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July 13th, 2017 by Jennifer Beile 7 Workouts Our Favorite Celebrities Swear By

Have you amped up your workout routine for summer? Whether you’re looking to gain strength, raise your endorphins, or tone up a bit, summertime can be a huge workout motivator. I strongly believe that every body is a bikini body, so I try to view working out as a source of stress relief and a means to feeling strong. But it can get repetitive, so I’m always looking for a new workout to keep from becoming bored.

Most celebrities have private trainers but many of them have shared their workouts. I love seeing which celebs have workout routines that are available to me. Let’s be honest: there’s a reason celebs have such fit bodies, and I am more than happy to steal their secrets.

Take a look at some of the workouts our favorite celebrities are loving right now!



I found out about LEKFit from Busy Phillipps‘s Instagram stories. This dance-inspired cardio workout will make you sweat more than you thought possible! If you can’t make it to the studio in LA, LEKFit is also available on demand for you to do in your own home or gym.


Soul Cycle

I’ve been to many spin studios, and I have to hand it to SoulCycle for having some of the most heart-pumping, intense classes and instructors. Celebrities like David Beckham, Kelly Ripa, and Lea Michele seem to agree!



Barry’s Bootcamp
As seen on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Barry’s Bootcamp is killer! A mix of treadmill intervals and resistance training, the only thing you will regret about this workout is not going earlier. Other famous fans include Ellie Goulding, Amanda Seyfried, and Naomi Campbell.



Body by Simone 
Body by Simone is a danced-based interval workout loved by Sandra Bullock, Emmy Rossum, and Anne Hathaway. You can participate too, with studios in New York and Los Angeles, DVDs, and an online streaming service.



The Tracy Anderson Method 
Another dance-inspired cardio class (there is definitely a dance workout trend happening here), famous friends Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by this workout.



Boxing is a great way to build strength and get out any aggression, and it’s a workout that I personally love. Punching bags are easily found in your neighborhood gym, or you can attend a boxing gym like Gigi Hadid and Gina Rodriguez.



Reformer Pilates
Not a new workout by any means, but reformer Pilates has certainly been trending the last few years—and for a good reason! Pilates creates long, lean, strong bodies and is sworn by by celebs like Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Hudson, and Karlie Kloss.

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June 27. 2015 by Jennifer Beile Round Up: Gym Bag Essentials

Last month I shared some of my favorite trends in workout wear. This week I’m sharing my personal list of gym bag essentials.  My work weeks are busy and unpredictable, and I often do not know what type of workout I will be doing until I am finally able to leave the office for the night. I have become pretty well-versed in being prepared for any type of work out, and if you follow the round up below, you will be too!


Round Up_Gym


Workout Wear: It’s easy to forget to pack the essentials for your workout if you aren’t paying attention. Be sure to have your top, bottoms, bra, socks, and shoes always packed up and ready to go!

Workout-Specific Gear: Whether I am taking boxing or Pilates, I am always prepared and have my specifics packed. I keep a pair of Pilates/barre socks, weight-lifting gloves, and boxing gloves (admittedly stashed in my car to save room) packed at all times.

Water Bottle: Hydration is important throughout your entire day, but it is especially important to replenish your fluids during a hard gym session. A reusable, refillable water bottle will cut down on costs of buying one on the way to, or at the gym.

A healthy snack: If you aren’t always able to plan the time and place of your workout, keeping a small snack in your bag that does not need to be refrigerated will give you just the boost you need at the end of the day.

Makeup wipes: Nothing is worse than that day’s makeup running down your face and into your eyes, distracting you from your workout. You skin will thank you for wiping off that makeup before your workout and wiping it clean right after. I love Neutrogena’s Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes.

Towel: I keep a fresh towel in my gym bag to keep the sweat out of my eyes, keep my yoga mat dry, and to steer clear of the towel rental fee at the gym.

Hair ties and bobby pins: My hair already has a mind of it’s own, I don’t need it flying everywhere during my workout. Keep a stash of hair ties and bobby pins to control your mane during your workout.

Dry shampoo & Deodorant: In case you can’t make it home before running some errands after the gym, you’ll be able to freshen up before making a few stops.

Headphones and Flip Belt: Somedays I fly solo with a run, hike, or bike ride. The Flip Belt is my favorite way to carry my phone and keys during a run or a hike. I never have to adjust it!

A fresh dryer sheet & plastic bag: Protect your day clothes from becoming musty while they are packed away in a bag that typically stores gym shoes and clothes all day.


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