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December 16th, 2019 by Samantha Furno Take These 5 Trends into the New Year

It’s crazy to think that another year is almost over and we are about to enter a whole new decade! 2020 will surely bring us a plethora of new trends, but there are quite a few trends from 2019 that will be easy to carry over into the new year as well! Whether you love them of hate them, here are five noteworthy style trends that have been relevant this past year and  that are worth incorporating into your 2020 style queue.


Bright and bold, neon colors are here to stay and will be more relevant than ever in 2020! Neon green made itself known in the wardrobes of many fashionistas this past year, but the new year brings an opportunity to explore other hues, such as an eye-catching orange or a flirty fuchsia!
Woman wearing neon top for new year trend.

Oversized Blazers

Personally I am very excited that this trend is being carried over into 2020. Oversized and tailored, your favorite suit jacket is going to continue to be your go-to layering piece!
Woman wearing oversized blazer with light pants for new year trends.

Combat Boots

Combat boots began trending at the start of summer 2019 and this trend has been relevant ever since! 2020 proves that the chunkier the better when it comes to this utilitarian trend!
Woman wearing black combat boots for new year trend.

Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves added a hint of romance and femininity to our 2019 wardrobes and this whimsical trend is going to be incredibly popular as winter changes to spring!
Woman wearing patterned dress with puffy sleeves.


Leather has been an unlikely textile of choice this past year, especially for fall and winter, and it’s being forecasted that leather styles are a must-have for 2020!
Woman wearing leather two-piece for new year trend.

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December 5th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 3 Ways to Pull Holiday Style Inspiration from Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift stuns on the January 2020 cover of British Vogue and the styling of the photo shoot is exactly what I have always envisioned my ideal holiday style to be. The styles featured in the photo shoot range from subdued classic mod ’60s, a la Twiggy, to effortlessly modern and feminine. Oftentimes when drooling over a fashion magazine feature, I am stumped on how to pull inspiration from the couture styling, but I am pleasantly surprised by the attainable, yet elevated, styles showcased here.
Take a look at three ways to pull attainable holiday style inspiration from Taylor Swifts British Vogue photo shoot.

Sparkle and Shine

Is any holiday season complete without at least one appearance of a sparkly or shiny number? Taylor’s eye-catching top in this photo is my inspiration for celebrating the upcoming end of this decade.
Details of a shimmery top and accessories like Taylor Swift's photo shoot.

Rich Color Tones

Rich color tones, like deep green and warm burgundy, are a winter staple. Unexpected pieces in these colors, like the green suede knee-high boots that Taylor is rocking in her spread, will instantly elevate and set your holiday style apart.
Woman wearing burgundy skirt and navy sweater like Taylor Swift's photo shoot.

Preppy Chic

If there has been one trend that caught me a bit by surprise this year, and quite honestly by delight, it is the resurgence of a classic, preppy chic style. The cover of British Vogue features Taylor in a Chanel tweed jacket and a buttoned-up white blouse looking effortlessly classic.
Woman wearing textured blazer like Taylor Swift's photo shoot.

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November 20th, 2019 by Samantha Furno 5 Items You Need to Complete Your Holiday Party Look

As crazy as it seems, the holidays are already right around the corner again! Whether you’re style is more classic chic or if you verge more on the statement-making side of things, one thing is for certain, holiday parties are a blast and getting dressed up for such festivities is all a part of the fun as well! There is no reason to hold back with your style this time of year, as the holidays are for bold, eye-catching looks with a hint of glamour! I’ve rounded up five trendy styles that will surely pull together your holiday looks just in time for a night out celebrating!

Evening-Ready Bag

Add a pop of color to an all-black ensemble with a deep maroon clutch or opt for a stylish bag with unique hardware, such as shiny metals or pearls instead.
Woman holding a furry bag with dress for holiday party idea.

Sequin Anything

The more bling, the better with this beloved holiday trend. Sequins are the simplest way to guarantee you’ll be stepping out in eye-catching look!
Woman wearing sequin dress for holiday party inspiration.

Silk Slip Dress

Shiny silk dresses are a chic alternative to sequins this time of year! Plus, slip dresses look wonderful layered beneath a kitschy holiday sweater or a chic leather jacket!
Woman wearing neutral colored silk slip dress with silver bag.

Festive Heels

2019 has truly been the year of stylish and fun footwear, so why not step up a holiday party fit with some strappy metallic heels or a crystal embellished stiletto?!
Woman wearing simple t-shirt and jeans with bright heels for holiday party looks.

Hair Accessories

Keep it sparkly from head to toe by topping off your holiday outfit with a glitzy headband or even a couple of bold barrettes!
Woman wearing hair wrap as an accessory for holiday party idea.

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November 5th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 5 Trends for Your Upcoming Holiday Season

It’s never too early to start planning your holiday outfits. The holiday season can be stressful for so many reasons, and one of them shouldn’t be as trivial as what you’re going to wear to spend time with your family and friends. Whether you travel, go big or small, or simply spend a little extra time with loved ones, take away the stress of getting dressed out of your holiday plans so you can focus on what is really important during the season. Take a look at 5 trends for the upcoming holiday season and start planning your outfits now.

Velvet Crush

A holiday staple, you can never go wrong with velvet in any form.

Blogger wearing an orange velvet skirt for the holiday season.

Casual Sequins

Downplay the excessive manner of sequins by finding an understated sequin piece, an otherwise simple blouse, or even an accessory and pair it with basics to complete your outfit.

Woman wearing black sequins shirt with denim for holiday season inspiration.

Unexpected Knitwear

Sweater vests, sweater midi dresses with boots, and statement sleeves on a chunky knit paired with denim and heels are easy and a comfortable go-to for casual get togethers.

Woman wearing knitted skirt and turtleneck with heels for holiday season.

A Midi Slip Dress/Skit

Dress it up, wear it casually, layer it with knits or leather; there’s no denying that a midi slip dress/skirt is one of the most versatile pieces in your closet for any occasion.

Woman wearing a neutral midi skirt and sweater.

Leather or Leather Accents

Add an edgy touch to your holiday outfits with leather. For a more formal look, try a leather midi skirt paired with a silk blouse. For a casual vibe, try leather trousers and a chunky knit.

Woman pairing crewneck with leather pants for holiday season style.

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October 31st, 2019 by Jennifer Beile The 10 Celebrity Costumes That Won Halloween

Happy Halloween! It’s no surprise that celebrities pull out all the stops for their Halloween costumes. From A-list filled parties to red carpets, sometimes our favorite celebrities are unrecognizable in their costumes. The creativity and effort are at an all-time high this year and it’s never too late for some very last-minute inspiration, or perhaps to start planning for your big bash next year. Enjoy 10 celeb costumes that won Halloween this year!

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato doesn’t play around with Halloween and created two outstanding costumes this year. See more of her Halloween looks on Instagram.
Demi Lovato dressed for Halloween as Pennywise.

Nicki Minaj

Ahead of the highly anticipated ‘Birds of Prey’ movie next year, Nicki Minaj slays as Harley Quinn.
Nikki Minaj dressed as Harley Quinn for Halloween.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham stuns as Jessica Rabbit! And can we all applaud her for going with sneakers in place of stilettos?
Ashley Graham dressed as Jessica Rabbit for Halloween.

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union pays homage to her role in the iconic teen movie ‘Bring It On’ with her real life mini-me.
Gabrielle Union dressed as an older character from one of her movies.

Vanessa Hudgens

Halloween enthusiast, Vanessa Hudgens, donned multiple costumes during her various Halloween celebrations this month, but my favorite is by far Sally from ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas.”
Vanessa Hudgens dressed as A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel deserves a literally mic drop for dressing up as her hubby from his *NSYNC days while he accompanied her as a microphone.
Jessica Biel dressed in a Halloween costume.

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev nailed her Billie Eilish impression.
Nina Dobrev dressed as Billie Eilish.

Lisa Rinna

No one can out J.Lo J.Lo, but Lisa Rinna sure gave her best try in the infamous green dress.
Lisa Rinna dressed as J-Lo for Halloween.


Ciara and Russell Wilson pay homage to Beyonce and Jay-Z, while their children perfectly impersonate The Jacksons for Halloween.
Ciara and Russell Wilson dressed as Jay Z and Beyonce for Halloween.

Stormi Webster

Kylie Jenner’s daughter gives us a glimpse of her future, dressed up as her mom from the Met Gala.
Stormi dressed as a Met Gala participant.

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