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November 17, 2020 French Fashion Influencers to Follow

Our European tour continues, and today we write from Strasbourg, France. In the spirit of our visit we’ve made a list of a few French fashion influencers you should follow. However, we should call this part 1 of 101. There are so many to choose from!

Renan Pacheco

I am Renan Pacheco

Renan must take his inspiration from the late 80’s and early 90’s, because his style (and amazing hair) capture the very best of that fashion era.

Najma Ahmed

It's Najama Ahmed

Though based in Paris, Najma’s individual style comes from her Swedish and Somali background. She showcases the City of Lights in a variety of styles.

Eleonore Leojeanne

Eleonore Leojeanne

Come for the fashion and stay for the hair envy. We’ll get perfect messy waves like her…someday.

Lou Doillon

Lou Dillon

When your mom is Jane Birkin, you’re destined to be fashionable, but add to that list singer-songwriter, artist, actress and model, and your Instagram feed is pure gold.

Zandie Veron

Veron Zee

In a recent post, Veron calls her style “a bit of rock, chic and glam” and we couldn’t agree more. Look after look is inspirational.

Like we said, this is only scratching the surface of French fashion influencers we follow. Stay tuned for more!


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