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Tuesday March 10th, 2020 by Jennifer Bender Surprising Trend Comebacks From The ’90s & Early Aughts

Trends are cyclical in nature. What is new is most always old, making surprising trend comebacks is hard to come by. The 90’s and the early aughts were a questionable time in fashion.

Luckily, when trends cycle back into style they typically get a modern update. In a way, trends from the past do become new again. They are new for an entire generation who give it their own spin. Take a look at 3 surprising trend comebacks from the late 90’s & early 2000’s that you might just find yourself wearing this season.

Tube Tops

Made popular in the late 90’s & early aughts, this strapless top has been seen on just about every fashion it-girl this year. Though, they are no longer for baring midriffs with belly button rings but have been updated as modern, sophisticated tops that can be made versatile with the right bottoms and layering pieces.

Tube Top Spring Surprising Trend Comebacks

Halter Tops

Another top that was synonymous with “going out”, this neckline has been seen on the latest runways with chic updates that have peaked interests. The strong shoulder-baring silhouette can be bold or simple, with endless style possibilities from tops to dresses to jumpsuits for the upcoming warm weather seasons.

Halter Top Spring Surprising Trend Comebacks

Low Rise Jeans

You love them or hate them, there are no neutral opinions on hip-hugging low rise denim, making them a surprising trend comeback. The return of low rise can simply be for the reaction, bringing back something that is arguably against the grain, or to give people as many options as they can so they are able to create the wardrobe that fits them the best. There is certainly something for everyone, but not everyone for the same thing.

Low Rise Jeans Spring Surprising Trend Comebacks

What are your favorite – or not so favorite – trend comebacks from past decades?

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