Blog: Crossroads Style

Staff Style Spotlight: Zameiriah

Zameiriah at a in a laid back style.
Meet Zameiriah, a Crossroads Buyer. We asked employees at our Oakland store to bring their style and star in our latest Crossroads photoshoot wearing their favorite Crossroads finds. Take a look at her photos, see behind the scenes shots, and read about her style.
Behind the scenes style for Zameiriah's photo shoot.

Tell us about the fashion piece that “got away.”

Oh my, there were these beautiful heeled leather black mules. They were amazingly chic and a sad loss..

What is your summer uniform?

Year round, I long for comfort, so my go-to summer uniform is high-waisted shorts, a crop top paired with a maxi cardigan and some comfy slip-ons.
Closeup diptych of Zameiriah's style

What is your fall uniform?

My favorite fall outfit is a cute and comfy jumpsuit paired with a cardigan or shawl and ankle boots.

What are you dying to see come into your store?

I am waiting for a comfy, chic & vibrant pair of corduroy pants to find their way into my Crossroads.
Zameiriah's style in a red oversized jacket.

Top tips for selling with us?

My top tips for being a Crossroads pro would be to:
-Know what style you are going for.
-Collect store credit through trade.
-Shop for new finds that your <3 desires.

Favorite thing about working at Crossroads?

My favorite thing about working at Crossroads would have to be seeing people light up when they come across things they absolutely fall in love with and can’t find anywhere else.  Also, the environment-can’t forget about that!
Photo of Zameiriah holding a Crossroads bag.