Careers: Working at Crossroads

photo of Crossroads employee styling a mannequin


Do you want to start a career in fashion?

You’re passionate about fashion and eager to explore a career in this field. Crossroads provides aspiring fashion buyers, designers and marketers with valuable skills. Many of our store employees have grown into management roles within the company or continued on to other exciting fashion careers.


Learn about just a few of the career skills that our store employees learn and develop: fashion buying, authenticating and networking.


How to Start a Fashion Career

Growth & Development

One of our fundamental values is growing employees from within. Our goal is for every team member to be ready for a promotion when the right opportunity becomes available.


From our leadership team to our store management team, most of our team members started in different positions and grew into their current roles.


See what it’s like to work as a store manager at Crossroads, where no two days are the same.

photo of a fashion buyer

What’s it like working as a Crossroads Buyer?

As a Crossroads Buyer, you buy the merchandise that sells in your store. People come in all day to sell or trade their pre-loved fashion. It’s your job to assess their items and determine what will sell. When you’re not buying, you’ll style mannequins, create content for social media and help customers.


Access to amazing fashion is one of the best parts of the job. With the employee discount and trade credit you receive from selling your own items, refreshing your wardrobe is a deal.


If you love fashion and being a part of a creative team in a supportive environment, then Crossroads is the place for you!

We asked Crossroads staff

What do you like most about working at Crossroads?


Our grow from within program. I love to see our team grow and shine!

Arnel, District Manager


Being able to cycle our wardrobes with the seasons and keeping clothing out of landfill.

Erin, Store Manager


My team. I love working with like-minded people who love fashion as much as me.

Mia, Assistant Manager


All the great clothes we bring in. 90% of my closet is from Crossroads.

Jovi, Floor Supervisor