your dreams.


Casey Carlson, officiallyquigley

A little boho, a little rock and roll, and a lot of funk. Casey has a smile that lights up the entire room and definitely has fun playing dress up everyday. Fun fact: I met Casey at our local dog park before she moved out of the area, and our pups were obsessed with each other!


Lauren Johnson, discodaydream

Lauren is the ultimate cool girl, and I am almost embarrassed by the amount of likes she gets from me! She is an unlimited source of outfit inspo, whether I’m feeling chic, casual, or playful.


Chloe Miles, chloehelenmiles

Chloe is a total style chameleon and showcases her effortless chic fashion sense throughout her Instagram.


Zoe Lazerson, zoelaz

Zoe shares her personality through her fashion! A fan of color, Zoe nails playful yet wearable style and shows you how to wear just about every trend perfectly.

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January 30th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile How to Wear Ultra Violet, Pantone’s Color of the Year

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018 is Ultra Violet, a bold color that fashion does not utilize enough. They describe it as “a dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade… Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future.”

Looking for outfit inspo for ways to wear Ultra Violet? Look no further! Below are seven ways to incorporate this vibrant Color of the Year into your wardrobe.


1. Go bold and revitalize your blazer collection.


ultra violet
2. Trade in your little black dress for a vivid violet eye-catcher.


3. Invest in a muted violet coat in a classic silhouette for versatility that stands out.


4. Brighten a cold day with a cozy violet sweater.


5. Stun in a head-to-toe violet look.


6. Kick it up a notch with some bold boots.


7. Add Ultra Violet details in your accessories.

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January 23rd, 2018 by Jennifer Beile 7 Pants Outfits That Will Have You Tossing Your Denim Aside

Denim will always be held close to a fashion girl’s heart. We love our denim and our denim loves us; it’s a closet staple as trends come and go. But there comes a time to experiment and step outside of the fashion box. I’ve been noticing a lot more trousers over denim on my blog roll lately, and I, for one, am all for it! I’ve been swapping out my denim for more trouser styles too. Styled with tees, sweaters, blazers, and bodysuits, trousers are a sophisticated, refreshing change to your wardrobe.

Check out these seven denim-less blogger outfits to inspire you this week!


Style Me Grasie
To say that I would live in Grasie’s striped pants, bodysuit, and leather jacket ensemble might be a bit of an overstatement—but I am loving this comfy combo!


Le Happy
Comfy, casual, and trendy: Luanna’s military-inspired trousers can be remixed so many different ways.


This Time Tomorrow
Krystal stuns in winter white with these chic oversized cropped trousers.


Brace yourselves: cargo pants are coming back! It’s true—an updated wide leg cut and dark wash keeps this trend modern.


What Olivia Did
You can’t go wrong with a graphic tee beneath a fitted gingham suit.


Le Dressing De Leeloo
I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of cords this winter, and it looks like Leeloo found them for me! I am loving the modern cropped silhouette.


Always Judging
How fun are these gold satin trousers? Talk about a statement pant!


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January 17th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile Surprising Trend Alert: Micro Sunglasses

The newest trend to be resurrected from the ’90s? Micro sunglasses.

Updating your accessories is an easy way to keep your style fresh. While we still love our oversized shades, micro sunglasses are a totally chic addition to your rotation of sunnies. Seen on your favorite celebs, models, and bloggers, take a look at some of our favorite looks featuring micro sunglasses.


Photos Via