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June 6th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile Why I Am Loving “The J-Sisters” More Than The Jonas Brothers Right Now

The Jonas Brothers are back with a new album, tour, and documentary and I personally could not be more ecstatic; I am a total fangirl for life! While the Boys are front and center on stage as a trio again, their other halves have been quietly stealing the spotlight. Take a look at the ways the “J-Sisters” have outshined their hubbies during their comeback.
The Jonas Brothers and Sisters.

Video Vixens

It’s been 3 months since the debut of The Jonas Brothers’ lead single, “Sucker” and I am still not over how amazing Danielle, Sophie, and Priyanka are in front of the camera. Special shout out to the OG Jonas wife, Danielle, who is not a public personality and absolutely killed it in her video debut!

Billboard Music Awards

The Wives have always supported their Husbands whether it be on or off the stage and they continued to show just how big of fans that they are at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.

Met Gala Mavens

Two of the three Jo Bros + Wives attended The Met Gala last month and we have to be honest: all eyes were on the stunning ladies!

‘Chasing Happiness’ Premiere

The premiere for the Jonas Brothers’ Amazon Prime documentary was held this week. After watching the doc and drying my eyes, I couldn’t help but go back and revel in the J-Sisters red carpet red hot looks! In all honesty, can Nick Jonas ever compete with Priyanka’s thigh-high, chainlink slit dress?

Instagram Game

The girls have been killing it on Instagram and lately I’ve been finding myself giving more likes to their feeds than the JoBro Insta feeds!
Priyank and a Jonas brother being in love.

Sisterly Support

What I love the most about the J-Sisters’ are their connection and support of each other!
The three "Jonas Sisters" together having fun.
Of course, the “J-Sisters” are so much more than just the women behind the Jonas Brothers. Get to know them a little better below!

Bonafide Star

Photo of Sophie Turner.
Sophie Turner rose to fame with her starring role in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and her new movie “Dark Phoenix” is out this week. No doubt her move from the small screen to the big screen will be seamless!

Triple Threat

Priyanka being a humanitarian.
Priyanka Chopra Jonas rose to fame as an actress, singer, film producer and even won Miss Universe in 2000. Since then, Priyanka has continued acting but has been applauded for her many philanthropic efforts with children, woman’s rights and the environment, being awarded titles such as one of Times 100 Most Influential and Forbes World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.


Danielle Jonas and her jewelry.

Danielle Jonas was a hairdresser from New Jersey when she met Kevin Jonas on vacation and has since been a supportive wife, mother, and now entrepreneur. Danielle launched jewelry line “Moments” and created the app, “Amazing Baby Days” to help parents document their journeys from pregnancy through the baby’s first year.



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