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May 6, 2021 How to Wear Sheer

One of the fashion trends that caught my attention on our recent selling guide was sheer. You may be wondering how to wear sheer. I was curious too! I started looking for inspiration online and found oodles of pieces I love. If you’re ready to give sheer a try, consider these 3 great ways to wear it.

Sheer Sleeves

The easiest way to wear sheer is by finding a blouse with sheer sleeves. The bolder your style, the puffier the sleeves can be! They give the blouse (and the entire look) an ethereal feel.

photo of woman in sheer sleeve blouse

photo of woman in sheer sleeve blouse

photo of woman in sheer sleeve blouse

photo of man in sheer sleeve blouse

Skirt over Bodysuit

For the most daring fashion lovers, a sheer skirt is floaty and beautiful. Wear it with a traditional bodysuit or biker short bodysuit.

photo of woman in sheer skirt


A sheer dress has versatile styling options. You can wear a slip dress underneath (in nude with a heavy sheer or in a dark color with a light sheer), or you can get creative and layer leggings underneath and a tank over the top!

photo of woman in sheer sleeve dress

photo of woman in sheer dress

photo of woman in sheer dress

photo of woman in sheer dress

I’m feeling more confident now about how to wear sheer. In fact, I was reminded of a sheer apron dress I owned a few years ago and sold to my local Crossroads store. I miss it today, but now I have an excuse to replace it with another one! Feeling the same? Stop into your local Crossroads store to find sheer pieces that are perfect for you.


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May 4, 2021 Selling is Easy with the Crossroads App

Yes, you read that title correctly: selling is easy with the Crossroads app! If you haven’t heard about the app before, we’re here to fill you in on this new way to sell. For your quick tutorial, watch the 17-second video below.

In essence,  you can add your name to our selling waitlist without leaving your home. Just open the app and select your local store to see the number of sellers in line. In some regions with multiple stores (like the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Chicago), you may want to check all stores in that region to find the one with the shortest wait. Then, add your name to the waitlist (remotely!) and you’ll receive a notification when it’s your turn to sell.

Please note that the app is temporarily unavailable for a few stores that still require appointments for selling. Click here to see which selling options your local store is currently offering.

Two Common Questions About the Crossroads App

Is it available for both iPhone and Android?

Yes! You can download it from either the Apple Store or Google Play.

How come I don’t see the “Add Me” button for my local store?

The “Add Me” button only appears when the store is open. It appears a few minutes before the store opens and disappears 15 minutes before the store closes.


Take a few minutes to download the app now so it’s ready for the next time you sell!




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April 29, 2021 Neon Fashion is Back from the ’80s

Neon fashion is back from the ’80s, and its bright tones make us so happy about summer days ahead. On top of that, the thrill of hunting for vintage neon pieces makes finding an official ’80s piece even more exciting.

It’s a bold look for sure, so consider your comfort level before you select your piece. Some people will go in 100% with a neon tracksuit, some will pick up just one great piece like the yellow leather jacket below, and some will want to start with a simple touch, like the neon sunglasses we feature here.

Whichever you decide, your outfit is guaranteed to benefit from the fun pop of color.

Neon pieces can be found in all our store locations, as you can see from the photos from our stores’ Instagram feeds below. And if you have a neon piece at home that never really fit into your wardrobe, bring it into one of our stores to sell. Or, sell it to us by mail!

photo of rack of neon clothing

photo of neon yellow pants and shoes

photo of neon yellow sunglasses

photo of track suit with neon highlights

photo of woman with neon jacket

photo of neon purple platform shoes

photo of neon pink fanny pack

photo of neon clothing, purse and sneakers

photo of neon running shoes

We know we’re thrilled that neon fashion is back from the ’80s, but how about you? If you find a great neon piece in one of our stores, please promise to share it online and tag us at @crossroadstrading so we can see it!


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April 27, 2021 What Does Slow Fashion Mean?

We hear a lot of talk about fast fashion, but what does slow fashion mean?

Very similar to the slow food movement, it’s about making deliberate choices about the fashion you buy. It’s about limiting the number of clothing items you own, investing in well-constructed pieces that will last for years, and buying and selling used clothing.

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably already a secondhand clothing shopper. We applaud you for that! Here are two more tips that can help you stretch your slow fashion efforts even further.

1. Look for High-Quality, Long-Wear Pieces

High-quality pieces are considered a wardrobe investment because you expect to wear them at least 30 times. They are made of durable fabrics or leather and can be easily repaired or mended to last longer. Below are some examples from the sales floors of our stores.

photo of jeans

photo of men's leather shoes

photo of vintage handbag

photo of black leather booties

photo of black leather heels


2. Buy Rare & Special Pieces

I find it almost impossible to pass on a piece that feels special and whimsical because it’s something you’ll hold on to for years. You may not wear it as often, but you bring it out for special occasions or days you just really need a mood lift. These are the pieces that people stop you on the street to

ask, “where did you get that?!”

Take a look at some of the pieces in Crossroads stores that I think fit the bill.

photo of sweatshirt with gem print

photo of woman in band tee

photo of woman in jean jacket with patches

photo of sweatshirt with colorful bird

photo of red suede slipper shoes

Living the slow fashion movement is just one of the ways to help the planet these days. You can also amplify your efforts by sharing your secondhand finds on social and tagging your #crossroadsfinds. Thanks for spreading the word!


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March 22, 2021 by Fiona V. Pitt Why Shop Second Hand?

If you’re like me and get eco-anxiety, you already know about our climate crisis, but why does that mean you should shop second hand? Fashion is a creative outlet for many. However, the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters on our planet just behind oil, is responsible for 20% of industrial water pollution and releases 10% of all carbon emissions into the air. While the fashion industry doesn’t have a clear answer for sustainability yet, the goal is for a fully circular system. Right now, the most sustainable way to indulge in fashion is to shop second hand. 

Why Shop Second Hand? Second Hand Outfit

It isn’t wrong to want to change your wardrobe or to be thrilled by new fashion trends, but the linear model most brands currently use is responsible for immense amounts of waste. In the linear model, fashion brands and manufacturers have no responsibility for the end life of a garment. Sustainability is complicated and not just a buzzword good for branding. It is about our future. Using your purchasing power and shopping sustainably is the first step in keeping clothing out of landfills and lessening your impact on the environment.


Here are steps to having a more sustainable wardrobe:

  • Shop sustainable brands that use Earth-friendly materials like organic cotton or have upcycled or recycled materials. Limit purchasing new, fast fashion items as much as possible.
  • Buy well-made pieces. They will last longer in your wardrobe and in the resale rotation.
  • Sell items you no longer love or wear. If your items have become unsellable, donate them instead of throwing away.
  • Take care of your clothing. Learn to mend.
  • Best yet, shop second hand. It’s the most sustainable solution to fashion’s impact right now.

Why Shop Second Hand? Oufit w Chanel Jacket

Shopping second hand is a personalized and exciting way to find a special piece no one else will have. You will learn about yourself and style, while helping protect the Earth.

Want to shop second hand? Visit your local Crossroads Trading for a curated selection of second hand clothing, shoes and accessories. Ready to (sustainably) clean out your closet? Learn how to get the most when selling your clothes here.


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