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August 11, 2022 Why Buy Secondhand Clothing?

The benefits of secondhand clothing are multi-fold. There’s the thrill of always-changing thrift store racks, the considerable cost savings, and the ability to buy expensive labels for a fraction of the original price.

Add to that the environmental benefits of secondhand clothing, and you have a shopping option that’s hard to resist.

Did you know that you can follow your local Crossroads stores on Instagram and see photos of the latest pieces in stores?

We’re sharing a few of our favorite recent picks below. This is just a sample of what you’ll find in stores. You’ll see that secondhand clothing is anything but boring!

photo of Gucci belt

Gucci belt, $225.

photo of Longchamp bags

Longchamp leather totes, $125.

photo of outfit flatlay

Vintage Hey Baby top, $15.

Vintage Levis Sta-Prest pants, $32.50.

Vintage Nine West mini bag, $18.50.

BC platform shoes, $28.

photo of person in red dress

NWT House of CB “Anais” dress, $68.

photo of person in vintage jumper

Vintage All That Jazz jumpsuit, $24.

photo of brown sweater and plaid skirt

Pendleton sweater, $24.

Love Tree skirt, $16.50.

Nike Cortez shoes, $24.

photo of Elvis tee

Rare vintage Elvis tee, price upon request.

Resale stores like Crossroads are even better for shopping for secondhand clothing. You can sell your clothes for cash or store credit and save even more money! FYI- we’re now buying for fall!



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August 9, 2022 The Earth Tone Fashion Trend

The earth tone fashion trend is a regular visitor to the fall season, and it’s one of the trends that appear in our latest seasonal selling guide. It’s the perfect match for a season where nature is absolutely vibrant in color.

Traditionalists consider the earth tone palette one that emerges strictly from brown, but we’re fans of the more open definition where any nature tone is included. Along with rust and pumpkin colors, we love plum purple, slate gray, sky blue, and moss greens.

All of these tones are subtle and soft, and even better in lightweight knits. We also like to look for them in corduroy, linen, and silk.

Let us show you a few earth tone fashion looks that we think capture the trend, and then head over to our fall selling guide to see what else made the latest list.

Even better, show us your earth tone pieces by tagging us @crossroadstrading.

photo of person in earth tones

photo of person in earth tones

photo of person in earth tones

photo of person in earth tones

photo of person in short jumper

The earth tone trend falls under the homestead chic category of fashion inspiration that we’re selling and looking for this season. Take a look at what that means. And if you missed the news, we’re now buying for fall! Visit any of our stores to sell the gently-used pieces you no longer love.


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August 4, 2022 Black-Owned Clothing Brands to Shop

If you spend time with us on our Instagram feed, you’ll see we share Black-owned clothing brands each week. Don’t worry if you missed any in July, because they’re all here!

A.Au dresses are quite frankly the epitome of glamour. Scroll their feed and be in awe of the beautiful cuts, luxurious fabrics, and flowy sleeves. Soft, classic colors only add to the line’s appeal. Visit the online shop to see for yourself here.

photo of person in silk dress

Sika Designs

Scroll through the IG feed of @sikadesigns, and you’ll want one of everything. The brand’s dresses are both summer-ready and so, so sophisticated. Throw their gorgeous prints and fabrics into the mix, and you’ll stand out in every single one of their pieces. Shop the site here.

photo of person in colorful outfit


The spotlight shines bright on @muehlederlabel. The brand creates magic with neoprene. Yes, neoprene! The fabric is crafted into almost-sculptural pieces, and the rich colors they choose add even more depth. There are swimwear options too, right alongside dresses and tops. See them all on the brand’s website here.

photo of person in neoprene outfit

Milano di Rouge

@milanodirouge creates luxury streetwear –one of our favorite fashion categories! Marble-print jumpsuits and denim crop jackets are just a few of their stand-out pieces. Visit the shop to see exactly what we mean. Shop the entire line here.

photo of people in t-shirts and shorts

Salone Monet

Black-owned label @salonemonet is on a mission to bring color-inclusive nude shoes to the market. Their shoe line-up is now on the shelves of some of the biggest department stores and has even been seen on celebrities. There is a range of hues to choose from, so visit their shop to see if they have the perfect match for you. See it here.

photo of nude shoes

These 5 picks are only a few of the Black-owned clothing brands we’ve featured on our Instagram feed. Jump over there to see even more. You can also join us back here on our website next month when we’ll feature our August picks!


August 2, 2022 5 Classic Fall Fashion Pieces

There are plenty of new trends for fall 2022– just check out our latest seasonal selling guide to see our picks. But we find that there are some classic fall fashion pieces that we turn to year and year again.

These are the pieces we usually invest the most into since we expect to wear them for multiple seasons. We look for high-quality pieces in the best fabrics we can afford. Sometimes the pieces have designer labels, and they are always treasured secondhand finds.

Since our stores are now buying and selling for the fall season, now is the time to stop in and update your wardrobe.

Here are the 5 classic fall fashion pieces we’ll be shopping for:

1. Blazers

Blazers are our secret weapon. Whether on a Zoom call or showing up for dinner with friends, a blazer instantly elevates any outfit. All of a sudden a tee and jeans are polished and chic. It’s no wonder we stock a few different versions in our closets too, including silk and velvet ones for special occasions.

photo of people in blazers

2. Jeans

Once the weather starts to cool, you can find us shifting from a daily fashion diet of dresses and skirts to daily jeans and tops. This is the time of year when we invest in our new favorite pair. Or, if we’ve planned well, we’ve already collected the current on-trend denim cut, whether it’s flared, high-waist, skinny, or cropped.

photo of people in jeans

3. Boots

There is more than one option when it comes to boots! While they work any year, the choice of style is personal. Some opt for riding boots, some pick a combat style, and others prefer ankle boots. Whatever you choose, they’ll make your wardrobe fall-ready.

photo of people in boots

4. Leather Jacket

A classic leather jacket is one of the best secondhand finds out there. We lean towards classic colors like tan and black, but don’t be afraid to try colored versions in popular fall tones like rust and red. If you avoid leather products, there are lots of vegan leather options that have the same high-quality look and feel.

photo of person in leather jacket

5. Sweater Vest

A sweater vest is fun and adds that extra layer of warmth you may need as the temperatures drop during fall. There are multiple ways to style them too. Check out our blog post about just that here.

photo of person in sweater vest

Stay tuned in the coming weeks. Besides these classic fall fashion pieces, we’ll be highlighting our latest fall trend picks over here on the blog. There’s more fall fashion to come!


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July 28, 2022 Affordable Sustainable Clothing Finds

Despite what you might think, affordable sustainable clothing exists! The trick is to shop at secondhand clothing stores. First, you’re shopping sustainably by keeping pre-loved clothing out of landfill and giving it a longer life. Second, you’ll find that secondhand clothing costs one-third to one-half of the original retail price.

You don’t have to give up anything when you buy used clothing. Look at all these categories of fashion you can find!

Special Pieces

Shopping for secondhand clothes is like a treasure hunt. Keep an eye out for unique pieces like brand collaborations.

Opening Ceremony x Vans Panther Set. Jacket, $24. Joggers, $18.50. Tote, $22.50.

photo of clothing pieces

Sugar Thrillz Dress, $32.50. Sam Edelman Shoes, $24. Crazy Horse Bag, $18.50.

New With Tags

Do you know how many people buy a new piece of clothing only to find out months later that they never wear it? Maybe it doesn’t fit them right, or it no longer matches their style. Selling it to a fashion resale store gets it out of their closet and into your hands. The piece has finally found a good home!

New Coogi Sweater, $85.

photo of person in sweater


Vintage clothing is very popular these days, and looking for these pieces in secondhand stores is a thrill of its own. You may even find a label or style you loved decades ago and are ready to revisit.

Vintage Paris Blues Dress, $22.50. Vintage Beaded Bag, $18.50.

photo of dress and accessories


Buying designer pieces secondhand makes them significantly more affordable. Plus, these fashion “investment” pieces will stay in your closet for years to come.

Gucci Princeton Mules, $265.

photo of loafers

Evening Looks

Don’t overlook secondhand clothing stores when shopping for evenings and special events. It makes even more sense to buy these used if you think you’ll only wear them once or twice. Sell it back to the resale store to earn store credit for your next evening event.

Nicole Miller Dress, $32.50.

photo of person in white dress

Finding affordable sustainable clothing near you is only a few clicks away. Check out our locations page to find the Crossroads store closest to you.


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