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July 20th, 2018 by Samantha Weaver New Arrivals: Jump Into Our Newest Jumpsuits!

Simple yet sophisticated, jumpsuits have become our most beloved summer staple. These newest arrivals feature fitted bodices, belted options, and flattering prints. Jumpsuits offer your wardrobe that one and done look we’re so desperate for when it’s too hot to put on anything else. So come on in and browse our jumpsuit selection this weekend at Crossroads!


Palm Print Belted Jumpsuit ($30)


D-Ring Chambray Jumpsuit (42.50)


Striped Sailor Jumpsuit ($32.50)



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July 18th, 2018 by Melanie Sutrathada Style Round-Up: 6 Button-Up Dresses for Summer

With so many brunches, barbecues, and picnics to attend this summer, you’ll need the perfect dress to rock all season long. A button-up dress is a breezy casual option that you can dress up or down. Fair warning: once you find your perfect cut and fit, you’re going to want to wear it on repeat this summer!

Here are some of our favorite styles and how to wear them:


button dresses

Achieve a laidback vintage vibe by picking up a black and white polka dot midi. Dress this outfit up with some dainty accessories for extra style points.


Pump up the drama in a colorblocked version with sheer lace details.


Wouldn’t you agree that this pretty little number is worthy of any wedding or celebration?


White midi dresses with big buttons have been all over the fashion scene, and we definitely don’t mind.


There’s something to be said about dressing for success. The quarter sleeves, dress length and collar on this dress make it work-appropriate, and it’s cute enough to wear to dinner right after!


This simple short button-up dress is cute and comfy for the everyday fashionista.


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July 17th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile 5 Ways to Style the Bike Short Trend

I’ll be honest… I cringe just a bit every time I see an outfit styled around the bike short trend. Growing up in the ’80s and ’90s, of course I wore neon spandex shorts when I was a kid, but I just cannot fathom wearing them as an adult. Maybe it’s the feeling of being just a bit too exposed in such a hugging fabric, or perhaps I’m shying away because they haven’t quite made their way back into mainstream fashion just yet.

The bike short trend had a resurgence on Fashion Week runways in the last year, and celebs like Kim Kardashian, the Hadid sisters, and Kendall Jenner have been rocking it since. Now, I’ve been noticing these shorts gaining popularity with some of my favorite street style stars and blogger babes. Are bike shorts actually making their way into mainstream fashion, or will they stay a celebrity and fashion “it girl” piece? If you’re keen on this daring runway trend, I’ve rounded up some of the top ways to style what may just become your next pair of go-to shorts!


bike shorts

Under a Sheer Dress or Skirt
An obvious and practical way to hop on the bike short trend is to layer them under a sheer dress or skirt!


Update Your Athleisure Uniform
Swap out your typical leggings outfit for bike shorts to update your favorite athleisure outfit and beat the summer heat.


Top Them With a Blazer
How is it that a blazer can make any outfit look chic? Redefine business casual and throw a blazer over your bike shorts and a simple tee.


bike shorts

Go-To Travel Uniform
If your goal is to be the epitome of style and comfort while you travel, try rocking a pair of bike shorts on your next flight or road trip.


Re-Purpose Your Mini As A Top
Try tucking your mini slip dress in on one side to create a completely new outfit!


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July 13th, 2018 by Samantha Weaver New Arrivals: Shop Slogan Graphic Tees for $15

These days, it’s just too much fun to let your graphic tee do all the talking. Our newest collection of fun, bright, and dare I say downright sassy graphic tees do just that. So sit back and let these tees tell your friends or co-workers what you’re really thinking!


More Coffee Please Ringer Tee $15


Congrats on Your Face Ringer Tee $15


No Bad Days Tee $15


Everything’s Gonna Be OK Tee $15


Not Without My Coffee Tee $15


Assorted graphic tees available at all locations!


July 12th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile 5 Reality Stars from the Early 2000s Returning to TV This Summer

Our reality TV schedule is looking a bit familiar this summer! Celebrity popularity ebbs and flows, and reality stars—or those who are “famous for being famous”—are typically forgotten after their 15 minutes of fame expire. But just as fashion trends are cyclical, so can be the career of a once famous reality TV star, as evidenced by the line-up of reality shows premiering this year. Take a look at the celebrities who paved the way for reality TV in the early 2000s that we’ll be seeing in new shows this summer and fall.


Ashlee Simpson

reality stars

First appearing on sister Jessica’s reality show Newlyweds (of which I own all the seasons on DVD, and which occasionally makes me pine for a Nick and Jessica reunion), Ashlee stepped out of Jessica’s shadow as a rebellious pop star with her own reality show. In the early 2000s, she often made headlines more for her love life and stage fumbles (we’ll never forget that SNL lip syncing scandal!) than for her music career. Quiet for almost a decade, Ashlee is back in the studio and on screen this fall in Ashlee+Evan with her husband Evan Ross.

Ashlee+Evan premieres Sunday, September 9th on E! See the trailer here:


Kristin Cavallari

The villain of MTV’s Laguna Beach and The Hills, Kristin’s life has taken a complete 180 for the better. She is now married to football star Jay Cutler, has three young children, lives in Nashville, and runs a fashion and lifestyle brand called Uncommon James. Kristin is returning to reality TV in Very Cavallari to take back control of her image. Not to worry… her Uncommon James employees don’t hold back on the drama! And the unexpected star of the show? Cavallari’s husband Jay and his deadpan, surprisingly blithe attitude.

Very Cavallari is airing now, Sundays on E! See the trailer here:


The Osbournes

Pioneers of the celebrity reality show genre, the Osbournes spent four seasons on MTV before their self-titled reality show was cancelled. Even so, they left a lasting impression on what reality TV looks like. Would we be watching The Kardashians today if there had been no The Osbournes? Unlikely. Two years ago, Ozzy and son Jack returned to reality TV in Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour, a show about their visits to iconic landmarks on their bucket list. This season, daughter Kelly joins the tour.

You can watch Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour now, Wednesdays on A&E, and see the trailer here:


The Cast of Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore was like the louder, crazier, tanner cousin of The Real World. The show first premiered in 2009 and became such a phenomenon that it spawned four spin-off shows, launched a surprisingly successful DJ career, and gifted us with many, many slang references and iconic dance moves. Jersey Shore: Family Vacation reunites the castmates.  They’re older, some are now married and parents, and others have been able to forge successful careers outside of their reality personas, but the drama, drinking, and dancing are still there!

The first season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation aired this spring on MTV. You can catch up on full episodes here while you wait for season 2.


Paris Hilton

The original queen of reality TV (remember, Kim Kardashian started out organizing Paris’s closet!), and the original exemplar of the “famous for being famous” celebrity, Paris Hilton is returning to reality TV this summer in Hollywood Love Story, this time as television host. The show focuses on aspiring social media stars and their attempt to climb to the top. This isn’t to say that Paris is opposed to returning to her reality TV roots as the star… She has recently hinted that many networks are interested in filming a reality show centered around the planning of her wedding to fiancé Chris Zylka. Her response so far?


Hollywood Love Story premieres Wednesday, July 11th on Viceland. See a sneak peak here:



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