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May 21st, 2019 by Jennifer Beile The Future of Fashion: Will Comfort Prevail Over Aesthetic?

The debate over comfort and style have recently come to a head. The two do not have to be mutually exclusive. Is it perhaps that our definition of style and the traditional aesthetic are gradually changing over time? Fashion used to be used as a way to speak to one’s social and economic status, and in some ways it still is. Not everyone can afford designer clothing and accessories and all it takes is a simple Google search to confirm the price of something, therein by being able to pigeonhole one in a category.
Maybe as time has passed and humanity has evolved, we no longer feel the need to separate ourselves by social and economic classes, thereby making us feel more comfortable with being, well (physically) more comfortable. Whatever the reason is that comfort is seeming prevailing over (traditional) style aesthetic, check out 5 trends that are more comfortable than classically stylish.

“Dad” Shoes

From trainers to “mandals”, or man sandals, the “Dad” shoe trend has been steadily gaining traction since the popularity of the chunky trainer last year. This season, the trend continues with the dad sandal, or “mandal”. While some brands are producing these sandals with more feminine touches and prints, the basic man sandal is trending on style bloggers, fashion influencers, and the runway. The rise of dad shoes, as with flat shoes in general, prove that comfort is trending over style in footwear.
Blogger wearing comfort-styled sandals.

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs, or belt bags as the modern updated style has been coined, have seeming begun replacing larger bulky bags, designer bags, and trend-ridden bags. The smaller, more compact style of a belt bag is more comfortable to wear, convenient on the go, and forces us to de-clutter our lives. And let’s face it, when our purse is clean and organized, our life begins to feel more clean and organized.
Blogger wearing a suit and fanny pack

The Demise of Skinny Jeans

We will always love our skinny jeans; there is no question about that. But we have seen a rise in a more relaxed fitting denim and pant style, in general, the last few fashion seasons. I, for one, am all for this trend, of course, still loving my skinnies and wearing them with pride, but as a mom of a busy toddler, I must say that I am enjoying bottoms with a bit more room to breathe lately.
Blogger wearing wide-leg jeans.

Bike & Bermuda Shorts

While neither are my cup of style tea, I appreciate the sentiment of longer, more comfortable shorts, whether it is because they are spandex or a looser fitting knee length short, over a more traditional style of denim shorts that are cut too short and will inevitably ride up.
Blogger wearing bermuda shorts and sweater.


Athleisure has long been the uniform of many stay-at-home moms, the quick option when needing to run all the errands on a weekend, and the look of the gym rat. But athleisure has since expanded its repertoire to anyone who needs just a bit more comfort in their life.
Woman wearing comfort pieces like workout clothing.


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