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APRIL 7, 2015 BY JENNIFER BEILE Round Up: Crossroads Style
Council Looks

If you haven’t met the Crossroads Style Council, I urge you to check out our stylish group! I personally follow each one and I am so inspired reading through their blogs; the group is made up of such successful and
creative women.

If you have not yet “met” the Style Council, here’s an introductory round-up of the group featuring my favorite recent looks from each member!

Samantha: Style Infurno

I adore Samantha’s floral bomber jacket! It is the perfect piece for the Nor Cal’s spring weather and freshens up your basic pieces.


Image 1

Beth: B. Jones Style

I followed Beth before the Style Council was created and am a bit of a fan girl, so sharing a spot on the Style Council and have gotten to spend a bit of time with her has been a treat for me! I love how fun Beth’s eclectic style is and how creative she is in mixing and matching vintage, secondhand, and new pieces.


Image 2

Rachel-Marie: Jag Lever

Rachel-Marie has such a free-spirited style. This girl is not afraid to express herself with color, pattern, and texture. She has the best statement pieces!


Image 3

Mara: M Loves M

Mara has the sweetest style! She is the epitome of classic chic and I love seeing her make it her own with modern accessories.


Image 4

Amelia: Clothes Horse NYC

Not a single blog post of Amelia’s gets past me without me wishing that I had her wardrobe! I adore her mix of minimalism and classic “cool girl” style.


Image 5

Grasie: Style Me Grasie

Grasie has a smile that lights up the room – whenever and wherever! She is a style chameleon, and can literally make anything work!


Image 6

Melanie: Lace and Combat Boots

Melanie is such a breath of fresh air! She always manages to add a playful twist to a traditional feminine style.


Image 7

Kristen: Miss Kris Turner

Kristen shares her style inspiration via YouTube and her beauty, confidence, and joyful attitude simply radiate onscreen! Click the link to see my most recent favorite video from Kristen: “5 Fresh Fun Ways to Welcome Spring.“


Image 8

Micaela: Drifter & the Gypsy

Micaela has the sweetest vintage-inspired wardrobe and a beautiful, colorful outlook on life.


Image 9

Noelle: Noelle’s Favorite Things

Noelle seems to have a really great knack for hunting down the perfect vintage pieces!


Image 10

Mary: Hey Mary Elizabeth

Mary is another one of our vloggers! Her style expertise transcends clothing to include home decor! Click the link to watch one of my favorite videos from Mary: “Mimosa Bar: How to Style.“


Image 11

Bethany: Snakes Nest

Snakes Nest was one of the first blogs that I began following regularly and I am always sure to keep up to date with Bethany! Her simple, effortless style has an aesthetic that I definitely attempt to strive for.


Image 12

Jessie: Style & Pepper

Jessie’s quirky style is so fun to keep up with! Her personality shines through her eclectic mix of vintage and modern. And I just may steal this jacket!


Image 13

MARCH 31, 2015 BY JENNIFER BEILE Round Up: White Hot Look

I enjoy wearing colors all year round, but when the sun comes out my wardrobe tends to get a little brighter and more colorful. Sometimes, though, my favorite color to wear when the weather heats up is actually no color at all; white becomes my go-to for a base to build around and create funky looks, or for a simple easy chic look in which white is the star.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite street style outfits that use white to create a refreshing, chic look.

The White Top

Your collection of white tees, tanks, button ups and the like can never be too large. I consider my white tops my most versatile pieces. I love using them to showcase statement pieces like jackets or blazers, or for staying simple with a white tee and denim for a crisp everyday look.


Clockwise from the top left:

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4

The White Dress

White dresses – mini, midi, and maxi – are so refreshing and such a nice change from the staple little black dress. I have noticed I have been drawn to white dresses more often lately, and I have begun to collect them. Layer them up or keep them simple!


Clockwise from the top left:

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4

White Bottoms

It takes courage to wear white bottoms, but it is well work the risk! When done well, white can transform a bottom piece to new heights!


Clockwise from the top left:

Image 1 \ Image 2 \ Image 3 \ Image 4

White Out

Not only is white hot, but the monochromatic look is on trend for spring. When combined, you have the ultimate chic look!


Clockwise from the top left:

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4

What is your favorite way to wear white?

MARCH 24, 2015 BY JENNIFER BEILE Round Up: Top Three Spring
Makeup Trends

I am not talented when it comes to a makeup brush. Sure, I could take my time and learn via YouTube tutorials, magazine tips, and listening to my sister, who seems to naturally know how and what to apply for any occasion. The truth is, I am a bit impatient. I would rather sift through my Pinterest and blog reader to see talented makeup artists’ beautiful work, than trying (and trying, and trying, and trying) to replicate it myself. The good news is, I have rounded up a few of my favorite Spring makeup trends for you to try and I am sure master! It is all about being fun and bold this season!

Bold Liner!

Break out your liquid liner, and get bold with the color and the brush stroke!


Clockwise from the top left

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4

Bright Lips!

Be fearless with your lip color and add the perfect pop to your outfit with bright reds and oranges, or playful pinks and pastels!


Clockwise from the top left

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4

Neutral Browns!

The classic smoky eye will never be out, but neutrals and browns are having their own moment this Spring. Browns, creams, and golds work on any skin tone and are tame enough for the day and are able to be played up for night.


Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4

What is your favorite Spring makeup trend?

MARCH 17, 2015 BY JENNIFER BEILE Round Up: Fashion & Style Instagrams to Follow

I am obsessed with Instagram (shameless self-promotion plug: @jenniferbeile); isn’t everyone, though? I follow friends and family, of course, but my main use for it is style inspiration. Models, bloggers, street style accounts and fashion companies make up the majority of my feed. My “likes” are typically reserved for photos that I want to archive and reference later when I am in an outfit rut, out shopping or looking for remix inspiration. Like everyone, I get busy and fall behind on keeping up on the blogs I regularly read, but believe me, I am rarely behind on my
Instagram feed.

Here is a list of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow for style inspiration, broken down into a few of my favorite categories. If you’re not following the following, you should be.


Of course style bloggers top my list! It’s what they do!


Clockwise from top left

Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What | Leandra Medine of Man Repeller | Kristina Bazan of Kayture | Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty


These ladies practically live, eat and breathe fashion. They know what they are doing!


Clockwise from top left

Georgia May Jagger | Dree Hemingway | Danielle Pontes |
Alexandra Spencer


They have the best eye for capturing every aspect of style around them.


Clockwise from top left

Christina Emilie | Scott Schuman | Tamu McPherson | Andrew Authur


Fashion designers, magazine editors, and all over bad ass women who are not only inspirations in style, but in life.


Clockwise from top left

Indre Rockefeller: Founder of Delpozo | Laura Brown: Harper’s BAZAAR Executive Editor | Kat Collins: Associate editor of |
Eva Chen: Editor-in-Chief of Lucky Magazine

Stylish Celebrities

I don’t follow celebrities for the gossip (OK, that is a tiny white lie), but for their outfits!

Clockwise from top left


Nicole Richie | Olivia Palermo | Kate Bosworth | Solange Knowles

There are so many more beautiful Instagram accounts to follow; it was so difficult to narrow it down! What are your favorite style accounts to follow?

MARCH 10, 2015 BY JENNIFER BEILE Round Up: Top 3 Takeaways from the 70’s Trend

Piggybacking on my last round-up post and Samantha’s latest blog post, I wanted to highlight my favorite upcoming spring trend that I purposely left out last week, so as to bring proper attention to it: the 70’s. Looks inspired by the 70’s are coming back in a big way! I’ve rounded up my 3 favorite 70’s inspired trends that are currently wearable and accessible, and can even be modernized. The best part about these trends is that they each have features that can be incorporated into styles across the board.

Romantic Bohemian

Think flowy silhouettes, light fabrics, soft colors and fun patterns! Bohemian style is all about free spirited expression and unleashing your inner goddess.


Clockwise from the top left

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4

Flared Pants

A good pair of high waist, flared denim is always a wardrobe staple, and the 70’s trend is bringing the flare to the forefront of the season and introducing a new generation to the beauty of culottes and a bevy of other
statement pants.


Clockwise from the top left

Image 1Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4


I don’t think suede gets enough credit in the commercial fashion world– it sometimes gets a bad rap for being old or heavy. But suede can work with so many different styles–from 70’s to rocker chic–and is being brought back with a refreshing view in bright colors and modern shapes.


Clockwise from the top left

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 | Image 4

Each of these trends has the ability to be incorporated into your outfit in either a subtle or bold way. Which would you choose?