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July 19th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile Friday Favorites: July 19th, 2019

Happy Friday! The following are my favorite style & pop culture images, articles, and moments to wrap up the week. Enjoy!

Store Finds

Annette is the epitome of summer chic in this striped, ruffle sleeve maxi dress she found at her local Crossroads Trading. Remember to share your favorite #CrossroadsFinds on Instagram!
Woman wearing dress on outside stairs for Friday inspiration.

Street Style Inspo

Chic, white summer looks are such a classic!
Woman wearing all white with brown bag as Friday inspiration.

Celeb Style Inspo

A constant source of style inspo, Yara shines in mixed prints and a stunning million dollar smile!
Yara jumping inside a small business.

2019 Emmy Nominations

Did your favorite make the cut? See all the 2019 Emmy nominations here and prepare for the beginning for awards season! My vote goes to Joey King not only for her moving work in ‘The Act’ but her emotional reaction to finding out she has been nominated.

Beyonce- ‘SPIRIT’ from Disney’s “The Lion King”

Beyonce debuted the stunning video for ‘SPIRIT’ from Disney’s The Lion King live-action remake and if nostalgia alone didn’t already make you want to see the movie, new Beyonce music will!

Sarah Hyland & Wells Adamas are Engaged

My favorite celebrity couple, Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams, is engaged and if you follow them on Instagram, you too probably feel just as excited as if your very own best friends are getting married.
Photo of engaged Sarah and Wells for Friday post.

‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot Announced

HBO has announced that they will be rebooting the teen drama Gossip Girl, set 8 years after the original ended, with a new set of teens navigating New York. If it was any other network, I would write it off, but I am hopeful that HBO can make this work!
Photo of Gossip Girl title shot.

Ask an Influencer

I am absolutely fascinated by Instagram influencers. Based on the $2.38 billion industry, I would assume that you are too. Refinery 29 is pulling the curtain back and beginning a new series ‘Ask an Influencer,’ starting with Eugenie Grey of Feral Creature who has over 408,000 Instagram followers. See her profile here.
Photo of Feral Creature blog runner at a table outside.

Celeb #Flashback Friday

Just another reason why Jennifer Garner wins Instagram.
Friday flashback post of Jennifer Garner at 21.


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