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June 10, 2021 Style Inspiration from Our Staff

Our store staff shares a common quality: a passion for fashion. They love to shop, discover new labels, style outfit looks, and buy clothing for our stores that will excite our customers when they browse our racks. For this reason, getting style inspiration from our staff is as easy as visiting our stores or scrolling through our regional Instagram feeds.

I’ve gathered some of their recent looks below, and I think there is so much style variety to showcase. Like our customers, our staff takes advantage of the thrill of the hunt you can only find in secondhand fashion stores. You never know what you’ll find on our racks on any given day, and the result of shopping this way means your OOTD is usually unique to you.

Just take a look at the photos below. You’ll find looks that capture everything from upgraded casual to monochromatic to expert layering to playful.

photo of man in black tee and trousers

photo of woman in purple pants and green jacket

photo of woman in overalls

photo of staff in all black outfit

photo of staff in checkered shirt with jeans

photo of man in tee and pajama pants

photo of staff in multicolored top and jean shorts

photo of staff in crochet top and pants

photo of woman in London look


photo of staff in graphic t-shirts

photo of staff in multicolored top and trousers

You’ll find even more style inspiration from our staff on our regional Instagram and main Instagram feeds. Or stop into our stores to see them in person. Feel free to ask for styling advice and trend tips!


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June 8, 2021 Matching Sets Will Save the Day

If you find yourself staring blankly at your closet each morning for way too long, matching sets will save the day. They are the quickest way to decide what to wear for the day, while magically making you look pulled together too.

With matching sets making this morning choice easier for you, you’ll now have more time to dedicate to other important decisions, like shoes and jewelry. And maybe one day, in the distant future, when you’re really ready for it, you can mix the pieces of your matching set as separates with other pieces.

Here are some sets that we’ve pre-approved, all pulled from the sales floors of our stores.

photo of white eyelet matching outfit set

Pack this white eyelet set for dinners at the beach. Add gold hoop earrings and sandals.

photo of red matching outfit set

This set has dancing date written all over it.

photo of bright green matching outfit set

For those mornings when you just need to get stuff done.

photo of blue quilted matching set

Navy. Quilted. Short set. Need.

photo of yellow floral matching set

There’s an almost vintage feel to this matching set in a bright floral.

photo of active wear matching set

Matching activewear sets aren’t just for the gym, especially on hot summer days.

We’re so convinced that matching sets will save the day that we’ve been buying them into our stores for you to shop. From sporty to evening to WFH, we love them all. Look for your own set when you stop into any of our stores. We’re here to get you your mornings back!




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June 3, 2021 This Color Will Be Hot This Summer

Take it from us, this color will be hot this summer: hot pink. Along with the rising temperatures, you’ll notice an uptick of this popular bright in make-up and fashion. It’s no big surprise. With the current neon bright trend holding tight, hot pink just feels like it captures summer fun.

So dust off that CD player you forgot came with your car (hope you don’t find some old melted CDs in there), pick up the Pretty in Pink soundtrack, and rock hot pink allllllll summer long. Don’t forget to add it to your beauty routine too: we found a quick hot pink eye shadow tutorial just for you.

Scroll below to get some hot pink fashion inspiration truly underway. All of the pieces shown were found on our store racks.

photo of hot pink fanny pack

photo of neon men's shorts

photo of hot pink top

photo of hot pink purse

photo of hot pink backpack

We’re officially naming hot pink as the color that will be HOT this summer. You can see from the store finds above that we’re carrying it on our racks, and we’re looking to buy your on-trend, pre-loved hot pink pieces too. Did you know you can shop and sell in any of our store locations (except our Stockton outlet)? Click here to learn more.


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June 1, 2021 Consider This Piece: A Tie Waist Top

Do you love to wear crop tops and are looking for a new take on them? We invite you to consider this piece: a tie waist top. We’re really liking them, especially with criss-cross ties, and consider them very flattering.

From our professional research (AKA scrolling through IG and Googling images), we’ve discovered they can be worn with a number of different bottom pieces. We prefer ones that hit right at the waist, whether they’re a pair of linen pants, high-waist denim, a full skirt, or a long, narrow skirt. We also love how this look can be worn for daytime or evening.

Scroll down to see tie waist tops mixed with different pieces for 6 completely different looks.

photo of tie waist shirt

photo of woman in tie waist top and leather jacket

photo of tie waist dress

woman in tie waist top

photo of woman in a crop top and black skirt

photo of woman in matching khaki set

Which one is your favorite? I’m personally a huge fan of the first and last ones because I love a button-up shirt and this is a modern twist on that basic. However, the award for “Most Creative” goes to @cardiganfordays for the cream knit one paired with a long black skirt. It’s a tie waist v-neck top worn backward for a completely different look. Well done!

Did we get you to consider a tie waist top? If so, we’re sending you lots of good shopping vibes that you’ll find one next time you stop at your local Crossroads location. See you there!




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May 27, 2021 Our Favorite Spring and Summer Sweater

It’s time to reveal our favorite spring and summer sweater: drum roll, please for…the cardigan! In warm weather seasons, we switch from our chunky ones to lightweight versions with cap sleeves or a cropped cut. We wear them over a tank or cami, throw them over our shoulders with a sundress for evenings out, or wear them as a top tucked into high-waist denim.

We accessorize them with lots of dainty or medallion gold necklaces and–as easy as that— we’re ready to go. And, of course(!) they’re a must-have companion for your slip dresses.

This season, look for them to be styled in contrast with heavy boots and chunky platforms too. Below are a few inspirational looks for you to consider before you head to one of our stores to find your own.

photo of woman in cardigan sweater

photo of brown cardigan sweater

photo of woman in multi-colored cardigan sweater

photo of vintage cardigan sweater

photo of yellow cardigan sweater

photo of woman in blue cardigan sweater

Now we officially have our favorite spring and summer sweaters on our minds and need to pull them from the back of our closets. They’ll freshen up nicely with a quick handwash and sweater comb so they can meet the warm weather in style.

You’ll find even more seasonal trends in our current online selling guide.


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