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October 7th, 2019 by Samantha Furno A Preview of the Pantone Color Trends for Spring 2020

If you’re a fan of staying in line with certain trends like I am, then I bet you’ll be excited to hear that Pantone has finally released its color trends for spring 2020. Twelve youthful and friendly hues make up this spring color report. From a vibrant red hue, labeled Flame Scarlet, to a luscious and futuristic purple tone, known as Grape Compote, spring’s various trending hues are a fantastic way to liven up any outfit! It may be a bit early to start thinking about spring while we are just settling into the early fall season, but who says we can’t get a jumpstart on these color trends?! Here are some of my favorite Pantone hues from the report and some stylish ways that I’ve been seeing some these colors already being worn!

Coral Pink

Who says pastels are only for spring?! Playing around with a feminine hue like coral pink is the perfect way to add some femininity to a stylish fall outfit.
Woman wearing pantone coral pink overcoat.


A bit mellower than the yellows that were trending this past summer season, but perfect adding a little bit of warmth to your cooler weather looks!
Woman wearing Pantone sunlight cropped trousers with green cat heels.

Cinnamon Stick

This luxurious hue makes it easy to add a bit of spice to any wardrobe!
Woman wearing Pantone cinnamon stick-colored jumper.


Greens have been trending for a while, but this fresh hue is slightly more whimsical and equally as chic as your other favorite green hues.
Blogger wearing a chive-colored suit with flip flops.

Grape Compote

If you want to add an unexpected color to your outfit, then Grape Compote is just he hue for you!
Woman wearing Pantone grape boots with a patterned skirt.

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September 30th, 2019 by Samantha Furno 5 Fall Trends that are Totally 90’s

There is no denying that the 90’s were a decade in fashion that will truly never be forgotten. This past summer, we saw quite a few nostalgic trends popping up (i.e. bucket hats & singlet tanks) and now that fall is in full swing, we can fully expect to see even more trends inspired by this eclectic decade! I, for one, am super excited to add some 90’s inspired pieces and trends to my cooler weather wardrobe! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite 90’s inspired trends that I have been seeing on Instagram lately and I have a feeling that these looks will inspire you to add some throwback flair to your fall fits!

Longline Jacket

From head to toe, this look is totally reminiscent of the 90’s! Longline leather jackets were a must-have layering piece back then and this chic and functional silhouette is definitely making a comeback for fall 2019.woman wearing 90's style long printed jacket.


Soft and comfortable, corduroy is a great textile to incorporate into your wardrobe for some 90’s flair this season!
Woman in 90's style brown corduroy jacket.

A Cute Cardigan

Like long line jackets, cardigans were a go-to layering piece of the 1990’s and these fitted layers are totally on trend for fall when you wear them strategically buttoned as a top!
Influencer wearing white cardigan with patterned skirt.

Animal Print

Channel your 90’s spirit animal by incorporating this fun print into any outfit for fall!
Woman wearing rust colored jacket with patterned top.

Branded Anything

Just like the 90’s, labeled and monogrammed styles are a trend that we are seeing a lot more of for fall!
Woman wearing a 90's style crewneck with branding across the front and denim.

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September 16th, 2019 by Samantha Furno Could Leather be the Textile of the Season?

When it comes to seasonal textiles, leather is sure to come to mind for the fall season. Let’s be honest; could it get more classic than a moto jacket?! Although this textile itself may not be entirely groundbreaking, what is groundbreaking is the many ways in which we are seeing leather worn this fall season! Leather jackets will always be a cooler weather staple and a quick way to step up the chic-factor of any outfit, but this F/W19 is all about incorporating other, unique, silhouettes into your wardrobe! Whether you like to keep it faux or prefer the real thing, here are a few ways to to try the trend out yourself and instantly elevate your style game, one leather piece at a time!

Not-so-Basic Button Down

Leather is a great way to add structure to your fits, so why not swap out your go-to, tailored button down for something a bit bolder in style!
Blogger wearing black leather button-up.

Feminine, yet Edgy

Colored faux leather is already eye-catching, but wearing a sweet minidress in this textile is a sure fire way to kick your style up a notch!
Woman wearing colored leather mini-dress.

Bye Bye, Denim

I love a good denim alternative and these tailored to take you from the desk to dinner!
Woman wearing leather pants with white top and jacket.

A “Head-to-Toe” Moment

Play with colors, and mix and match textures or prints, by wearing a full fit!
Woman wearing a full brown leather with black shoes.outfit

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September 10th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 7 Street Style Trends to Adopt From NYFW

Due to the power and influence of social media, street style has become the upmost authority on fashion trends. New York Fashion Week is the epitome of influencers, models, and industry insiders showcasing their personal style, and in some ways, has become more affluent than the runways themselves. I personally look forward to the street style photos more than the designer collections during fashion week. It may be because seeing trends in action, on real people, and styled in a more approachable everyday way helps me to visualize how I might wear it, whereas the runway is more of a fantasy. See all the best street style trends to adopt that have come out of NYFW Spring 2020.

Feminine Details

Lace, ruffles and other feminine details are being seen as accents across all a range of styles.
Blogger wearing pink ruffled shirt at NYFW.

Matching Sets

Matching sets, whether it suiting or separates, have been a popular choice lately, from vibrant colors to traditional prints.
Woman wearing matching pattern short suit at NYFW.

Monochromatic From Head to Toe

From bold colors to minimalistic and neutral, monochromatic outfits from head to toe have been seen all over the streets of New York.
Woman walking the street wearing shades of burgundy for NYFW.

Comfort Friendly Footwear

Sneakers continue to reign supreme and show no signs of stopping. From completing glam looks to pulling together a casual chic look, a pair of sneakers will be your most versatile footwear this season.
Woman wearing suit with white sneakers.

Baby Doll Dresses

Easy to throw on and go, baby doll dresses were seen all over NY during this season’s fashion week.
Woman wearing a baby doll dress in the crosswalk.

Relaxed Silhouettes

Comfort over form-fitting was the choice on the streets of New York during this past fashion week and I’ve got to say that I am all for it!
Woman wearing oversized pieces in front of a fence.

Safari Chic

From extreme animal prints to more subtle khaki and olive tones, the safari trend is perfect to execute during the cool fall weather.
Woman wearing a safari jack at NYFW.

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September 9th, 2019 by Samantha Furno A New Shade of Green: Pistachio

Green was easily one of the summer season’s most sought after hues and it is definitely still just as relevant as we head into the fall season! Rather than summer’s vibrant and neon shade of green, fall’s approach to the green trend is a bit more subtle and extremely more elevated! Meet pistachio, your new favorite color to add a subtle pop to your fall outfits! Like other seasonally trending colors, pistachio comes in many different hues! This smooth and subdued green can vary in shades from a from a fresh mint hue to a deep and neutral-like sage. No matter what shade you gravitate towards this season, you can rest assured that wearing this hue means you’ll be one step ahead the fashion curve! Here is a round up of some stylish ways to wear the pistachio color this fall season!

Accessorize the Hue

Not sure about wearing pistachio? No worries; give this fall trend a shot by dipping your toes into the hue with a fun accessory!
Woman in a crop top and skirt wearing pistachio colored purse.

Wear It Head-to-Toe

We are seeing head to toe Pistachio looks all over the Fashion Week runways, so if you’re ready to dive right into this trend, then why not make it a full look!
Blogger wearing a full outfit in pistachio.

Paired with Neutrals

The way to master a pop of color is by pairing your hue of choice with neutral hues, like crisp white or timeless black.
Woman wearing a silk green top with white shorts.

Wear Something Silky

For an exponentially chic pairing, opt for wearing this hue in a silky textured piece, like a slip dress!
Woman wearing a silk pistachio dress with a beige blazer.

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