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How to Detox Your Closet for Spring Cleaning


Not only are we  in a new decade but it is time to do a little spring cleaning! You’re probably thinking a lot about how to better yourself in this new decade. I am fond of starting spring off feeling fresh and part of that is cleaning my home, specifically my closet. Cleaning out a closet is a bit of a daunting task, physically and emotionally, but if you have a plan in place, your experience will be much smoother and you’ll find yourself doing it more often throughout the year.

See below for tips on how to execute a closet detox for a clean start to the new decade.

organized closet

Take Everything Out

The first step to a complete detox is to take everything out of your closet. Everything. Even the pieces that you know you love and wear constantly. Your newly empty closet symbolizes a fresh start and will help you visualize your ultimate goal in your closet clean out. This will also give you the chance to clean the inside of your closet, from the shelves to your floor.

Put Everything Into Designated Piles

Make three distinct piles for items in your closet: keep, sell, and donate.

Keep: This part isn’t as easy as it sounds. Once you have a keep pile, there are more steps to ensure that what you are keeping will fit with your current lifestyle. Do all of these pieces fit properly? Do they make you feel good? Will you have an occasion to wear it? Making sure that your keep pile is not only items that you love but are functional and will be worn is one of the most important parts of a true closet detox.

Sell: Selling gently used clothing is a fun motivator for getting your closet clean out finished. Be sure that the clothes you are planning to sell are currently on-trend, clean, and in good condition. Then simply head to your local Crossroads Trading Post and sell for either cash or store credit.

Donate: Donating more worn items or pieces that may be a bit more dated will help you not only clean out your closet but give your well-loved clothing and accessories a good home once you’re done with them.

Invest In Organizational Tools

Before you take a trip to invest in organization tools, take some measurements and either visually plan, or literally draw out how you would like your closet to look. I personally take to Pinterest for ideas before drawing up a plan. After you have your ideal plan in place, take a trip to The Container Store or even Target for organization pieces like hanging shelves, shoe racks, bins, and anything else you might need to organize your closet and pieces that work best for you.

How to Organize Your Closet

Now that you’ve purged and planned, it’s time to put everything back in. This is where your perfect plan will most likely hit some snags, so be prepared to be flexible. There are no rules in the art of organization, as it’s best to organize for yourself and what makes it easier to find what you’re looking for and to keep it clean in the future, for example, sort by item type and then color within those items.


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