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August 9th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile 5 Royal Fashion Traditions Meghan Markle Has Broken

While I have always loved Kate Middleton’s classic style, Meghan Markle is refreshingly bringing a bit of edge and modernism to the royal family. Much like Princess Diana did, she’s bending a few fashion protocols. Rules were made to be broken, right?

Perhaps her style confidence comes from being in the entertainment industry, or maybe it’s simply from being an independent woman who wants to keep some semblance of a normal life while living a real-life fairy tale. Whatever the reason, I always look forward to seeing what the new Duchess of Sussex is wearing!

Below, we look at five ways Meghan has gone against the grain of royal family fashion.



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She doesn’t exclusively carry clutches.
According to royal etiquette, members of the royal family are encouraged to carry clutches. This is apparently to keep their hands busy and deter the public from extending their hands for a handshake. Meghan has been seen in public many times carrying different purses with (albeit shorter) handles and crossbody straps.



She wears messy buns.
Royals are expected to look clean, put-together, and sleek. A messy bun does not typically fall into that category, but Markle has frequently sported one.



She foregoes the pantyhose.
Per tradition, royal women are to wear pantyhose. In fact, Queen Elizabeth has not ever been photographed without wearing them! Markle ditched the pantyhose to announce her engagement to Prince Harry and has even opted to wear thigh-high boots in place of pantyhose under dresses.



She wears non-British designer clothing.
Markle does not discriminate when it comes to her love of fashion! While it’s tradition for the royal family to wear only clothing from British designers, she is often seen paying tribute to her favorite Canadian and American fashion designers.



She wears “revealing” clothing.
Meghan’s dress for Trooping the Colour—a British tradition since the 17th century—is said to have broken royal protocol by exposing the top of her shoulders. Her engagement photo dress also sparked a bit of controversy with its sheer details.


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