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October 25th, 2016 by Jennifer Beile How to Find the Perfect Fall Boots

Not all boots are created equal. Although they are universally flattering on all types of outfits and bodies, there are certain boot styles that are more flattering for your body frame.

I have always been one to wear whatever I want, however I want it, not basing my fashion choices on my body type. Don’t be daunted into thinking there are boots that you cannot or should not wear. These tips are just to help you look and feel your best in a pair of must-have fall boots.

For Shorter Legs:


Wear short ankle booties with a heel and choose boots that are a similar color to an element of your outfit to elongate the look.

For Muscular Legs:

fall boots

You’ve worked hard to sculpt those beautiful calves, and you deserve to show them off! Find a pair of short ankle booties with a wide opening, and opt for a heel and zippers over bulky buckles.

For Longer Legs

fall boots

You can definitely pull off those sleek tall and mid-calf boots. You can also let your natural tallness take center stage and give your feet a rest with a low or flat heel.

When Comfort is Key:


Choose round or flat toe boots to give your feet a bit more wiggle room. Your feet will be happy and you’ll be able to show off your boots a little longer without ending the day in soreness.

Of course, the best style is the one you love and feel comfortable in! What’s your go-to style of fall boots?


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