The Top 4 Must Follow Fashion Tumblrs

Everyday they’re tumblin’ and everyday we’re a’following. Tumblr is the go-to place for pretty pictures, but with so many fashion folks busily hitting the reblog, sometimes it takes a little digging to find those stellar tumblogs. To help you figure out how to best divvy up your time on the interwebs, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 4 must-follow fashion-related Tumblr accounts. Besides our own, of course. Dig in.
1. Oscar PRGirl. A top Tumblr no-brainer, Erica Bearman is the Oscar PR Girl who  spends her day showing you behind the scenes happenings at one of the most prestigious fashion houses in the world, Oscar de la Renta. The brainy-beautiful Bearman is known for personal outfit snapshots and quick, sometimes snarky commentary on the tumblog (and even more so on the Oscar PRGirl twitter). And we love that she refers to the man himself simply as Oscar.

2. Whatever Eva Wants. This is Eva Chen. Isn’t she adorable?  Not only is she instantly likable through her photos of herself in her gorgeous mirror, she’s also an editor at Teen Vogue Magazine with a glamorous, glamorous life. Her tumblog is filled with it – manicure changes and behind the scene Fashion Week photos, for example. Mind you, it’s not just high fashion, highfalutin mumbojumbo. It’s also filled with Eva Chen-esque moments and character. Eva’s successfully convinced us that we know her, and because of that we absolutely know we love her.3. 90’s Fashion. Look, we love fashion weeks and runway looks as much as the next style enthusiasts, but as Jayce so well said yesterday, sometimes in the effort to be different, fashion designers go off the deep end and find themselves in the arena of just plain wacky. Looking back now, what was considered crazy in the 90’s might now fall under straight-jacket-warranting insane-o. Besides the giggles and gasps this tumblog gives me, on occasion you may see something surprisingly relevant to today’s fashion, like a trend that’s returned or a younger, fresher Kate Moss…so it isn’t purely insanity.
4. From Me to You. Jamie might have the most visually pleasing Tumblr in existence. The theme is easy on the eyes and embodies the soft, pretty, whimsical nature of all the photos featured on it. As a beauty, fashion and food photographer, many of Jamie’s photos are original, and the rest are carefully curated fashion images from the other best tumblogs on the web, including some of the above. On the side, it’s also a personal style blog, showing some of Jamie’s most ladylike and lovely outfits. That makes her a Jill of all trades, and we appreciate ladies of many talents.


What the fashion, Oscar?

michelle obama mcqueen oscar de la renta

Let’s review the facts:

Michelle Obama wore an Alexander McQueen gown to some fancy event.
Oscar de la Renta (and now Diane Von Furstenberg!) has expressed “disappointment not to be represented for this major state dinner.”

Alright, I get why you’re bummed out but we weren’t invited either – it’s okay. And while it might not be fact, a lot of people think MObama looked absolutely stunning, so what’s the big deal?

Ohhh, she was supposed to represent an American designer. Well, didn’t she wear Jason Wu to that thing called the Inaugural Ball and put his name on the map? Or what about that time she made J. Crew explode back into popularity?

Oh I see, you have your fingers in your ears and you’re not listening. Well that’s mature…

And this might not be fact either, but we like what Michelle Obama wears because she wears what she wants – so quit acting like Oscar the Grouch! After all, being catty is really unflattering.

Items of the Week: Evanston

sequin dress leather jacket

Aqua sequin dress, size M $26.50

new Urban Behavior jacket, size M $48.50

Fabulosity heels, size 11 $15

Nine West bag, $14

new silver earrings, $8

bdg jeans cardigan

new Urban Behavior jacket, size L $38.50

new Urban Behavior cardigan, size L $28.50

Dorsia button-up shirt, size L $18.50

Oscar de la Renta tie, $12.50

BDG jeans, size 34″ $22.50

Glasses, $10

rebecca taylor madden girl marc jacobs barneys co-op

Rebecca Taylor dress, size XS $45

Marc Jacobs for Barney’s Co-Op coat, size S $185

Leggings, size 3 $9.50

Madden Girl booties, size 8.5 $16.50

Rebecca Minkoff bag, $175

Part of our job requirement is to love fashion, so obviously we’ll never get tired of thinking up new outfits. Of course, that doesn’t mean we won’t take a good excuse to get really dressed up – like the holidays, or “Items of the Week.”

Evanston steps up this Wednesday with a shimmering dress, a very smart tie, and an elegant, winter color-combination. Oh, and did we mention the accessories? Well, I’m sure you noticed them.

Anyway, which look is your favorite? Tell us because even though we’re signing off on Christmas Eve, another $25 gift certificate winner will be picked on Monday.