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September 29th, 2016 by Jennifer Beile Hollywood’s Favorite Jewelry Designers

I’ll admit it for us all: We’re fascinated with celebrity style. On and off the red carpet, we are waiting to see what and who they are wearing. Oftentimes accessories can make or break an outfit, and our favorite Hollywood ladies know just how to make their outfit special with the help of some of their friends: celebrity jewelry designers. One thing we see in common with all the designer pieces below? They are minimalistic; less is more. Don’t get me wrong, statement jewelry and bling have their own time and place (hello, red carpet!), but the minimalistic trend can sometimes make an even bigger statement. If you’ve ever wanted to accessorize like your favorite star, check out some of Hollywood’s most loved and worn jewelry designers below.


Jennifer Meyer
Jennifer Meyer makes the most beautiful, delicate pieces and you will often spot them on your favorite star, on and off the red carpet.
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Pamela Love
Pamela Love designs with just enough edge to make her standout amongst the heaviest hitters in the jewelry industry.

Jennifer Fisher
Jennifer Fisher’s designers are made for elevating a simple look to chic and playful.
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Melinda Maria
Sleek, modern, intricate details have put Melinda Maria at the top of the celeb list when it comes to accessories.

Ariel Gordon 
It’s no wonder celebrities can’t wait to show off their Ariel Gordon jewelry pieces; intricate, yet simple, Ariel Gordon has created something beautiful for everyone.
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