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May 30, 2023 Q&A with Caitlin of @caitsnyd_sews

Caitlin of @caitsnyd_sews is a secondhand fashion enthusiast with a growing talent for sewing. We had to ask her about her sustainable fashion lifestyle, as well as hear about her best Crossroads find. Read on to learn more about her!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Caitlin, and I’m a 30-something living in Los Angeles with my husband and two pets. I was a graphic designer, wedding planner, and even retail manager in a past life! Now I work in E-Comm Customer Service as a Training Manager. Art, design, and fashion have always been a part of my life and how I express myself.
photo of Caitlin of @caitsnyd_sews
We’re so jealous of your sewing skills, and you’re self-taught! How did you get started?
Aww, thank you! Sewing is SUCH a passion- actually, it is somewhat of a new passion. I learned how to use a sewing machine years ago when my grandmother taught me how to thread a machine and sew a straight stitch. Pretty sure I was 10 and made a very lumpy American Girl Doll pillowcase (including puff fabric paint)!

Fast forward 22 years to the start of the pandemic shutdown, and I pulled out my sewing machine to make masks for my co-workers, which I ended up hating. I did, however, fall in love with the act of sewing and dived in head-first. Thank you to social media, where I found free sewing patterns and online tutorials, and spent A LOT of hours making mistakes. Ultimately, I got more skilled and more adventurous. They say challenge is the only way to get better, right?
photo of Caitlin of @caitsnyd_sews
Thank you for being a Crossroads regular! When did you begin shopping for secondhand fashion?
In high school, I was devoted to becoming an artist (think “starving artist” in an NYC loft, covered in paint and out-there clothes), so shopping secondhand felt like “the thing” I needed to do. My budget was also very small, so I thrived on searching thrift stores and eBay for the pieces that I wanted. In the early 2000s, I was all about vintage-beaded cardigans, designer jeans from eBay, and 80s t-shirts that I could wear with a studded belt.

I loved vintage and secondhand so much, that my first job in high school was a vintage store in my hometown. I felt so cool working there, LOL. Later on in life, I was blessed to be near a Crossroads and not only able to find GEMS of secondhand items but also SELL items that I was no longer interested in. The sell-trade rotation was not only perfect for my ever-changing tastes but also for my goals to be sustainable in my own consumption. The last decade has been about buying less newness and instead giving the old new life.
photo of Caitlin
What is your favorite piece that you found in our stores?
Ohhh this is a hard one! I always find AMAZING pieces in store; since every location has such a different vibe, it is super easy. Hmm…okay, my most recent find was actually an accessory. I was in the Hollywood location, shopping with my sister. She likes to take me shopping because I have a knack for finding the perfect pieces for her (and anyone I am shopping with, haha). While I was looking at purses, I found the coolest, woven plastic, rust-colored bucket purse. Is it made out of some sort of polypropylene rope? String? What is a good way to describe it? It has an open weave, with two short handles, and a round base shape. I am obsessed. Not only does it make any outfit a little bit cooler, but I get so many compliments from strangers that I truly feel like I uncovered gold.
photo of Caitlin of @caitsnyd_sews
What are you dreaming of sewing up for summer?
I am all about dresses and loose trousers! I love wearing dresses but tend to avoid sewing them because of how much material one dress can take. And don’t get me started about how hard it is to make the perfect pant. BUT! This summer is about challenging myself and focusing on what I call “dopamine sewing,” meaning sewing garments that give me joy, make me smile, and are not always practical. Think volume, sheerness, stripes, and color! Aspirational dressing, but wear it every day.

I am currently working on neon chartreuse trousers, and I plan to pair them back with a white or black tank and sandals when the weather heats up. Sewing and shopping secondhand gives me so much possibility for dopamine dressing. I love mixing “me-mades” with unique pieces from Crossroads or vintage shops.
photo of Caitlin
Thank you so much, Caitlin, for telling us about your sustainable fashion lifestyle and inspiring us to start sewing too!

See more of Caitlin’s looks and projects on Instagram: @caitsnyd_sews. You can find us there too.

May 25, 2023 What We Found Secondhand Shopping

Secondhand shopping is like a treasure hunt. Every visit to one of our stores is a fashion adventure.

Sometimes we have an exact item in mind, like a summer dress or a denim jacket. Other times, we’re open to perusing whatever the racks are showing off that day. This is usually when we get our best unexpected finds!

Because we buy all day every day from the public, what you can find on our store racks changes by the hour. In fact, some of our most devoted customers stop by daily to see what’s new.

Here are some of the great finds that made their way into our stores recently.

photo of handbag found while secondhand shopping

Acne Studios x Fjallraven bag, NWT, $150

photo of matching set found while secondhand shopping

& Other Stories set, $37.50

photo of floral dress found while secondhand shopping

Lock Shack Fancy dress

photo of Prada handbag found while secondhand shopping

Prada 2000 re-edition handbag

photo of jacket and pants found while secondhand shopping

Supreme shirt, $65; Wrangler shirt, $22.50; Carhartt pants, $42.50; Adidas Human Made shoes, $75

photo of spring outfit

Loft dress, $18.50; Brixton hat, $18.50; J Jill bag, $28

photo of pink prom dress

Mac Dougal gown, NWT, $125

photo of summer outfit

Graphic tee & checked shorts


Follow us on Instagram to see what’s new in our stores, and check out our seasonal selling guide to see the labels, styles, and trends we’re currently looking for.

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May 23, 2023 AAPI-Owned Fashion Labels to Know

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we featured AAPI-owned fashion brands on our Instagram feed. You can see them all here with links to shop and support them this month and all year long.

Par en Par

Par en Par is a modern resort wear line with elevated and sustainable pieces made of organic cotton. Scroll through their Instagram feed and start dreaming of your summer vacation pieces. We already have a few in mind!

photo of person in linen dress


Nary was founded by three sisters who blend their love of sustainable resort wear with a mission to honor their Cambodian roots. Their ethical brand provides safe and long-term employment to its Cambodian workers, as it strives to do its part to end the cycle of human exploitation there.

The result is beautiful, high-quality pieces produced in partnership with NGOs committed to ending sweatshops. Follow their IG feed to learn and see more.

photo of people wearing Nary blouses

Sandy Liang

Sandy Liang is a NY-based designer known for playful details on classic pieces like sweaters and summer dresses. We’re currently eyeing these adorable ballet-inspired mary janes. Check out the brand’s IG feed to admire the entire collection.

photo of mary janes

Dagne Dover

Dagne Dover is a brand well-recognized for its perfect mix of stylish and practical accessories. Their line of cleverly designed bags runs from sporty diaper bags to chic totes. Follow their feed to see what’s new!

photo of person wearing Dagne Dover outfit

These are only a few of the AAPI-owned fashion labels to know about right now. Follow along on our blog as we share the latest news, labels, and trends in fashion.

May 18, 2023 Trending: Skater Fashion

Skater fashion is right up our alley. It’s so relaxed and easy, and you never age out of it, although it always feels youthful.

We included it in our latest seasonal selling guide because it’s a trend that screams, “It’s almost summer!” Long days, boardwalk visits, and casual looks are headed our way.

Whether or not your skater moves impress, you can give the trend a try. Some of the classic pieces for the look are oversized sweatshirts and t-shirts, baggy pants, low-profile sneakers, long shorts, and a bucket hat or beanie.

However, you can develop a skater style all your own. Keep scrolling for some photo inspiration.

photo of person dressed in skater fashion

photo of person dressed in skater fashion

photo of person dressed in skater fashion

photo of person dressed in skater fashion

photo of person holding a skateboard

photo of people in relaxed outfits with skateboard

photo of person wearing long shorts

photo of person in oversized clothing

Besides skater fashion, we have lots of other trends, styles, and labels featured in our seasonal selling guide. Take a look and decide which ones you’ll try this spring and summer.

If you need to stock up on the latest trends, stop into any Crossroads location to shop our racks filled with gently used, current pieces at a fraction of the original retail price. Bring your pre-loved clothes for an even better shopping experience: sell to our in-store buyers for cash or store credit!

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May 16, 2023 How to Mail in Clothes for Money

Can you really mail in clothes for money? The answer is not only yes, but you can do it for free!

photo of sell by mail bag

What is Sell By Mail?

Years ago, Crossroads created its Sell by Mail program to offer customers the convenience of selling clothes from home. While many preferred the on-the-spot selling option at Crossroads store locations, some customers wanted a mail option that met their busy schedules.

With Sell by Mail, you simply order a free clothing bag with pre-paid postage. At the time you order it, you decide if you want your payment in cash (via Zelle e-payment) or store credit that’s good at any Crossroads location.

You can also decide if you want your unpurchased items donated or returned to you for a return fee.

Then, check out our latest selling guide to learn what we’re looking for, and fill the bag with your gently-used clothes in these trends, styles, and labels. Use the pre-paid postage to send it off!

Once received, Crossroads can process your bag in as little as 4 weeks.

photo of how to mail clothes to sell to Crossroads Trading

This is exactly how you mail in clothes for money from home. Give it a try and get started with your free Sell by Mail bag.

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