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June 10, 2024 Summer Classic: The Boho Blouse

Years ago on a summer trip to Europe, I found myself fixated on one specific item on my shopping list: a boho blouse.

I happily found one in a shop pulsating with techno music, and I never looked back. Almost every summer since, I’ve been on the lookout for a boho blouse. I look for one in a loose-fitting style that works as well with a maxi skirt as it does with well-worn jeans. Paired with sandals and a straw bag, the look is classic summer.

Keep scrolling to see what I mean.

woman in boho blouse and long denim skirt

woman in black boho blouse and denim shorts

woman in black boho blouse and cropped jeans

woman wearing a butter yellow top and distressed jeans

woman in white eyelet top and jean shorts

You can see all the summer trends we’re watching by checking out our seasonal selling guide. You not only learn what trends to shop, you also see which styles, labels, and trends that our buyers are looking for right now. See something listed there that’s just been hanging in your closet and getting ignored? Bring it in to one of our stores, or mail it to our Sell By Mail team for assessment. If we decide to buy the item, you’ll receive 30% in cash or 50% in trade of what we price the item for.

Summer is now just weeks away! It’s finally time to find your special boho blouse and other summer essentials.

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June 4, 2024 Get Inspired: Pride Looks

We have Pride looks waiting for you in our stores! With so many fun events planned in our store neighborhoods, we’re here to help you get Pride-ready.

How can we help you style your favorite looks this month? When you visit one of our stores, look out for special racks inspired by Pride. You can also peek into our stores remotely by following our regional Instagram feeds and catching the local-to-you pieces we think you’ll love celebrating in. You’ll even hear about our upcoming store events and giveaways, including pop-up shops at local festivals.

Pride month is in full bloom at Crossroads, and we can’t wait to style you. Keep scrolling to see just a sample of the fashion pieces that are coming into our stores right now. Don’t hesitate to stop in frequently either, because our inventory changes daily.

pair of rainbow-colored sneakers

logo handbag in multi colors

flat lay of clothing in rainbow colors, making up Pride looks

a store rack filled with different Pride looks

Stop in and get your Pride looks with us, whether it’s this month or all year round. You can stay up-to-date with all our June (and summer!) events by following your store’s regional Instagram feed:

Northern California – @crossroadsnorcal

Southern California – @crossroads_socal

Seattle & Portland – @crossroadspacnw

Denver – @crossroads_colorado

Houston – @crossroads_houston

Dallas – @crossroads_dallas

Chicago – @crossroads_chicagoland

New York – @crossroads_newyork

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May 30, 2024 Where Can I Sell My Clothes for Cash?

When you ask, “Where can I sell my clothes for cash?” we know you’re looking to get cash into your hands as fast as possible. That’s why a brick and mortar buy-sell-trade fashion store should top your list!

For example, at Crossroads Trading stores, you can stop into any of our locations (no appointment necessary!) and add your name to our selling waitlist. [PRO TIP: use the Crossroads waitlist app to add your name remotely from home].

Our stores buy all day, every day, so there are no special buying hours to keep track of.

When it’s your turn, a buyer will text you to join them at the selling counter with your items. Feel free to hand them over and shop the store, or ask your buyer to walk you through their buying process.

When the buyer decides to buy an item, they’ll price it for the store’s sales floor. You can then take 30% in cash or 50% in store credit of that amount. This pricing transparency is a specialty of Crossroads, taking the guesswork out of how much the buyer valued each of your items.

buyer giving cash for clothes at a Crossroads selling counter

The best part: you can collect your cash or store credit before you even leave the store. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

May 28, 2024 Double Down with a Denim Shirt

A denim shirt is a year-round staple in our closets, alongside our favorite pair of perfectly worn-in jeans. We’re guessing you’re the same. So why not double-down on denim and wear two denim pieces together?

This foundational pairing allows you to put all the focus on your accessories, or keep your look simple but polished. Both are easy fashion wins!

Keep scrolling to take a look at some of the outfits that made it to our style inspiration boards from Instagram. We’re especially fond of what the little red beret adds to the look, and don’t forget to include your denim skirts!

woman in coffee shop wearing a denim shirt, jeans, white boots, and a red beret

woman sitting outside wearing a black turtleneck, denim shirt, cropped jeans, and black sandals

man wearing a denim shirt, jean jacket, jeans, and brown belt

woman in jeans and matching shirt with cropped white t-shirt

woman in light wash matching set with brown belt and shoulder bag

woman in blouse style top with jeans

Basics like a denim shirt, jean jacket, or jeans are something we look for every season at Crossroads, so consider selling your preloved pieces for cash or store credit at one of our store locations (or by mail!). We give 30% in cash or 50% in store credit of the amount we price your items for. No appointment is necessary, and you get paid on the spot. We even have a waitlist app that will get you on the store’s selling waitlist from home.

Come in to sell or shop and find your favorite denim!

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May 23, 2024 What are Puddle Jeans?

Puddle jeans are trending this season, but what are they exactly? Simply put, they’re jeans that “puddle” at the hemline around your feet!

When shopping for them, there is a little work in finding the pair best suited for you. To get the length just right, you’ll need to consider your most-likely shoe choice, because sometimes the length perfectly “puddles” with sneakers, while other pairs require a higher heel like your favorite wedges or clogs.

Once you find your pair, however, you’re all set. And since most pairs are oversized or wide-leg, they match well with basic fitted tops or tucked-in flowy blouses.

Scroll on to see some of the looks that caught our eye on Instagram.

woman wearing puddle jeans with white crop top and trench coat

Woman wearing puddle jeans with white sneakers and black graphic sweatshirt

woman taking selfie in beige puddle jeans and white t-shirt

two women sitting on a porch

woman walking along canal in denim pants and black tank top

Whether you’re ready to try puddle jeans or one of the many other trends we’ve listed in our selling guide, you’ll want to stop into one of our store locations to refresh your seasonal wardrobe. You can shop or sell your preloved pieces for cash or store credit. Now’s the time!

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