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I'm a recycled fashion enthusiast, as well as the official Crossroads Trading blogger. I have a penchant for cameras, pumpkin flavored-anything, midi skirts, throwback TV shows, music festivals, and beaches.

Santa Barbara Earth Day

Santa Barbara Crossroads had the most amazing day with everyone who came out to the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival. Thanks for bringing your cute selves over to our booth…and for saving the planet, one reusable bag or recycled top at a time.

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3 Outfits for Your Summer Trip

This post was originally published on April 23, 2013.

Going somewhere? We certainly hope so! Summer is upon us and it means a lot of things to a lot of people – ice cream, friends coming home from college, and our personal favorite, trips! Regardless of where you’re going, packing that travel bag is the inevitable and often most difficult part of going anywhere. It’s like that what do I wear today feeling, but for the future, you know? Now times it by however many days you’ll be gone. Yikes is right.

To help you through it and on your way, we’ve narrowed down three awesome and obvious trip ideas and made you some outfits to match. Now all you need to do is find them in your closet (or your local Crossroads store), stash them, and dash out the door. What adventure awaits you next? We couldn’t be more excited for you, girlfriend.

1. What to Wear on a Road Trip

Summer Trip Outfit - Road Trip

Are you going on a cross-country (or even cross-state) road trip? You lucky duck, I am so jealous of you! There are so many good things about road trippin’, but one thing that isn’t that awesome is sitting in a car for hours at a time. Sure, there are some definite perks to riding around with your best friends in a car instead of on a plane, but comfort is definitely key.

So basically, what you want to do is be dressed in an outfit that is as close to pajamas as is possible – meaning light palazzo pants and an airy tank or tee. Keep a chambray shirt and scarf within reach so you can wrap up as temperatures  change, and make sure you have some jams and a pair of shoes that come on and off easily, for all those roadside stretch breaks.

2. What to Wear to Disneyland(!!!)

Summer Trip Outfit - Disneyland

Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth (well, tied with Hawaii), and that’s why having an outfit that is equally fun and happy is practically a park rule. You are never too old for mouse ears and Disney tees. For ideal comfort, make sure to wear flats and a light crossbody bag…because if you’re at the happiest place on earth, you better be hands free!

3. What to Wear for Camping/Glamping

Summer Trip Outfit - Glamping

I call this one camping/glamping because it isn’t an outfit solidly for either – if you’re like me, you’re an average person who enjoys camping but isn’t a pro at it by any means, but you certainly didn’t bring your entire vanity table, either.

Though some may disagree, I prefer a pair of easy-going cotton cropped pants when camping because I don’t like my pants to drag in the dirt. Also, depending on your bathroom situation, you may find the short stems on these babies useful for another reason, if you know what I mean. When not hiking wear some comfortable flip flops with a bit of a sole, and a dark colored backpack will allow you to move hands free, while remaining mostly clean when you set it on the floor. Don’t forget a hat and sunblock!

How to Dress for a Pool Party

This blog post was originally published on June 21, 2011, but we would still wear any of these to our next pool party.

It’s officially summer! Oh, summer vacation…road trips, barbeques, picnics, and pool parties. When we were kids, summer consisted of running through the sprinklers in front of the house, Super Soaker in hand. Now that we’re a little older and slightly more mature, we have pool parties instead.

Trying to figure out what to wear to a pool party gave me the same feeling I had when trying to pack for Camp Crossroads. How can you be fashionable and practical at the same time? Eventually, you want to get in the water, but you also want to be in party-mode before and after with a cover-up as amazing as your swimsuit. The easy way out would be to simply buy the cover-up on the rack next to your bikini, but we like to soak up the sun in style. With a little thought and a little polyvoring, I came up with this little guide on what to wear to a pool party:

1. Crochet. The 70s are back, rocking our world right now as much as they did 40 years ago, so how about a crochet dress or tunic as a pool party cover up? A wider knit provides both the right amount of pool-side coverage, as well as a bit of airiness.

2. Sheer. Show a little, hide a little. Bloggers and magazines have been toting the sheer look, but let’s face it – we’re not all comfortable with the sheer top plus bra look. A pool party is your chance to rock that sheer without showing people your underwear.  Toss a sheer tunic or dress over a swimsuit and kiss your average Jane cover-up goodbye. I chose a mini-dress, but a sheer maxi is a win too!

3. Shredded/ripped. Alright my rocked-out girlfriends, this look excites me because it involves a little DIY, a little creativity, and a little t-shirt dress you may even already have. It will literally be your own. A shredded or ripped dress provides the light, airy coverage you want and you can decide how much to give it and how you want it to look. There are dozens of tutorials on shredding and ripping on youtube. Own it.

4. Sandals and flip flops. Some people will disagree with me, but I say let’s leave our heels at home. For anything related to water, go with flat sandals or flip flops. I even added some plain Reefs and Rainbows to my outfits. If you play up your cover-up, there’s no need for fancy footwear.

5. Long skirts. Denim mini? That works too, but this summer take your maxi skirt for a spin instead. The covered bottom combined with some skin on top makes for an interesting balance, and there is so much variety when there’s more fabric to play with. I picked this Greek-goddess skirt, but the options are never ending.

6. Hats. Red’s a pretty color, but not on your skin. Protect yourself from heatstroke and sunburn with a simple hat. Love them or hate them, those big, floppy 70s-esque hats provide extra face coverage, but there’s no exact formula. Do you,  just be sure to top off your outfit with a hat. Crossroads cares!

7. Shorts. Shorts for a cover-up? How original. But seriously speaking, your denim cut-offs can be left at home for this party. These adorable high-waist fabric shorts are a as wholesome as they are hot.  Whether solid or printed, most of them come in a comfortable, heat-friendly light material.

8. Sunblock!


Inspired? What will you be donning for your next dip in the pool?

Closet Refresh: New Summer Gear

Things that are fabulous:

1. Audrey Hepburn.
2. Our virtual shoe closet.
3. $2000 cash-money.
4. Big beautiful hair.
5. Holidays in Ibiza.
6. Boxes heading to Crossroads stores right now.

Some of the things on our fabulous list are unattainable – being Audrey Hepburn, for example – and some are more attainable. For example, if you win our photo contest, you could use the prize money for that holiday in Ibiza…or you could just find your latest trade card and refresh your entire wardrobe with the pretties we sent out this week.

We think every week is a good week at Crossroads, of course, but this week was particularly summer-friendly and fresh. Ahead, check out our favorite items that will be available at select Crossroads stores in a few days.

new5Dress $48.50, Skirt $27.50new1Assorted summer scarves, $13.50 each, Necklace $13.50 new2Assorted summer scarves, $13.50 each, Necklace, $16.50 new3Pants, $30, Elephant print top, $28.50, Skirt, $35 new4Florentine tunic dress $27.50, Parisian maxi skirt $40

Trend Spotting: Mint

Shorts? Check. Sandals? Check. Tanks? Check. Tan? Time to get it on.

From the looks of it, it seems like you’re ready for some fun this summer! The only thing is, though your activities  may be fun, your closet might be less than so – shorts and tanks can get a little boring. When the weather heats up, it’s hard to be creative with your clothes, and while it’s true that you don’t need to be the best dressed dame on the boardwalk to have a good day, taking dressing as an art is actually really fun – we know because we do it everyday here at the Crossroads Trading headquarters.

So what’s the solution? If you’re unwilling to leave your standard summer uniform, we say experiment with prints and colors. And while the color mint isn’t exactly minty freshwe were talking about it almost two years ago – we still absolutely love it. Soft, a little sassy, cool and refreshing like a pack of Capri Suns, add mint to your closet mix. One piece, like a pair of jeans, goes a long, long way.pastel9atlantic pacificmintmint tankmintpinterest mint the sar mint mint zanitamiranda minttuula mintmint reem

Images via Zanita, the Sartorialist, Pinterest (source unknown), Style Within Reach, Atlantic Pacific, Tuula

Interview: Grasie of Style Me Grasie

We’ve done a lot of blogger interviews here at CTC…but we’ve never interviewed an actress. Or a TV/Online hostess. Or a style expert.

Luckily, today we’re adding all of these kinds of interviews to the list of done and done. Blogger Grasie of Style Me Grasie is all of these things in one – a killer package of talent, if you will. After meeting Grasie via LuckyFABB  a few weeks ago, we quickly added interview her! to our to-do list. Not only did her resume pique our interest, but we’re also incredibly excited to be able to share some of her seriously awesome style right here on our own blog. Take a good scroll down and read all about her first fashion memory, what having a title with so many slashes entails and where she’d take you if you were to visit her in LA…if you could be so lucky.
grasie 2What’s your favorite album?

Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” – It’s an amazing album full of so many hits and its the band that my fiance and I bonded over when we first met. We are HUGE FM fans.

If you had some friends visiting LA from out of town, what would you show them?

I take them to In-N-Out for burgers, Mexican food & margs at El Carmen, sushi at Kiwami in the valley, the beaches in Malibu and to the Grove for some shopping. Some of my favorite places to eat and go to in LA!

When and why did you move from New York to LA? Did it take some time to adjust to your new home?

I moved about 3 years after college. I grew up in NYC and went to NYU. After graduation, I immediately started working in news at ABC then in production at MTV in NY. When I turned 25, I decided to move to LA to pursue acting and TV hosting. I instantly fell in love…NY will always be my roots, but I think I’ll live in LA forever.

Do you have a style icon?

Alexa Chung! I love her. We also have a similar fashion sense. We dress like boys mostly but every once in a while, we are super girly. I would kill for her closet. grasie 4grasie 3

Do you have a first memory with clothing? Tell us about it.

I was obsessed with Michael Jackson as a child and got a red leather jacket like the one he wore in “Thriller” and a sequin white glove for Christmas. I wore both of those to death and would dance around my house like I was MJ. That jacket and glove meant everything to me.

How would you describe your style?

A mix of edgy, easy, vintage, urban and girly. It really depends on my mood on any given day. Sometimes I boy it up, sometimes I sex it up, sometimes I girl it up. I like variety but really jeans and a concert tee are my go-to.

You’re the only person we’ve ever interviewed who has a profile on IMDB! Has being an actress and TV hostess affected your blogging journey? How do you balance your life between all of your commitments?

That’s awesome! My TV/Online Hosting and blogging are most connected. Blogging doesn’t really affect my acting but I’ve booked a lot of “Fashion Hosting/Style Expert” on-camera work because of my blog which was kind of why I started blogging in the first place (more on that in the next question). As far as managing…well, I’m the type of gal who LOVES to be busy and loses her mind when she’s bored. The more I have to do, the better. The great thing about having three careers (acting/hosting/blogging) is that I’m never bored and every day is different. My schedule is dependent on whether I have an audition, a shoot, an event or a styling client (I also take on personal styling clients when I can). I’m a very organized person so I manage, but I will admit since my fiance and I got engaged and I had to throw “planning a wedding” into the mix, things have been a little cray-cray at times.

grasie 6 grasie 5 grasie 7

When did you start blogging and what inspired you to get into it?

When I initially started blogging I had no idea how huge the style blogger world was or that it even existed. So for the first year and a half of my blog I didn’t do outfit posts. Then about 2 years ago I discovered that aspect of personal style blogging, got a blog photographer and began the outfit posts journey. That’s when my blog got some legs and awesome, loyal readers. I initially started it as an outlet to talk fashion because I wanted to be seen as a “fashion expert” for my on-camera hosting career. Luckily, it totally worked!

Share some experiences you’ve had that came as a result of blogging.

Oh man, there are so many great things that have come to me because of my blog. The two biggest being my fashion series “Style Me Grasie” on LookTV and my upcoming on-air fashion expert gig in 10 episodes of MTV’s “Girl, Get Your Mind Right,” premiering on May 20th! Both these gigs came to me because of my blog which is still so amazing to me. Also, just last week I was asked to do a fashion segment on the red carpet pre-show of the American Idol finale. It’s going to live stream on their site and I’m going to chat about season 12’s fashion! grasie1 grasie 10

What’s your morning dressing routine like? Do you get dressed on a whim or plan outfits out?

It depends. If I need a cute outfit for an audition, I definitely plan ahead so I’m not rushed or stressed before it. But if it’s a regular day, I totally wing it.

Do you have any blogs or reads you’d like to share with our readers?

Absolutely! As a blogger, you get to meet a lot of other bloggers and I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the sweetest. I call them my blogger buds and we see each other at events and hang all the time. I love checking out their blogs to see what they’re up and what they’re wearing. Some of my favorites are Could I Have That?, Song of Style, Walk in Wonderland, Damsel in Dior, Devon Rachel, Sydne Style, Natalie Off Duty, Mr. Kate and two of my closest gal pals Stuff She Likes and ClothehorseNYC. I have a lot of blogger buds.
grasie 11grasie 12
What are your favorite pair of shoes in your closet?

I LOVE SHOES! So this is a super tough question. Hmm, I think the shoes in heaviest rotation right now are my yellow Modern Vice “Jett” boots, my pointed Nine West indigo and black flats and my black Calvin Klein metal and suede pumps.

Sum up your mantra on life. Go!

I’m super into the following cliches that I think keep level-headed and happy. 1. Everything happens for a reason. 2. Treat others as you would like to be treated. 3. Work hard, play harder.

Thank you for your time, Grasie!

Items of the Week: Pasadena Crossroads

Shifting buy seasons is one thing, a mood board is another, but really, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to notice a shift in the weather. Wherever you are, you are certainly getting warmer, and we don’t know about you, but we’ve gotten so used to our muted color palettes and layering, it’s hard to remember how to dress for such stellar temperatures.

Fortunately, our Pasadena team is all for jogging our memories. On another level of style – practically profreshional, if such a word exists – summer dressing is so easy for them, they’re reaching for their shades instead of for the stars. So today, we’re going down to SoCal for some summer outfit inspiration: one for those denim days, two for the ladies who prefer dresses. If you don’t live close enough to stop by and nab some of these sweet get-ups, you can still get pinspired for your next shopping trip, whenever that may be.

co273ON NATASHA: O’Neil top Size S $10.50, Chloe pants Size 3/4 $47.50, Jeffery Campbell shoes Size 6 1/2 $17.25, Gucci bag $300.00, New necklace $8.25
co271ON CLARISSA: Bebe dress Size S $37.50, Free Press shoes Size 8 $18.50, Mark Cross bag $225.00, New bracelet $15.00co27ON BRANDI: Fei dress size M $18.50, Bandolino shoes size 7 1/2 $25.00, Zenith bag $120.00, Oliver Peoples sunglasses $42.50

Summer Mood Board

So maybe summatime is still a month and more away, but since we started buying for summer today, we can already taste the rainbow (sherbet ice cream) on our lips – that’s how close summer feels. In preparation for any season, we always make a mood board that sums up how we envision the excitement to come – and the style to come. Ahead, we’ve captured the essence of our summer plans and duds…does it match with your own vision? We’re almost there!


Images via Tumblr (no credits), Pinterest (no credits), The Love Hanger, Keiko Lynn, Eva Kolenko, Ashley Herrin, Teen Vogue, Quentin de Briey , Gary Pepper

We Are Now Buying for Summer

As of today, we are now buying for summer! Browse these styles to get a better idea of the types of items and trends our stores are currently seeking. Crossroads Trading Co. is currently buying for summer. If you have additional questions, you can learn more here.2013 summer women men web


Our Top 4 Favorite Male Bloggers

Here at CTC, we’re pretty proud to have been following blogs and talking to bloggers since the beginning of the phenomenon. We think they bridge the gap between magazines and real people, and while we don’t have the facts or stats to back it up, we are pretty sure that people in general are becoming more artful when dressing themselves, and it’s largely thanks to our blogger friends.

The thing is, there’s no avoiding the fact that the vast majority of personal style bloggers are female. Bloggers have definitely democratized fashion, but where’s the male voice? Well, if you haven’t heard, there are some pretty stellar dude personal bloggers out there, some of which we’ve given a nod to before. To make it easy as entering our Man Month raffle, we decided to make a to-the-point guide of our top four favorite male bloggers that you need to add to your reading list asap. Get to clicking!

iamgalla1. Adam of I Am Galla. Recently relocated to New York, Adam’s style is electic – one day he is wearing a suit and bow-tie, the next he’s wearing a beanie and a hoodie, and the day after that he may be dressed like he is above…however, all of his looks are unified by a kind of classic elegance, sometimes captured just in a pair of shoes, sunglasses, or fits. It’s the thing that makes Adam’s style so chic, yet still so personal. freddy2. Freddy of Blue Perk. We conducted a great interview with Freddy of Blue Perk not too long ago, so needless to say, Freddy was bound to be included in this list. Another New Yorker, Fred’s style is always on point, colorful and fun – and yet, it always remains to be very wearable. Also, we just love this photo of Freddy on a swing! Didn’t we just say he was fun?peteradrian3. Peter of The Hobbyists. Besides showcasing some stellar photography (we can thank girlfriend Bethany for some of it), Peter of the Hobbyists has a sort of California cool-casual style that we think could be very inspirational to anyone seeking an easygoing kind of dapper. Not much of a suit guy, Peter dresses up jeans, sneakers and tees like no other.edwardshair4. Edward of Edward’s Hair. Edward has a strong affinity to cool sneaks, and that’s one of the reasons we have a strong affinity towards him. He has an array of cool kicks that he manages to wear flawlessly with any of his dapper duds, adding  a bit of sporty to his ensembles, which range from denim looks to suits with ties. We also find his facial expressions (and sometimes lack of them) amusing – sometimes he turns away from the camera or covers his  face altogether. As an answer to someone who asked him, “Why do you always look so angry in your pictures?” Edward said, “Because blogging makes me angry.” Which leads to the last reason we love him – a biting, witty sense of humor.

Images via I Am Galla, Blue Perk, The Hobbyists, Edward’s Hair