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November 27th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile 6 Tips for Wearing Red & Green Without Looking Like Christmas

With the holiday season in full swing, I am entering into constant holiday dressing mode. I love to dress with a festive twist the whole month of December to keep in the spirit. Of course, when dressing for a particular holiday or season, I immediately think of seasonal colors that I can play up and pair. This time of year, red and green are the most popular colors when it comes to Christmas decorating, but they are not always the easiest colors to pair together without looking like a walking Christmas tree decoration.


Look for deeper shades of red and green to pair together. Crimson and emerald or burgundy and olive, rather than bright red and pine tree green, create a chic pairing.
woman wearing darker red and green pieces.


Separate the two colors with a neutral to eliminate a jarring Christmas color explosion.
woman separating red and green with neutral color.


When one or more of the pieces you pair have prints, it will help to break up the colors.
woman wearing patterned red and green.


The colors are far less intimidating if one is used as an accessory, like a red beanie paired with an outfit of olive green.
woman wearing red and accessories.


Make one color the hero piece and layer with different silhouettes.
woman layering red and green pieces


Have fun by making the textures of your pieces the most interesting part of your outfit.
woman wearing textured red and green pieces.

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November 14th, 2018 by Melanie Sutrathada 6 Plaid Pieces You’ll Want to Pick Up Instantly

Ready to rock some plaid? We are too! If you’ve been on the hunt for more plaid prints in your life (because who could resist?), you’ll want to get your hands on some of these pieces ASAP.

Here are six plaid pieces that we can’t get enough of:

We’ll find any excuse to wear a plaid blazer this season. Tip: We’re loving these oversized blazer prints that you can throw over a dress for work!
plaid prints


When in doubt, wear a long plaid coat as the focal point of your outfit!


For chillier days that require a few extra layers, try a red, black and white scarf.


Anyone catching major Cher Horowitz vibes with this yellow plaid dress? Take us back to the 90’s!


Julia Engel has totally captured all the feminine vibes in this fun plaid skirt. Who else thinks this outfit is perfect for a picnic at the park?


Nail urban style by pairing high-waisted plaid pants with a leather jacket.

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November 13th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile Fall Outfit Inspo That Doesn’t Involve Denim

It’s not uncommon to depend on denim once the seasons change and the temperatures lower. It’s also too easy to get into a style rut when depending on one type of bottom for the entirety of your seasonal wardrobe.  Give your denim a break and be inspired to take a more creative approach with your fall dressing – without wearing a single pair of jeans.


Take your jumpsuits beyond spring and summer and add a jacket or sweater as an outer layer.


Add some texture with fall’s hottest trend, corduroy. Find a two piece set like Olivia and mix and match with your wardrobe throughout the season.


Trade in your true blues for a pair of camel or brown trousers for an authentic autumnal look.


Throw a blazer over your favorite midi and complete the outfit with a pair of boots to take you from work to date night.


Suits are no longer resigned to work wear, and have quickly become a go-to favorite for casual wear in place of denim.


Swap out your favorite jeans for a statement making skirt.

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November 6th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile How to Make Bold Color Statements This Fall

I am the biggest fan of neutrals – all year round, not just in fall – but sometimes when the weather turns drab and the skies are grey for months, it’s refreshing to add bold color to your fall wardrobe rotation. Resist the temptation to stick to dark neutrals all season and brighten up your mood by brightening up your outfit. Check out 10 of my favorite bold color outfit inspirations for this fall.


Orange has always gotten a bad rap, but this fall is the time to swap out your go-to date night dress with an eye catching midi.
bold color


Be bold with your second layers and invest in a vibrant colored coat.


Pair different shades of colors in the same color family. Mustard and burnt orange? Yes, please and thank you.


Trade your neutral cable knit for a vibrant color to contrast the season’s jewel tones.


You don’t need vibrate colors to make a bold statement; play with adding pastels to your wardrobe this season.


Keep a bit of sunshine in your life by finding pieces in any shade of yellow.


Thinking of holiday outfit ideas yet? A rich purple is the perfect color to get the party started!


Your fall color doesn’t have to be solid, monochromatic, or tonal: go bold and vibrant with color and print!


Pairing two vibrant, unexpected colors will create an outfit you’ll want to wear on repeat.


Match your makeup to your outfit for the ultimate bold color statement for fall.

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October 16th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile Round Up: 5 UK Style Bloggers You Should Be Following

There has always been something more sophisticated and chic about the style across the pond. I’ve recently been gravitating towards UK style bloggers for fall fashion inspiration. Take a look at my 5 favorite UK style bloggers that you should be following!


Emma Hill: EJ Style
Emma has an attainable everyday chic style. I also adore her YouTube channel which includes shopping hauls + try ons, travel vlogs, and styling tips.


Freddie Harrel: Freddie Harrel
Color, bold prints, confidence, women empowerment: if you are a fan of any of these, you will fall in love with Freddie immediately.
uk style


Lucy Williams: Fashion Me Now
She is the image definition of effortless.


Olivia Purvis: What Olivia Did
Feminine and simple, Olivia’s style is a breath of fresh air.


Carrie Santana: Wish Wish Wish
Earthy, muted tones and minimalistic outfits, Carrie’s style is right up my ally.

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