Our Commitment

For 30 years, Crossroads has been spreading the word that secondhand clothing is the sustainable fashion option. Selling and shopping secondhand gives clothing a second (or third!) life and decreases the production demand for new clothing. This reduced demand means reduced carbon, water and waste footprints.

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Your Involvement

We’re grateful for customers like you who’ve embraced this fashion movement. As a secondhand shopper, you’re reducing your carbon footprint by 1). keeping clothes out of landfill and 2). purchasing clothes from a store that has sourced its inventory locally from the public.

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Our Actions

Wherever possible, we use environmentally-friendly cleaning products and supplies in our stores and corporate offices.

All unsold and damaged clothing is disposed of responsibly, whether through community donation or textile recycling.

Wherever available, our stores pursue local green certifications.

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Did You Know?

Quadrupling the use of a t-shirt or pair of jeans results in a 75% savings of freshwater that would otherwise be used for garment production (Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017).

Extending the use of a clothing item by just 3 months reduces its carbon, waste and water footprint by 5-10% ( Waste & Resources Action Program).

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