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December 6, 2022 What are Puddle Pants?

And just like that, puddle pants were in every fashion magazine and on our favorite websites. They seemed to emerge from thin air and had us immediately intrigued. What was this trend all about?

A quick search for some inspiration photos followed, and within minutes we were sold. Ah yes, puddle pants will definitely be finding a way into our wardrobe this season. The question now is whether we’ll pick them in denim or not.

And finding them can be as simple as picking a pair of wide-length or straight-leg pants in a longer length than usual. With so many stores offering a range of lengths these days, lots of options are out there.

Keep scrolling for a glimpse of puddle pants at their best. Then, stop into any of our stores in search of your own pair. Please promise to share how you style your puddle pants by tagging us @crossroadstrading.

photo of person in puddle pants

photo of person in puddle pants

photo of person in puddle pants

photo of person in long jeans

photo of person in straight jeans

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December 1, 2022 Black Owned Clothing Lines to Shop

If you follow our Instagram feed (and we sure hope you do!), you know that we share Black owned clothing lines there weekly. If you missed them in November, we have them all here to share in one place. With the holidays approaching, it’s a perfect time to consider shopping from these brands.


@atijostore focuses its shopping collection on curated vintage, secondhand clothing and objects, and artisan products. Those are some of our very favorite things! Visit their online shop to see the latest.

photo of clothing from @atijostore

Sindiso Khumalo

@sindisokhumalo is the eponymous designer label that’s dedicated to creating contemporary sustainable textiles that showcase the beauty of African storytelling. Check out their IG feed to see their gorgeous interpretations, or find them online in your favorite shop!

photo of clothing from @sindisokhumalo

Seta the Label

A popular favorite, @setathelabel is made in Lagos and creates looks that “aim to satisfy the modern woman by creating effortless, simple, yet trendy styles.” See their entire line on the brand’s website.

photo of clothing from @setathelabel


Since 2011, @clanrtw has been directed by 3 sisters and offers a premium ready-to-wear clothing line. They specialize in blending minimalist needle crafting with cosmopolitan designs. Shop the entire line on their website.

photo of clothing from @clanrtw

These brand picks are only a few of the Black owned clothing lines we’ve shared on our Instagram feed. Join us there to see even more. You can also join us on our website next month when we’ll feature our December selections!

November 29, 2022 It’s Time for Holiday Party Looks

Putting together holiday party looks is a favorite pastime of ours. We take every party invite quite seriously!

And now that we’ve reached that part of the year where our holiday calendar is filling up with events with family, friends, and co-workers, we’re scrolling for holiday party looks on the regular.

Here are a few holiday looks that have our attention.

Cropped Suit

A take on the classic suit, this cropped version is extra chic. This would be perfect for a work event.

person wearing a holiday party look

Classic Sparkle

You know we love holiday glitz, like sequins and feathers. If you’re the same, don’t hold back!

person wearing a holiday party look

Hollywood Glamour

Something as simple as a faux fur stole and gold choker can elevate a simple dress for the holidays.

person wearing a holiday party look

Slip Dress

It’s like getting to wear your pajamas to a party! Our go-to pairings for a slip dress are a leather jacket and boots.

person wearing a holiday party look

Silk Suit

Find a suit in a flowy fabric like silk, and look for one in rich winter tones like burgundy, emerald, and sapphire.

person wearing a suit

Leather Pants

Leather pants. Tank. Blazer. You’re set.

photo of person in leather pants

Head to Toe Black

If you find yourself staring blankly into your closet, just choose all black pieces and make it easy on yourself!

person in all black outfit

Mis-Matched Suit

Make a suit less casual and event-ready by mixing your suit jackets and pants. Then, keep the shirt simple, like a turtleneck or tee.

person wearing a holiday party look

Stop into your local Crossroads store to find your holiday looks!

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November 24, 2022 Try Sequin Pants This Holiday Season

We’ve already admitted to our showstopping holiday tendencies like feather dresses, so is it any wonder sequin pants are also on our outfit planning list?

Sequin pants have long been a favorite for us because they’re a statement piece, meaning you can pair them with anything and still have a winning look. A simple tank top, turtleneck, or t-shirt is all you need. Although, a silk blouse or leather jacket looks terrific with them too!

And footwear can be just as varied. Sequin pants are as well-paired with sneakers as heels, loafers, or chunky platforms.

Accessories are usually kept to a minimum, giving the pants the spotlight. We like to add hoop earrings, small cross-body bags, or clutches.

Take a look at some of the holiday looks we found around this trend. Which one is your favorite?

photo of person in sequin pants

photo of person in sequin pants

photo of person in sequin pants

photo of person in sequin pants

photo of person in sequin pants

photo of person in holiday look

photo of person in holiday look

Now’s the time to bring in your prior years’ holiday looks to sell, either for holiday cash or trade you can use to purchase this year’s looks. See what else we’re currently looking for by taking a look at our seasonal selling guide. Then, share your holiday looks with us by tagging us on Instagram @crossroadstrading!

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November 22, 2022 The Best Sustainable Fashion Jobs

The end of the year is the perfect time to consider a seasonal job for some holiday income or a fresh career for the new year. Cue: sustainable fashion jobs, one of the sectors of fashion retail that’s growing in popularity.

Sustainable fashion is an excellent field for those who love fashion but want to support the areas of the industry that reduce textile waste and overconsumption.

The best sustainable fashion jobs fall into two categories. First, there are fashion producers that are using recycled materials to produce their new pieces. Second, there are secondhand retail shops that are extending the life of existing pieces by getting them out of the closets of people who no longer wear them, and into the hands of shoppers who are happy to give them a second chance.

That’s exactly what we do at our Crossroads stores across the nation.

Our employees work as retail managers, in-house fashion buyers, and sales associates. They get to stock their stores with secondhand pieces that are trending in their communities. And they become experts in fashion labels and designers.

That’s why we think the best sustainable fashion jobs can be found at Crossroads. Keep scrolling to get a glimpse into our stores, then check out our Careers page to learn where we’re currently hiring.

photo of crossroads store

Employees on Computer

photo of employees

photo of employee

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