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January 8th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile How to Organize Your Closet (And Keep It That Way)

It’s a new year and we often desire to start the new year fresh. For me, that typically includes refining my daily routine, restructuring my finances and money goals, and decluttering, especially – but not limited to – my closet. I love cleaning out and organizing my closet, and somehow, mere weeks later, it looks like a tornado hit it yet again. After several cycles of this happening, I’ve finally hunkered down and came up with 4 sure fire ways to keep my closet clean and organized. Read on below to cure your anxiety of tackling your closet and how to keep it clean once you do.
A neat, organized house closet.


Step one is to go through every item in your closet and donate or sell what you do not want or need any longer. The best way to do this is take everything out, evaluate it, try it on if necessary, and create piles. Donate clothes that may be out of season or style. Sell gently worn clothes that are in season and style to your local Crossroads Trading Co. And, throw away clothes that are not able to be repaired and worn any longer. If you haven’t worn it in a year, it is more than one size too big or small, or does not have sentimental value, it’s time to part with it. I repeat this large clean out twice a year and a smaller clean out each season.

Storage Solutions

My main problem has always been space. My current closet is the size of a coat closet, although deep with double hanging rods, it is overcrowded and skinny. If you can’t see or get to an item, you most likely won’t wear it. The Container Store, Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc. all have amazing storage solutions like hooks for hats and bags, shoe racks, hanging shelves, garment boxes and bins, and drawer organizers. My favorite space saving practice? If you have additional space, store seasonal items, like bulky jackets and chunky knits in storage bins or vacuum sealed bags under your bed or in the garage, during warmer seasons.

Organize by Personal Preference

How you organize the items in your closet is a personal preference, but I can provide you with a few examples that help my closet stay clean. My bulky sweaters and denim take up the most space when hung, so I keep them in hanging shelves and have freed up half of my closet. Keeping my shoes on a shoe rack keeps me from haphazardly throwing them in the closet at the end of the day. Hooks on the walls help me easily keep hats and bags organized and off of precious shelf space. I also keep like items together and in color order, from light to dark: tees, blouses, dresses, jumpsuits, etc.

Weekly Mini Clean Up

Just as any other space in your home needs to be cleaned regularly, in order to keep your closet clean a weekly mini cleanup will prevent future closet disasters. After a week of going in and out of my closet multiple times a day, laundry day, and sometimes my son finding his way in to play, it’s not exactly the picture perfect closet it is immediately after a closet clean out. A mini clean up once a week to be sure that items are hung, folded, and put away properly will keep your closet organized.


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