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July 26th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 7 Reasons You Should Be Following January Jones

January Jones has always been a bit low on my radar. I wasn’t a huge Mad Men fan and didn’t really know her from much else. That is, until ‘Last Man on Earth’; I loved seeing her in a comedic role and it finally led me to her Instagram. And this is where I fell in love with her! Her style, sense of humor and all-around engagement made her extremely relatable. Check out 7 reasons why you should be following January Jones on Instagram!

Her Style Game is Strong

January is a constant source of style inspiration for me. I love her use of bold vibrant color and print.
January Jones in a purple dress.

She’s Not Afraid to Make Fun of Herself

She never takes herself too seriously and it’s honestly refreshing.
January Jones in a costume apron.

She is Unabashedly Self-Aware

She seems to know just how ridiculous the life of a celebrity is and embraces the absurdity of it all.
Photo of January being surrounded by cameras.

She Knows the True Meaning of #TBT

January is not afraid to show her true essence in her throwback Thursday photos.
Photo of January Jones as a child.

Her Captions are on Point

I never knew how funny January was until I began following her on Instagram!
Photo of January's captions of Instagram.

She Speaks Up

She uses her public persona and reach to speak out about political issues.
Photo of January speaking out on social media.

She is Coming to a TV Near You

She has not one upcoming, but TWO, Netflix series! “The Politician” coming in September and “Spinning Out,” which is still TBD.
Photo of January in front of a promotional poster,


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