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June 3rd, 2019 by Samantha Furno Linen: 5 Reasons to Wear Summer’s Favorite Fabric

Move over cotton! We all know that you’re already “the fabric of our lives,” but your not so distant cousin, linen is quickly becoming a favorite summer textile in the fashion world! Like cotton, linen is derived from nature, the Flax plant to be exact and it is actually one of the oldest textiles in the world, finding its origins in Ancient Egypt. Known for its comfortability and breathability, linen is being used more often in summer styles, as it makes the perfect fabric for those warm, sunny days! The benefits to wearing this amazing textile during the summer will make anyone want to add some styles to their warm weather line-up! Here are five reasons why linen will become your new go-to fabric for summer.

It’s Breathable

Linen is incredibly strong, absorbent and quick to dry, making it ideal for that summer heat! Throw a linen button down on over a swimsuit for a day at the beach and you’ll be set to stay cool and soak up that sunshine at the same time!
Woman in linen top on a beach.

It Adds Some Texture

Linen is a slightly stiffer hand than cotton, making it easy for adding some structure to a summer top or an a-line skirt, but it is also a great material for adding some texture to your outfits this season! Experiment with the fabrication and mix and match a contrasting fabric, such as silk!
Woman wearing purple skirt in a field.

It’s Sustainable

Not only is this fabric sustainable but it is also natural, ethically produced and can easily be traced back to its source! Unlike synthetic textiles that contribute to pollution, linen is biodegradable and easily recycled!
Woman wearing red linen top against a wall.

All-Around Comfort

All of the above reasons contribute to linen being at the top of the comfort list in regards to textiles, but it’s styles are also typically designed to have a looser fit, which makes any piece a bit easier to wear and more comfortable.
Woman wearing loose-fitting white top.

It’s on Trend!

Linen has been around for quite some time, but we are seeing it more frequently in the fashion world due to the increased emphasis put on sustainability. Designers alike are finding creative and stylish ways to incorporate the fabric into their collections, making it easier on the consumer to score, stylish, linen pieces!
Woman in the yard with white pants and sun hat.


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