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January 25th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile The Iconic Fashion of the Spice Girls

As a preteen, I, along with millions of others, was obsessed with the Spice Girls. How could you not be? They embodied female empowerment and fashion confidence and released some of the catchiest pop songs of the ’90s. Spice World is one of my favorite movies of all time (I literally wore out my VHS copy), and this week, we’re celebrating its 20-year anniversary. I can’t be the only one that still manages to quote the movie on a weekly basis, can I?

Let’s take a look back at what the Spice Girls taught us about fashion!


spice girls

Be fearless and bold.
If there is just one fashion takeaway from Spice World, it is to be fearless and bold with your fashion. Geri (Ginger) and Mel B (Scary) especially wore bright, loud colors and patterns to showcase their spunky attitudes.


Don’t be afraid to overdress.
It’s hard to be overdressed when you look comfortable and confident! Fashion should be celebrated, and the girls taught us to wear what we wanted, when we wanted.


Dare to hair.
It’s no coincidence that Scary Spice’s space buns have had a major revival on the likes of Miley Cyrus and Millie Bobby Brown. The girls rocked statement hairstyles as loud as their fashion.


Athleisure is sexy.
Sporty Spice rocked athleisure before it was a trend and made it badass and sexy at the same time.


Always be yourself.
The girls taught us to always dress for ourselves and show off our personalities.


And can we all just appreciate how stunning the women still are today??


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