Selling at Crossroads

It's my first time selling. What should I expect?

First, thank you for choosing to sell at Crossroads!

Visit any Crossroads to sell*. No appointment necessary.  Find your store here for up-to-date store and buying hours.

You’ll be greeted and instructed to join the waitlist when you arrive. Pro-Tip: download The Crossroads Waitlist App for a real-time look at line length and to join the waitlist before getting to the store.

When it’s your turn, a Buyer will go through your items. You can shop the store or stay with your Buyer during this time. Feel free to ask your Buyer why they’ve chosen or passed on certain items, how items are priced and any other questions you have. Next, select how you’d like to be paid for your items. We offer cash or trade.

Make sure to bring a government-issued ID or, if you’re under 18, an adult with a government-issued ID.

*excluding our outlet store in Stockton, CA

How do your Buyers choose what items to buy?

Buyers consider many things when deciding what to buy, like style, brand, condition and fabric. Most importantly, they have to consider what customers are buying at their store and current stock levels. Our goal is to buy as much as we can from every person who comes in to sell based on what we know from experience our customers will buy.

I brought in an item that was on the selling guide. Why did your buyer pass on it?

Our Selling Guide is a great place to find what trends and styles we’re excited about company-wide, but a Buyer’s primary focus is their particular store. They consider what their customers are buying and what items they currently have in their store.

Is there anything you don't buy?

We buy on-trend men’s and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. We do not buy children’s items, formal wear, traditional business wear, intimates, items with extreme wear or counterfeit items.

What is consignment, and how is it different than regular selling?

We offer consignment on luxury, collectible or designer goods. When you choose to consign your items, you’ll get paid when the items sell instead of right away. Payouts for consignment items range from 50-70%, depending on the selling price. If you have an item you’d like to consign, talk to your Buyer.

I don’t have time to sell in person at Crossroads. Is there any other way to sell?

Yes! Sell to Crossroads without making a trip to the store with our Sell by Mail program. Send us your clothing, shoes and accessories in a pre-paid UPS bag. Receive cash or trade for the items we buy in! Learn more here.

We also offer drop-off selling at select stores. Bring your items in, fill out a form and return for your payout. Learn more here.

Any unanswered questions?

For questions about what a particular store is buying, please contact your local store. For any other questions, use the “contact us” button below.