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February 26th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile Round-Up: Men’s Spring Style Trends

We tend to focus heavily on women’s fashion because the industry seems to cater to women. Perhaps because of the sheer amount of options that are available, or accepted, for women to wear, but it’s time to concentrate on men’s fashion because it’s turning into an industry that is not only blurring the lines between gender and taking more chances but becoming more acceptable for men to experiment with different silhouettes, fabrics, colors, and accessories.
Women often take fashion inspiration from men, the menswear style has been huge this last year, and below you will see that men’s fashion has also been taking notes from women’s style and making it their own. Take a look at 5 of the top men’s spring style trends and how to wear them.

Print Mixing

Fashion is anything but subtle this year and men’s fashion is getting just as adventurous as women’s has always been. The best tip for attempting print mixing is to start small with prints in similar colors, size, and shape.
Male blogger mixing prints.


Just as in the women’s fashion realm, vibrant neon colors have made their way into men’s fashion. From show stopping to subtle pops, try adding some color to your wardrobe this season.
Blogger wearing bright overcoat with black outfit.

Textures & Fabrics

Corduroy, leather, and velvet have been taking center stage in men’s fashion and it might seem out of your comfort zone, but there are simple ways to incorporate new textures and fabrics into your wardrobe, like corduroy pants with a cotton T-shirt, or leather or velvet accents on a shirt.
Male blogger wearing several types of fabrics in one outfit.

Dad Jeans

Light wash, relaxed fitting denim might be on your radar this season. Much like the ever loved, sometimes controversial “mom jeans”, you may find yourself scrounging through your dad’s old denim this season.
Bloger wearing denim jeans.


Men, it’s time to show off a little sock! Men’s socks are typically resigned to no-show or tall dress sock, but this season is all about showing off the sock in a low cut, quarter length. Dare I say, the “dad sock”?
Blogger highlighting socks in an outfit.

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October 12th, 2018 by Samantha Weaver New In: Men’s Printed Tees and Button Downs

We all love a great print, and these new arrivals to our men’s department are no exception!

If you’re stuck in a kind of uniform: Jeans, black t-shirt, sneakers…..try one of our new printed tees or button downs. Featuring blasts from the past like cars, forgotten modes of media and even dinosaurs these prints are sure to start up a conversation or at the very least brighten up your day. Priced at $13.50-$16.50 they won’t last long, so stop into Crossroads this weekend to try them all!

printed tees

Cassette, VHS, Boom Box Short Sleeve Button Down ($16.50)

T-Rex Print Button Down ($16.50)

Vintage Cars Button Down ($16.50)g

Burger and Fries Tee ($13.50)

T-Rex Print Tee ($13.50)

October 19th, 2017 by Samantha Weaver New In: Premium Men’s Outerwear

It’s official. The weather has finally cooled enough for OUTERWEAR. This week, the Crossroads new collection includes premium men’s outerwear in classic fits and fabrics, all at unbeatable prices. Our coats, jackets, flannels, blazers and bombers combine modern details with a hint of heritage flare.

Safari Jacket ($45)


Two-Button Coat ($75)


Mac Coat ($58.50)


Drawstring 4-Pocket Shirt ($28.50)


Plaid Button-Down Flannel ($26.50)


Pinstripe Bomber ($58.50)


Gray Plaid Button-Down ($26.50)


Marled Double Knit Blazer ($48.50)


Two-Button Coat in Herringbone ($75)

Come shop these men’s styles and more at a Crossroads near you this weekend!

February 3rd, 2017 by Samantha Weaver New In: Men’s Bomber Jackets and Anoraks

Listen up guys, because men’s bomber jackets have arrived. Utilitarian to its core and with “cool” bursting from its seams, the bomber jacket will undoubtedly be among the anchoring pieces in your closet this spring.  

This week at Crossroads, we’re stocking our men’s sections with functional outerwear perfect for layering up in unpredictable weather. Check out some of these new arrivals below plus some of our favorite ways to wear them for style inspiration.

Marble Print Nylon Bomber $32.50


Tan Nylon Bomber $32.50


Black Nylon Bomber $32.50


Freedom Mountain Anorak $48.50

Shop these men’s styles and more next week at all Crossroads locations!


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December 14th, 2016 by Julius Adorsu Winter Styling & Photo Shoot with Julius Adorsu

This year will be my first winter in SoCal and I must say I’m looking forward to more brisk mornings and warm sunny afternoons. Being from the Midwest, I’d normally be bundled up this time of the year—all function over fashion! To take advantage of the best of both worlds, I’m styling two fashionable yet completely functional looks for winter.

I had the honor of styling the very talented artist Emmitt James for a photo shoot accompanying his new project The Feel Good Tape. Using clothing items purchased from Crossroads, both looks were put together for less than $60.


Look 1


Distressed denim became the trendy must-have item for your closet this year. If you live in a warm state, don’t put them away just yet! Easily paired with a simple shirt and sneakers for a classic look, all I needed to add was a statement piece to get that winter street style feel.


Jump into winter with statement items that stand strong on their own and that can be paired with almost any item in your wardrobe. This Zara tweed jacket will keep you warm and turn heads. It’s light enough for a nice evening out and big enough to fit a sweater underneath for an added layer.




Look 2

People underestimate how cold it gets during California nights, especially when it’s not summer! This next look is cozy yet stylish and perfect for nice evening out on the town.



Mixing patterns can be daunting, but it just takes a little bit of balance. These bold prints were paired with a simple white blazer and white Florsheim dress shoes, all found at Crossroads!



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