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February 14th, 2017 by Jennifer Beile Round-Up: Celebrity Instagram Posts from the Grammys 2017

Music’s biggest night was this past Sunday, and as always, the Grammys were quite the spectacle! There were legendary performances, award upsets, and stunning red carpet fashion! My favorite part, though? All of the social media updates from big celebs during and after the event. Take a look at some of my favorite (so far):


James Corden
The first-time Grammy host joked about his pre-show jitters on Instagram and gave us a peek at the seating chart before celebs began arriving.


Celine Dion
Casually posed in front of her private jet, Celine Dion never misses an opportunity for an entrance.


Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga posted this fun snap with the night’s biggest winner, Adele.


Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas was a fan of everyone on Grammy night—and documented it all!



Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez shared a photo of herself looking as epic and flawless as always!



Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen posted exactly what we were all feeling during Beyonce’s performance.



Sisterly love: Solange and Beyoncé share a sweet moment backstage.



Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys showed off her flawless sequin jumpsuit backstage in a quick snap before the show.



Demi Lovato
Demi shared this photo of her stripped down rehearsal for the big night!



Heidi Klum
Supermodel Heidi looked flawless in both her ‘before’ and ‘after’ glam session photos!



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January 24th, 2016 by Jennifer Beile Leggings as Pants: 5 Ways to Wear the Trend

Leggings have a special place in my heart and closet, but only recently have they become acceptable to wear as pants in the fashion world. It started with the athleisure trend; leggings were being worn as bottoms outside the house and without going to a gym. We then began seeing more and more high-quality leggings produced, ones thick enough to not show everything underneath! Now leggings as pants are trending and can be worn for so many occasions… and to be honest, I kind of love it! Check out some of my favorite ways to wear leggings as pants below.


1. Play Up the Athleisure Look


Wear a tee, bomber, and sneakers with your leggings for that cool girl street style look.

2. Leather is Better


Opt for a pair of leather leggings and dress them up with a blouse, jacket and heels.

3. Go Oversized


A general rule for wearing leggings is to make sure you’re covered up with a longer top. Although I’m here to tell you to break the rules (just make sure you have opaque leggings!), the oversized look is still flattering.

4. Keep it Trendy


Play up a funky trend on top with a statement coat, fun sweater, or colors and textures to keep your look current.

5. It’s All in the Details


Small details like ankle zippers, texture, and panels will up your leggings game.

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January 10th, 2016 by Jennifer Beile Round Up: Anything But Basic in All Black

As the old adage goes, “When in doubt, wear black.” While new colors may be hailed as the “new black” year after year, black will always be classic, chic, and in style. However, understandably, black can get a bit boring after a while. The trick is finding statement pieces that will stand out and bring interest to your outfit. Check out some of my tips for creating anything-but-basic, all black outfits!


Play With Proportion


Pairing an oversized sweater with tailored trousers and slip on loafers creates an effortless yet chic all black look that is anything but boring.


Mix Fabrics


Mixing fabrics like leather and knits will help separate your top and bottom so your outfit doesn’t bleed into one.


Embrace Textures


Knit, patchwork, fishnet, faux fur, and lace: these textures and more will help an all black outfit stand out from the rest!


Show Some Skin


Showing a bit of skin, even with just cropped bottoms or short sleeves, will help balance an all black outfit.


It’s All in the Details

all black

Adding a pop of color using accessories, like this brightly colored statement bag, will catch the eyes of your peers and keep you from losing yourself in all black.

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January 4th, 2016 by Jennifer Beile 5 Fashion Resolutions For 2017

I know, I know—New Year’s resolutions are cliché, never stick, and you’re back to your old habits within just a couple months, right? Let’s let go of the pressure to change ourselves and focus on small improvements instead! Change up an old routine or make a pledge to accomplish goals that inspire you, not ones that change who you are. Let’s start with five doable fashion resolutions that will help 2017 be your most comfortable and stylish year yet!

fashion resolutions

1. De-Clutter

Quality over quantity! Clean out pieces that are no longer your style, and invest in pieces that you will wear often and that will stand the test of time.

2. Be Daring

If you like it, wear it! Fashion should be about fun, not conformity. Don’t worry about other people’s opinions—the only one that matters is your own!

3. Reuse More

If thrift stores and recycled fashion aren’t for you, there are still ways to reuse older clothing items. Have a clothing swap with friends or find a way to DIY an old item into something new. Try pairing things you never thought would work before to create something fresh.

4. Stay Inspired

Take the time to notice colors, patterns, and shapes around you, whether they’re from what someone is wearing, in nature, or in art. Inspiration comes from everywhere. Take a moment to take a photo, jot down an idea or simply press the ‘like’ button on Instagram or Pinterest for later motivation.

5. Be YOU

If you don’t like a trend, don’t give it a second thought. You will always feel your most comfortable and confident when you are being 100% true to yourself and your style. When you feel good, you look good!


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December 29th, 2016 by Jennifer Beile Our Top 5 Stylish Celebs of 2016

There are a handful of celebrities whose street style I always pay close attention to and save for inspiration. They set trends while staying true to their personal style. The 5 ladies below have been my personal style inspirations in 2016, and I can’t wait to see what they wear in 2017!

Selena Gomez
This was the year that Selena seemed to blossom by taking risks and setting her own style standards.


Kendall Jenner
The fashion “It” girl of the year, Kendall is fashionable whether walking the runway in couture or down the street in a tee and jeans. Her simple style is effortless, on trend and enviable.


Zoe Kravitz
Zoe has rock star genes, so it’s no wonder that she’s become a modern day style icon. Never one to play it safe, Zoe uses fashion to express herself, whether on trend or not. See more of her great style here.


Olivia Palermo
From star of the reality show The City to a style inspiration, Olivia has genuine fun with fashion and trends.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Always looking pulled together and chic, Rosie has the perfect street style  that inspires my everyday wardrobe.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley unveils the the new Land Rover Discovery Sport in Paris, France on an 80-metre barge on the River Seine ahead of the Motor Show. (1st October 2014)



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