Staff Spotlight: Lia Finkelstein

Staff Spotlight: Lia Finklestein

Meet Lia Finkelstein, Vice President & Regional Manager for our Southern California and New York City Stores.

Lia’s 26-year journey with Crossroads started in 1995 at our Fillmore Street, San Francisco store as an Assistant Manager, where her business sense and love for fashion were soon recognized. In 1999, Lia was asked to spearhead a new market for the Crossroads brand, moving to Los Angeles and opening our first store in the world-famous shopping district of Melrose Avenue. Since that store, she’s overseen the growth of the Southern California district from Santa Barbara to Orange County. Lia is now the Regional Manager of Southern California and New York districts, overseeing 14 stores and growing.

Lia’s two favorite parts of her job are supporting team members’ growth and development through training and creative problem solving and, of course, the clothes! She loves seeing all the fantastic finds that come across the selling counters at Crossroads and supporting the venues that offer our fashion-loving communities the opportunity to recycle, revolve and evolve their wardrobes.

Over Lia’s 26 years with Crossroads, she credits her success and longevity to hard work, commitment and flexibility; but most significantly, a shared value embodied by her two mentors, late co-founder Jerry Block and CRO Melissa Laubstein, to “Do the right thing and do it right.”