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May 15th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile Simple Packing Tips for Carry-On Only Travel

It’s that time of the year… Summer is sneaking up on us, and that means it’s time to plan a summer getaway! Whether you’re taking a staycation, road-tripping for a weekend, or are lucky enough to get away for a longer amount of time, packing for a vacation can be super stressful. Save time, skip the luggage fees, and reduce your stress by following these simple tips on packing for a carry-on only vacation this summer.




1. Pack versatile pieces.
Plan all your outfits ahead of time to avoid packing anything unnecessary, or—if you’re more of a day by day dresser—pack versatile pieces that will all pair well together. One-piece outfits, like dresses and jumpsuits, make getting dressed on vacation easier and take up less luggage space.

2. Roll your clothes.
Tightly rolling clothes (versus folding) saves valuable luggage space, and your clothes end up more visually organized.

3. Only pack what you need.
Take advantage of travel-sized toiletries, or invest in some small reusable bottles to create your own, and only pack the amount of medication you need while you’re away (multiple pill bottles take up unnecessary space!). Leave your hair dryer at home; most accommodations provide them free of charge.

4. Choose your luggage wisely.
Whether you need a mass of interior pockets for organization or a hard-shell suitcase for more protection, choosing the right piece of luggage for you can be all you need to improve your packing skills.


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