Blog: Crossroads Style

August 25th, 2017 by Samantha Weaver New In: Earrings!

When it comes to jewelry, adorn your ears first this season! From studs to hoops to statement earrings, we’ll be stocking them all. Take a sneak peek into this week’s newest jewelry arrivals featuring—what else? Earrings!

Black Arrow Earrings ($9); Tiered Spike Earrings ($16.50); Looking Glass Lariat ($22.50)


Birdcage Earrings ($12.50); Assorted Leather Bags ($28)


Dagger Necklace ($12.50); Harmonica Necklace—it plays! ($15); Crystal Drop Earrings ($16.50)


Trio of Cactus Studs ($15); Green Speckle Hoops ($13.50); Painted Antique Earrings ($10.50)


Stop by your nearest Crossroads this weekend to shop our jewelry collection and new and unique finds!