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September 24th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile Instagram Inspiration for Your Fall Outerwear

Fall is my favorite season for fashion because it means we get to break out layers and outerwear! As I scroll through Instagram each day, I am seeing fall outerwear trends pop out at me, building excitement for the crisp weather to come.  Instead of covering up your style with a coat simply for warmth, celebrate the new season with bold outer layers that showcase your style.

Rich Colors & Bold Prints

Modern updates, like rich colors and bold prints, to classic silhouettes is an unexpected way to refresh your fall style.
Woman wearing bright blue outerwear with a lightly colored purse.

Oversized Puffer Coats

Puffer coats get a bad rap for being unflattering but they are practical and oftentimes necessary during the cold months depending on where you live. The comfortable trend has given way to the acceptance of the practical oversized puffer.
woman wearing cognac colored puffy outerwear with matching purse.

Shearling, Sherpa, and Fur

From shearling accents to full-on teddy coats, these cozy materials will help keep you warm and stylish.
Woman on an airplane wearing denim jacket with furry sleeves.

Edgy Details

Fringe, mock-croc, and rocker-chic leather jackets add an edgy twist on your fall wardrobe and can surprisingly pair well with a multitude of styles.
Woman wearing black outerwear with fringe details.

Timeless Classics

Of course, classic colors and silhouettes, like a trench or pea coat, will always be a timeless and sophisticated choice.
Woman wearing a beige overcoat.


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