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April 24th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile Round Up: 5 Ways to Style a Graphic Tee

One of my favorite go-to pieces is a great, colorful graphic tee. They are super in right now, which means they can go for upwards of $60 at trendy retailers. Lucky for us Crossroads fiends, you can go in and find a secondhand tee for a quarter of that price! I recently picked up a few during a Crossroads shopping spree, and I found myself pursuing Instagram and my blogroll for spring and summer graphic tee outfit inspo.

There was no shortage of great outfits, so I’ve rounded up some of my favorite ones. Take a look at five ways to style a graphic tee this season!


graphic tee

Mix Prints
Your graphic tee doesn’t have to be a standalone statement piece; find bottoms with similar colors for a fun, unexpected look!


Top It With a Blazer
Add a blazer over a graphic tee for a casual yet chic and pulled-together look.


Tuck It Into High Waist Trousers
Tuck that perfectly worn-in graphic tee into your favorite pair of high waist trousers, and you’ve got a no-fail outfit uniform for almost any day of the week.


Dress It Up
There’s no reason a graphic tee has to be casual. Pair your favorite graphic tee with a skirt or layer it under a silk slip dress for your new go-to date night outfit.


Pair It With Denim for Everyday
Of course, my favorite way to wear a graphic tee is with my favorite pair of worn-in jeans for an everyday look.


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April 17th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile 5 Benefits of Participating in a Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

A capsule wardrobe challenge dares you to create a small, curated wardrobe. The size and length of time you do it for is dependent on which challenge you choose to participate in. In the process, you learn to style and be creative with less, so that you can grow your personal style understanding and become appreciative of what you can do with a smaller wardrobe.

capsule wardrobe challenge

There are so many challenges you can participate in, but here are the two most popular and the gist of each:

Of course, you’re free to create your own challenge with your own designated amount of items and timeline. No matter how you decide to challenge yourself, remember that it’s not about the rules; it’s about having fun and seeing what you can do to challenge your style routine.

If you aren’t yet convinced to give a wardrobe challenge a shot, these five benefits you’ll experience may just do the trick!

1. Save Time in the Morning
When you’re able to see your entire wardrobe in one glance, and you have less to choose from in the morning, you’ll free up time for you to hit snooze one more time, finally eat breakfast before work, or get to the office just a little bit earlier!

2. Save Money
Even if you’re doing one of the shorter challenges, if it goes well and inspires you, there’s a good chance you’ll eventually have less of a desire to shop in the future, and you’ll appreciate what you can do with less.

3. Gain More Closet Space & Organization
Piggybacking on the idea that you’ll appreciate what you’re able to create with a smaller wardrobe, when you’re more selective in what you decide to add to your wardrobe in the future, you’ll inevitably free up some precious space that”ll help you to keep an organized closet.

4. Fuel Your Creativity
A capsule wardrobe challenge is one of my favorite ways to get rid of a wardrobe slump. You’re forced to be creative with less, weeding out unnecessary noise in your closet from pieces that haven’t been worn for a multitude of reasons: improper fit, nothing to pair it with, don’t know how to style it, etc.

5. Hone Your Personal Style
When creating your capsule wardrobe for a challenge, you will most likely end up choosing your favorite pieces. Learning how to remix your favorite pieces in ways that you hadn’t before will help you to hone in on your personal style. Forget about trends you felt pressured to try or basics you bought just because they’re easy—a capsule wardrobe forces you to select only the pieces you feel best in! You will eventually have a wardrobe of carefully selected pieces that speak specifically to your style.


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April 10th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile Round-Up: Top Spring Trends & How to Wear Them

Every season has a plethora of trends, new and recycled. I’ve read through all the reports on spring trends for you (you’re welcome!) and have compiled the top five trends for this spring and how to wear them. Take a look below and let us know which one you are the most excited for!


Coming as no surprise, pastels are one of spring’s hottest trends. I am living for fully pastel outfits this season! Pair pieces in your favorite pastel shade (bonus points for prints and texture) for a chic, put-together look.


Nothing we didn’t already know: spring and florals go together like peanut butter and jelly, and they’ll never be off-trend for the season.  This year, it’s all about big, bold florals. Think ’60s and ’70s floral prints! Pair them with neutral pieces to let them shine, or mix your prints and embrace the maximalist aesthetic.


spring trends

The Fanny Pack
You can call it a belt bag if you want, but a fanny pack is a fanny pack—and they’ve been having their moment the past couple of seasons. They are convenient and stylish; can’t get better than that! Wear one with elongated pieces to break them up, or invest in a colorful piece to enliven any outfit.


As temperatures rise, skin-baring fabrics will be your best friend. Sheer details are huge through the spring and summer seasons. We love how this chic piece covers the whole body while still baring plenty.


‘Tis the season of music festivals… but the fringe you’ll be seeing this season will have a sophisticated twist, far from the typical, tired festival variety. Try fringe in unexpected lengths or placements, or pair it with another trend, like rainbow stripes.



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April 3rd, 2018 by Jennifer Beile Round-Up: Spring Vacation Outfit Inspiration

A spring getaway is the perfect way to end your winter blues and get ready for the upcoming summer season.  How many of you suffer from the worry and stress that come with packing? Or with the thought of not having something stylish and functional to wear? Or is the pressure of creating Instagram-worthy moments causing you a style block?

Vacations are supposed to a cure-all for stress, not a cause of it. For a quick and easy no-brainer packing sesh, I’ve gathered some of my favorite, effortless spring vacation outfits from my blog roll to inspire you!


spring vacation
No other print says “spring!” quite like gingham! Don’t be afraid to mix an equally playful print to create an outfit that you can’t help but have fun in.


A breezy dress is a must-have for a spring vacation. Throw it on with some comfy slides and you’re ready to sight-see all day!


A no-fail formula for the perfect vacation outfit: bold colors, fun print, and a straw hat.


Match the blooming flowers around you in pastel pink. Add in a pair of stylish and functional platform sandals for easy on-the-go style.


My favorite vacation essential? A versatile jumpsuit. It’s a no-brainer!


Have fun and pair your loudest prints and boldest colors together for a tropical island vibe.


Don’t forget to pack a bathing suit! From the hotel pool to the ocean, one pieces are trending this season!

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March 20th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile How to Elevate 5 Current Trends

We love following trends, but it can look and feel monotonous to wear and repeat them with everyone else. To keep from fading into the fashion background, there are ways you can elevate today’s trends to stand out by adding your own style and flair.

Below are five of my favorite current trends and how to elevate them to the next level!



1. Tuck in Your Blazer.
Refresh the way you style your blazers this spring and try tucking them in.  Opt for a lightweight, somewhat cropped length blazer, either crossing each side over and tucking or—following Kendall Jenner’s lead—half-tucking for a chic, undone look.


2. Wear Your Fanny Pack as a Crossbody.
Though maybe not as practical, wearing a fanny pack as a crossbody bag updates the trend just enough to add an unexpected punch of style.  I love Yara Shahidi‘s monochromatic yellow look showcasing her fanny pack.


3. Build an Outfit Around Colored Tights
Colored tights take me back to my elementary school days; it just doesn’t seem as sensible to wear brightly colored tights as an adult. The trick for elevating this playful trend is to build a neutral outfit around your tights, or go monochromatic and match your tights completely or in tone.


4. Try White Booties in a Sleek Silhouette.
White booties are definitely having a moment and I am all in. Pristine white booties will help make colors pop and instantly add a chic factor to your outfit. Looking to elevate the style of your white booties? Look for sleek kitten heel ones for the ultimate chic look.


5. Upgrade your Utility Jumpsuit.
Utility jumpsuits were all over the fashion week runways. Quality fabrics like silk will elevate your favorite jumpsuit from a trend to a closet staple.

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