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Staff Style Staff Style Spotlight: Branden

Young Man with Winter Staff Style

Meet Branden! We asked employees at our Melrose Ave., Los Angeles store to bring their style and star in our latest Crossroads photoshoot wearing their favorite Crossroads finds. Take a look at his photos and read about his style.

Staff Style Featuring Man with Puffer Jacket

What is your favorite thing about working at Crossroads?

The people I meet and the clothes I buy from here.

Tell us about a Crossroads find that got away.

I went to New York and there was a pair of Guess Jeans that someone customized.  I went back and forth about getting them and I didn’t.

 What are you dying to see come into your Crossroads?

I’m praying someone brings in a pair of Bape shoes or any type of cool pattern jeans that actually fit.

Bright Beanie Style

What is your favorite spring trend?

I like adding pops of color through my beanies & hats.

 Top tips for shopping at Crossroads?

Go through the clothes thoroughly. You never know what hidden gems are hiding behind the other clothes.

Winter Spring Style Example