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December 2, 2021 What’s the Fastest Way to Sell My Clothes?

Today we answer the common question about secondhand fashion and making money: what is the fastest way to sell my clothes? Maybe you’ve just cleaned out your closet and want to find your pre-loved clothes a new home. Or maybe you’re looking for some quick holiday cash.

At Crossroads Trading, we give you 4 options to meet your specific needs and desire for convenience. Here, we’ve ranked them by the amount of time each takes.

1. In-Person (Same Day)

By far, the fastest way to sell your clothes is to visit one of our store locations nationwide (except for our outlet store in Stockton). No appointment is necessary, our in-store buyers evaluate and price your clothing on the spot, and you receive cash or store credit before you leave. The only requirements are that you’re at least 18 (or accompanied by an adult) and have a valid photo ID.

You can make the process even quicker by adding your name to our selling list from home using the Crossroads Trading Waitlist App.

Model Using Phone

2. Drop Off (2-3 Days)

Most of our stores offer a drop-off service (You can check your local store location page to confirm). Simply let a buyer know you’d like to drop off your items, complete a brief form, and be on your way. Sellers have the option to return for cash or store credit after 48-72 hours (varies by store) or have store credit held on file until their next visit.

3. By Mail (6-8 Weeks)

Don’t have a Crossroads in your neighborhood? You can still sell to Crossroads with our mail-in service. Request a bag and we’ll send you a roomy one with a pre-paid return shipping label. The graphic below shows you all the steps of this service.

Crossroads Sell by Mail Timeline

4. Consignment (Varies)

For your designer and higher-end items, our stores offer a consignment option with payouts of up to 70% in cash (see below). You receive payment when the item sells, so the time involved can vary. However, this is an excellent choice for you if you have designer pieces and extra time to wait in return for a higher cash payout.

Consignment Payout Chart

With our 4 selling options, you can choose the method that works best for you. Whichever you choose, check out our seasonal selling guide first to see the fashion trends we’re currently looking for.



November 30, 2021 Black-Owned Fashion Labels to Shop

As part of our ongoing commitment, we share Black-owned fashion labels you can support every Friday on our Instagram feed.  If you missed them, we put together a recap of the 4 brands we featured in the month of November.


We had to highlight the elegant pieces from @tovestudio. Their silk blouses, cashmere sweater dresses, and ruched dresses are simply gorgeous. See what we’re talking about when you visit their website here.

photo of person in brown dress

2. edas

We love it when a fashion label incorporates a signature feature into its design to make it instantly recognizable. Black-owned accessories label @__edas does just this with its fabulous oversized handbag buckle. So cool! Shop the site here.

photo of person with buckle bag

3. Zou Xou

The spotlight is shining bright on @zouxoushoes. The label’s ethically-crafted shoe line is produced in Buenos Aires and features some of the most beautiful shoe silhouettes we’ve ever seen, like their glazed loafer seen here. See all the pieces on their website here.

photo of glazed loafers


You need to know about @a.a.k.s and their colorful hand-crafted bags created in Ghana. In the past year alone, these bags have caught the eye of major fashion magazines, and their collections are starting to hit the shelves of major retailers. Keep an eye out for them and shop their line here.

photo of aaks bag

This post includes only a few of the Black-owned fashion labels you should know about; there are even more featured on our Instagram feed. You can also join us back here on our website next month when we’ll feature our December picks!


November 25, 2021 Holiday Dress Ideas to Inspire You

The holidays have officially kicked off and we’re excited to think about all the things we’ll wear to special gatherings with friends, family, and co-workers. One easy option we love is to pick a holiday dress that we can wear in several different ways: sometimes with a jacket or blazer, sometimes layered with a turtleneck or sweater, and sometimes with boots instead of heels. We had so much fun looking for holiday dress ideas online that we just had to share what we found. We hope they inspire your holiday looks too!

You’ll notice we tend to favor holiday dresses in silky fabrics, rich jewel tones, and sparkles. Keep scrolling to see 8 of the looks that have us ready to start shopping for holiday dresses.

photo of person in holiday dress

photo of person in holiday dress

photo of person in red holiday dress

photo of person in orange silk dress

photo of person in floral holiday dress

photo of person in red dress

photo of person in pink sequin dress

photo of person in green leopard dress

These are merely a few of the holiday dress ideas that caught our eye this week, but we know there are so many more. Once you’ve found your holiday look, promise you’ll tag us on Instagram @crossroadstrading. You may be featured on our brand feed. And don’t forget to stop into any of our store locations to see if we have your dream holiday dress on our racks.


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November 23, 2021 The 7 Best Boot Styles for Winter

It may not officially be winter quite yet, but in many parts the chilly temperatures have us thinking about winter boots. They keep our feet extra warm and allow us to brave icy sidewalks. And for those of us who love fashion, we have to consider how they’ll work with our personal style! So, may we present you today with what we think are the 7 best boot styles for winter.

1. Tall

Tall boots keep us warm all the way up to our knees, meaning we can pair them with dresses and skirts. Versatility for the win!

photo of person in tall boots

2. Lace-Up

A twist on tall boots, lace-up boots add a playful touch to your look, especially when worn with stand-out tights.

photo of lace-up boots

3. Fur-Lined

You can feel your feet getting toasty just looking at this pair, right? Fur-lined boots are cooooozzzzzyyyyy.

photo of fur lined boots

4. Stacked Heel

For those who refuse to let the cold weather affect their sophisticated style, a stacked heel boot is where it’s at.

photo of stacked heel boots

5. Combat

Combat boots remain on-trend and are not afraid of sleet and snow. They’re pretty much a must-have these days.

photo of combat boots

6. Cowboy

Take a cue from our Dallas store and consider making a pair of cowboy boots your winter choice. They look as style-forward with a dress as they do with jeans.

photo of cowboy boots

7. Moto

The moto bootie is a personal favorite. Flat-soled and easy to wear, they’re ready for winter walks on the city streets.

photo of moto booties

Did we miss anything in our list of best boot styles for winter? We don’t want to just hear from you, we want to see your favorites! Tag us on Instagram @crossroadstrading to share. And if you’re still looking for your winter boots, stop into any of our store locations to see what’s new on our sales floor.


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November 18, 2021 6 Handbag Styles to Consider

Can you imagine leaving your house for the day without a handbag? Gasp, neither can we! It’s where we keep everything we need when we’re away from home, and we spend our day with it by our side. As you may be eyeing a new one for your holiday wishlist, here are 6 handbag styles to consider adding to your closet next. If you’re like us, you may find you like to have one of each and keep them in rotation to match your OOTD.

And don’t forget to check our stores for an outrageously budget-conscious secondhand one.

1. Crossbody

This is a go-to handbag style that’s comfortable to wear and keeps you hands-free.

photo of crossbody bag

2. Classic Handbag

It’s that one bag you always need in your wardrobe. Find one in quality materials with a sturdy handle and consider it a long-term investment.

photo of louis vuitton bag

3. Mini Bag

For when all you want to throw in your bag is your keys, wallet, and phone. Plus, they’re just so cute.

photo of mini bag

4. Tote Bag

For those days you need to carry your entire life with you, a well-crafted tote bag allows you to bring a book, an iPad, and a snack.

photo of tote bag

5. Belt Bag

An absolute life-saver when you plan to spend the day on-the-go, whether traveling or hitting up all your favorite flea markets.

photo of belt bag

6. Statement Bag

Statement bags are for those days when you need a little pick-me-up. Pair them with your most basic outfits to really let them shine, then wait for all the oohs and aaahs.

photo of beaded jackpot bag

Did you choose one to look for next? We have loads more handbag inspiration over on our Instagram feed, where we feature the latest items hitting our sales floors.


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