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December 16th, 2019 by Samantha Furno Take These 5 Trends into the New Year

It’s crazy to think that another year is almost over and we are about to enter a whole new decade! 2020 will surely bring us a plethora of new trends, but there are quite a few trends from 2019 that will be easy to carry over into the new year as well! Whether you love them of hate them, here are five noteworthy style trends that have been relevant this past year and  that are worth incorporating into your 2020 style queue.


Bright and bold, neon colors are here to stay and will be more relevant than ever in 2020! Neon green made itself known in the wardrobes of many fashionistas this past year, but the new year brings an opportunity to explore other hues, such as an eye-catching orange or a flirty fuchsia!
Woman wearing neon top for new year trend.

Oversized Blazers

Personally I am very excited that this trend is being carried over into 2020. Oversized and tailored, your favorite suit jacket is going to continue to be your go-to layering piece!
Woman wearing oversized blazer with light pants for new year trends.

Combat Boots

Combat boots began trending at the start of summer 2019 and this trend has been relevant ever since! 2020 proves that the chunkier the better when it comes to this utilitarian trend!
Woman wearing black combat boots for new year trend.

Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves added a hint of romance and femininity to our 2019 wardrobes and this whimsical trend is going to be incredibly popular as winter changes to spring!
Woman wearing patterned dress with puffy sleeves.


Leather has been an unlikely textile of choice this past year, especially for fall and winter, and it’s being forecasted that leather styles are a must-have for 2020!
Woman wearing leather two-piece for new year trend.


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