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June 28, 2022 Q&A with Lauren of @lahallmusic

She’s only 28, but Lauren of @lahallmusic has already made a huge cross-country move, been on one of the biggest shows on TV, and sung in front of a crowd of 30K. Oh yeah, and she’s a Crossroads fan! We had to ask her a few questions.

We’d love to learn more about you, Lauren. 
Well, my name is Lauren Hall, and I’m a 28-year-old singer-songwriter! I’m originally from Chicago, but after graduating college, I moved across the country to Los Angeles to dive headfirst into the music industry and find my voice.

After 2 years in Los Angeles, I lived out one of my biggest dreams by landing a spot on Team Kelly on NBC’s The Voice. Directly after the show is when I started to really hone in on my voice and fully pursue my music career.

During the COVID lockdown, I moved back to Chicago and have since been writing my own music and gigging like a madwoman! I’ve got big plans for my music career over the next few years.
photo of Lauren of @lahallmusic

We’ve noticed you’re a fan of secondhand fashion. How did you get started shopping secondhand?
I’m a HUGE fan of secondhand fashion. Growing up, my mom would often take my sister and me secondhand shopping at Goodwill, but I never fully appreciated it until I moved to LA in my 20’s. In LA, every secondhand store I walked into was like a goldmine!

Being an independent artist, I was usually tight on cash and shopping on a budget, so it was always fun to find amazing, one-of-a-kind secondhand clothing for a great price. I also love the fact that I could bring in clothes that were old to me and trade them in for pieces that were new to me.
photo of Lauren of @lahallmusic

Thank you for the Crossroads IG tags too! Do you have a favorite Crossroads find?
Of course! Crossroads was actually the first secondhand store I was introduced to when I moved to Los Angeles. I usually peruse the entire store for pieces, but my favorite finds almost always end up being funky shoes, jackets, dresses, or jumpsuits. My favorite piece has to be a fuzzy color-blocked purple, red, and brown cropped jacket by NastyGal!
photo of Lauren of @lahallmusic

OK, so we have to talk about the fact that you just sang the national anthem at a Chicago Cubs game in front of 30K fans. What was that experience like?
Oh my goodness, it was an absolutely INCREDIBLE experience. Singing the anthem at a Chicago Cubs game is every Chicagoan’s dream. I’ve sung for many crowds, but this is by far the biggest crowd I’ve ever sung for. Cubs fans are some of the best fans in the world, so the energy in that stadium is absolutely electric. This was actually my 3rd time doing so, and I was called back to sing the anthem again on August 23rd!
photo of Lauren of @lahallmusic

We know that Chicago knows how to celebrate summer! What are you planning to wear this season?
Chicagoans truly experience every single season, so after a long, cold winter, there is nothing quite like summertime in Chicago.

I’m really leaning into a mix of ’90s, ’70s, and 60’s style fashion. Right now, I’m stocking up on corset tops, skorts, corduroy everything, and of course, tons of colorful, bright funky dresses. I’ve spent a lot of my life hiding behind dark colors and black, but this summer, I’m all about bold, bright colors and patterns!

photo of Lauren of @lahallmusic

A big thank you goes out to Lauren for taking the time to share her story. You can hear more of her music on YouTube, or follow her behind-the-scenes @lahallmusic.

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June 23, 2022 How to Work in Sustainable Fashion

If you’re wondering how to work in sustainable fashion, we may have the answer for you. Consider launching your career with a resale fashion company like Crossroads.

The resale fashion industry is growing quickly. It stands out from traditional retail for its unique shopper experience (ever-changing inventory) and environmentally-friendly benefits. Secondhand shopping gets pre-loved clothing into new hands and gives clothing a longer life.

Here’s what resale fashion looks like at Crossroads!

Who We Are: We’re one of the original secondhand fashion retailers, fresh off of celebrating 30 years in business!

Models in Front Of Crossroads Store

What We Do: We buy, sell, and trade gently used fashion pieces at 35 store locations across the U.S. Sellers bring in their gently-used clothing to sell for cash or store credit. Shoppers enjoy racks of pre-loved clothing at prices well below original retail.

Two employees discussing a fashion piece

What We’re Known For: We’re proud of our elevated secondhand shopping experience. Our in-store buyers curate the rack selections with the latest seasons and trends in mind. The clothing selection varies from popular mall brands to vintage gems to designer pieces.

photo of fashion employee

So our best tip for how to work in sustainable fashion is to join us at Crossroads. Are we hiring? You bet we are!

Read more about our career benefits and see our job offerings here. Besides being a resale fashion store, we’re a big team of people who love fashion and the environment. You can even hear about the company’s history from its first employee and current Chief Retail Officer on the Pre-Loved Podcast here.

June 21, 2022 It’s Time for Summer Slide Sandals

Along with pool parties, popsicles, and vacation plans, it’s time for summer slide sandals!

Seeing them trending on fashion sites and magazines — and our seasonal selling guide — made us hop over to the Crossroads regional Instagram feeds to see if any were available in our stores.

We were not disappointed. In fact, our finds reminded us that there are all kinds of different summer slide sandals to consider. Here are just 6 that we came across in our search.

Fun & Furry

Maybe not beach-ready, but ready for lounging at home. Uggs, $42.50.

photo of summer slides


Summer slides with a modern twist! Simon Miller, $120 (white), $225 (black).

photo of clogs


Make them retro if you can. Cole Haan, $28.

photo of outfit with slides


Nothing like a jelly sandal for summer trips to the pool. Gucci, price upon request (Market St., San Francisco).

photo of Gucci jelly slides


Did you know some of your favorite designers are making the best summer slides right now? Gucci, $250.

photo of Gucci sandals


A closed-toe version makes them work in the office too! Moschino, $120.

photo of Moschino shoes
We’re sort of sold on all these choices, how about you? Some will work on a Saturday morning, some will make it to the beach, and some will elevate our favorite sundress.

Visit your local Crossroads store to see which ones they have available. Our stores buy in all day, every day from the public, so our inventory is constantly refreshed. That means new finds waiting for you daily.

And bring in your gently-used seasonal clothes to sell too. You may get those new slides with store credit!

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June 16, 2022 Resale Fashion Finds of the Week

You know how we feel: shopping resale fashion is fun, affordable, and eco-friendly.

We call it a treasure hunt because you never know what you’ll find on the racks of our stores. Some come in knowing they need new denim, while others peruse the racks for simply something special. Most wait for a piece to catch their eye, then it’s off to the fitting room to confirm it’s a match.

The resale fashion pieces at Crossroads have been purchased directly from other fashion lovers in your neighborhood. This means a store buyer has hand-selected the piece for the store. The piece is gently used and on-trend. Sometimes pieces are even NWT! They were a great find but didn’t end up working out for the person who sold the piece. Lucky you, swooping in to buy it for your closet.

Keep scrolling to see examples of what you can find in our stores. These items were showcased on our regional Instagram feeds. See links below to follow stores near you!

photo of person in resale dress

Scotch & Soda Palm Tree Dress, $55

photo of resale sneakers

Converse Comme des Garcons Sneakers, $65

photo of assorted crochet tops

Assorted Crochet Tops, Prices Vary

photo of Kate Spade fashion bag

Kate Spade Handbag, $55

photo of pink Marc Jacobs bag

Marc Jacobs Purse, $65

photo of person in flower dress

Reformation “Kourtney” Dress, $65

photo of sweatpants

Ilana Kohn Sweatpants, $75

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June 14, 2022 How to Wear White Pants: 6 Ways

You know it’s time to bring them out, but you’re wondering how to wear white pants this season. We have to tell you: there are so many ways! And we have inspiration photos too.

We personally consider white pants a spring and summer staple. We occasionally wear them in fall and winter too, but there are certain pairings that look best in the warm weather seasons. Lucky for us, there are a number of options to pick from.

Below are 6 ways to wear white pants that are super simple to follow. Each is an easy formula for a look that’s polished and ready to go. They’ll have you imagining your next white pants OOTD in no time.

1. With a Bright Color

photo of person in white pants

2. With Florals

photo of person in white pants

3. With Off-Whites

photo of person in white pants

4. To Work

photo of person in white pants

5. With More White

photo of person in tank top and trousers

6. With Navy

The question of how to wear white pants is solved! These 6 combos are fun to try, and there are plenty more to test. We didn’t even get started on stripes.

Stop into any Crossroads store location to look for your perfect pair of white pants, or an eye-catching match to your favorite pair.

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