Blog: Crossroads Style

June 15th, 2018 by Samantha Weaver New In: Be Bold with Summer Print Mixing!

Mixing stripes with prints is spring style rule #1, but now that’s it’s summer, have the rules changed?

The answer? Yes and no. Stripes are still a great staple to mix prints with, but now that it’s summer, we say go bold or go home! Amp up the color with our newest printed arrivals!


1. Medium Gauge Stripe Top + Bright Printed Shorts

This combination of a medium gauge stripe tee and our Cherry Red Print Shorts ($24) is a match made for hot summer afternoons and balmy evenings.


2. Thin Stripe Tee + Printed Dress

Tip: When the print you’re pairing your striped piece with is more substantial, dial back the thickness of the stripe! Here, we’ve paired a thin stripe tee under our Paisley Print Handkerchief Dress ($35).


3. Wide Stripe Tee + Printed Pants

If you’re pairing your stripes with a print that has the same background color, like we’re doing with this tee and our Ivory Floral Print Palazzo Pant ($32.50), go with larger rows of white to accompany the white in the pants. This evens out the print mixing.

Come shop for bold prints and classic stripes this weekend at your neighborhood Crossroads! We’re currently buying for summer, so you could bring these new arrivals home with you simply by bringing in pieces to sell for trade credit towards your purchase!