How We Work

What is a buy-sell-trade store?

A buy-sell-trade store is a store that specializes in buying and selling clothing and accessories to and from the public for either cash or trade credit. That means you can come in and
(1) buy clothing
(2) sell your unwanted clothing for cash or
(3) trade your clothing for store credit
A buy-sell-trade store functions a lot like a consignment store, only you receive your cash or trade up front, as opposed to after your item sells. Crossroads Trading Co. is a buy-sell-trade store, but we also specialize in consignment for higher end pieces. More on Crossroads consignment

How to earn cash for my clothes?

Bring your gently used clothing to any Crossroads location, and you will receive cash or a check on the spot for the items that we choose to buy. We pay you 35% of the price we will sell the item for in the store. We walk you through the whole process here: Tips for Selling Used Clothes.

When do I get the money?

Unlike at a consignment shop, there is no waiting to get paid at Crossroads. You receive your cash or trade immediately, before you leave the store.

How do I trade my gently used clothing?

Instead of taking cash for your clothes, you can choose to trade. You get 50% of the price we will sell the item for in the store. We give you a trade certificate that you can use to purchase any item at any of our Crossroads locations.

Are there any restrictions on selling my used clothing?

To sell us clothes, you must be at least 18 (or accompanied by an adult) and present a valid photo ID (driver’s license, passport, state or US military ID).

What hours do you buy and trade clothing?

We buy and trade gently used clothing all day, every day. You don’t need an appointment. Our buyers are always ready to look at your clothes. For the hours of specific stores: Crossroads locations

What is your return policy?

You have 7 days to bring an item back for store credit. The tag must be attached and you must bring the receipt as well.

What is Drop-Off Buying?

If you are in a rush, you can leave your items at the buying counter and return to collect your cash or trade after 24 hours.

How do I know what Crossroads will buy?

Crossroads sells fashionable, high-quality women’s and men’s clothing. We select only merchandise that we think our customers want to buy. This means that the items should be:

  • current, fashionable and in-season
  • clean and without spots, holes, or odors
  • in good condition, with zippers that work and no missing buttons

What brands of used clothing do you buy?

From Gap to Gucci, we buy the brands and designers that are popular today–but you know how fast fashion trends change! Some labels and designers that our customers want right now are Gap, Banana Republic, J Crew, Diesel, Citizens of Humanity, BCBG, Seven, Levi’s, Abercrombie, Marc Jacobs, Theory, DVF and Free People. You can see some of the season’s most popular trends here:  Current Trends

Do you buy clothing out-of-season?

We buy items that are in-season: coats and warm clothes in the winter, lighter items in the summer.

I’m not sure if my clothes are what you’re looking for.

To learn more about what we’re buying, call your local Crossroads and listen to the recording. You can also see some of the trends we’re looking for in Crossroads Buying Guide. If you have more questions, call the store number and choose to speak with a salesperson. They can give you some general information about what items they especially need.

What sizes do you buy?

As a general rule, we buy sizes 2-14 in women’s and up to a 38” or XL in men’s.  A few of our stores do buy sizes outside of this range.  Please contact your local Crossroads to find out if they do.

Do you buy shoes or accessories?

We buy, sell and trade shoes, purses, belts, hats and other accessories. We do not purchase jewelry.

Do you guarantee the authenticity of your designer merchandise?

While we do our best to distinguish genuine designer labels from knock-offs, given the high quality of some counterfeiting, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of an item.

I represent a brand. How can I sell my line to Crossroads?

Please send an email to and include info about your line and jpegs or a website link.

How is buying, selling and trading clothing good for the environment?

Americans dispose of over 4 billion tons of worn clothing and textiles annually and EPA studies show 5% of our landfill is composed of textiles. Recycling and reusing clothing keeps them out of the landfill.