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November 19th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 6 Simple Tips for Elevating Your Jeans & Sweater Uniform

‘Tis the season for jeans, sweater, and booties. Our typical fall and winter uniform can quickly become monotonous and a bit lackluster. Dare say I say that we get stuck in a rut when it comes to dressing in finicky weather this time of year? And while it may be necessary to continue to throw on your denim with layers upon layers of sweaters, there are simple ways to add a bit of a spark to your basic outfit. Below are simple tips that will elevate your jeans and sweater uniform, as to not be stuck in a never ending style rut this season.

Little Touches Make a Big Difference

Try tucking your favorite chunky knit into your jeans and adding a belt as a focal point.
Woman wearing grey sweater and dark blue deniim

Add Accessories

From hats to jewelry to statement boots, adding eye catching accessories will take your fall uniform from basic to chic.
Woman wearing sweater and jeans with patterned accessories.

Focus on Footwear

Jazz up your fall and winter uniform with a pair of statement shoes like these cutout booties that Caitlyn is rocking or a pair of trend forward animal print boots or loafers.
Blogger wearing light blue sweater and black boots.

Experiment with Colors

Kick your rut to the curb by experimenting with different color denim.
Woman wearing neutral pants and colorful sweater.

Play Up Proportions

Skinny jeans will always be classic, but if you’re itching for a change, add some diversity to your denim collection with wide leg, flare, or bootcut this season.
Woman wearing unique proportions for jeans and top.

Layering Adds Dimension

Adding a simple layer underneath your sweater can instantly transform the vibe of an outfit.
Woman wearing beige top with blue denim.

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October 28th, 2019 by Samantha Furno 5 Ways to Style a Knitted Dress This Season

When it comes to the colder seasons, it can be hard to make any look feel chic, especially when you’re bundling up from head to toe! However, one of this season’s trendiest silhouettes, a knitted dress, is proving that it is possible to be warm and stylish even when those temperatures plunge! Whether you opt for a ribbed, fitted knit style or a sweater-like silhouette, this fashion-forward dress option is truly a piece that can be worn for any occasion! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite ways I’ve been seeing knitted dresses styled this season and hope that these fashionistas inspire you to try this chic silhouette out for yourself!

Classic in Beige

Beige is one of the fall’s season’s best hues, so opt for a curve-hugging dress in this gorgeous neutral to ensure that you look and feel chic when on the go!
Blogger wearing a knitted dress with black ankle booties.

Undeniably Cozy

Name a better way to beat the cold than by wearing a cozy sweater from head to toe!
Blogger wearing a mock neck knitted dress with green bag and black boots.

The Perfect Duo

Knee high boots are right on trend for fall, plus they are the perfect base to wear with a cozy knitted mini dress on a cold autumn day!
Blogger wearing a knitted dress with knee-high patterned boots.

Just Add a Belt

Adding a belt to your knit dress is a fantastic way to add some extra interest to an outfit as well as a great way to play with proportions.
Woman wearing a dress with a belt and matching accessories.

A Stylish Alternative

If knitted dresses aren’t your thing, no problem! Achieve a similar, yet equally as chic look, by wearing a matching sweater and skirt combo instead!
Blogger wearing a matching brownskirt and sweater outfit with dark accessories.

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July 29th, 2019 by Samantha Furno How to Instantly Refresh Your Wardrobe

Whenever a season is nearing its second half, my wardrobe can start to feel a bit stagnant. When I begin to notice that I am comfortable throwing on basically the same outfit each and every day, I know it is time to do a quick little wardrobe refresh! This refresh typically starts with cleaning out and organizing my closet, followed by a little bit of shopping for key styles that will instantly liven things up a bit. Rather than doing a full wardrobe overhaul, adding in some fresh and exciting pieces is the perfect way to breathe new life into the line-up you already have! Here are four styles that I keep my eye out for while shopping to revamp my wardrobe!

Invest in New Basics

Whether you shop for new color ways or different classic styles, adding some new basic pieces to your wardrobe will instantly make you look and feel refreshed! It is a simple wardrobe update that will go a long way, trust me!
Woman wearing similar colored pieces to elevate wardrobe basics.

An On-Trend Accessory

Whether it is a stylish purse, a silky printed scarf or a fresh pair of sunglasses, adding a new detail to your wardrobe is a fantastic way to add an instant pick-me-up to your outfits.
Woman using designer purse to elevate their wardrobe.

Add in a Hero Piece

Hero pieces are those standout styles in your wardrobe that you throw on and instantly feel like a million bucks! Shop for a bold jacket or even a pair of patterned pants that will be easy to mix and match with the styles you already love in your wardrobe.
Blogger wearing an all-white outfit with red jacket.

Fun Footwear

Shoes are a great way to show some personality and with so many styles and colors out there, it will be simple to snag a pair that will liven up the outfits from the ground up! Pro-tip: Crossroads is my favorite place to snag a unique pair of footwear!
Blogger wearing a blazer and jeans against a wall for moderate wardrobe.

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July 1st, 2019 by Samantha Furno Styling 101: The Classic White T-Shirt

When we think of wardrobe essentials, a classic white t-shirt instantly comes to mind first and foremost. It is the holy grail of timeless silhouettes and there are endless variations of this basic, yet essential wardrobe piece! Smart and versatile, a white t-shirt can easily be dressed up or dressed down and it is the perfect blank canvas that will act at the foundation to any outfit. With the summer season upon us, a white tee proves to be one of the most sought after styles of the season, thanks to its breathability and versatility. If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration on how to wear your favorite tee, look no further! I’ve rounded up some awesome ways we are seeing this blank slate styled for the warmer weather below!

T-Shirt & Midi Skirt

Feminine skirts in soft hues and flirty prints are a summer must-have, so why not pair them with another summer staple, like a cropped white tee?! This style tee is a breeze to DIY too!
woman wearing cropped white tee with a soft green midi skirt.

T-Shirt & Denim

You can’t go wrong with a good old tee and denim combo! For some summer-ready vibes, balance out your look with simple jewelry and some feminine heels!
Woman holding a baguette with white t-shirt and jeans.

T-Shirt & Tailored Shorts

Tailored shorts will make a fantastic alternative to denim shorts this summer season, plus this elevated base will be made more everyday-casual when paired with a classic white t-shirt.
Blogger in khaki shorts and white t-shirt.

T-shirt & Slip Dress

Whether you wear it underneath or over a sleek slip dress, a classic white t-shirt will be a great option for adding some extra coverage or even some added dimension to a summer outfit!
Woman wearing a slip dress over a t-shirt.

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June 24th, 2019 by Samantha Furno 4 Ways to Master a Monochromatic Look

Sometimes, one of the easiest and chicest ways to put together a fashion forward look is by keeping things monochromatic. Monochromatic is defined as consisting of one single color or hue. When it comes to styling a monochromatic look, the only rule of thumb is to stick to one color block, but there are plenty of ways to make this trend work with your style! Once you’ve gravitated towards a a single color you want to wear, go ahead and play with textures, other shades of the hue or even patterns in your color of choice and you’ll be sure to step out this season in style! Here are four awesome ways you can play with this trend within your own wardrobe and become a monochromatic styling master!

Stick to Neutrals

If neutrals are your thing, then why not wear them all together?! Sticking to classic hues when playing with the monochromatic trend will help make any outfit look instantly elevated and totally timeless.

Blogger wearing monochromatic black outfit with crop top.

Pattern Play

Caption: Go ahead and spice up any monochromatic outfit with a fun print or a bold pattern! Adding a print to a monochromatic look is great way to add some contrast to a solid colored pairing!

Woman wearing monochromatic red outfit with striped top.

All the Shades

Caption: Get creative while putting together a monochromatic look by pulling together differing shades of a single hue! Playing with subtly different tones will add dimension to your look.

Blogger wearing several shades of pink.

Layered Textures

Caption: Mixing pieces that are different fabrics and textures will make any monochromatic outfit more visually appealing! Texture is especially great to keep in mind when considering accessorizing your look too!

Woman wearing all-white outfit with different textures.

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