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September 2, 2020 by Jennifer Bender Surprising Trend Comebacks From The ’90s & Early Aughts

This article was originally published on March 10, 2020.

Trends are cyclical in nature: what is new is so often old. Luckily, when old trends come back into style they get a modern update from a new generation. Take a look at 3 surprising trend comebacks from the late 90’s & early 2000’s that have made their returns.

Tube Tops

Made popular in the late 90’s & early aughts, this strapless top has been seen on just about every fashion it-girl this year. However, they’re no longer for baring midriffs with belly button rings. Instead, they’ve been updated as modern, sophisticated tops that can be made versatile with the right bottoms and layering pieces.

Tube Top Spring Surprising Trend Comebacks

Halter Tops

Another top that was synonymous with “going out”, this neckline has been seen on the runways with chic updates. The strong shoulder-baring silhouette can be bold or simple, with endless style possibilities from tops to dresses to jumpsuits for the upcoming warm weather seasons.

Halter Top Spring Surprising Trend Comebacks

Low Rise Jeans

Most either love them or hate them. There are no neutral opinions on hip-hugging low rise denim, making them a surprising trend comeback. The return of low rise can simply be for the reaction, bringing back something that is arguably against the grain, or to give people new options to create the wardrobe that fits them best.

Low Rise Jeans Spring Surprising Trend Comebacks

What are your favorite – or not so favorite – trend comebacks from past decades?

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March 9th 2020, By Samantha Furno These 5 Eye-Catching Prints are Worth Trying This Season

If there was ever a season to play around with loud and unique prints, spring is the time! Eye-catching prints completely dominated the spring runways and proved that this season is all about making a statement and having fun in the process. Whether you wear a single pattern from head to toe, or mix and match a few clashing prints, you’ll be one step ahead of the style game when you incorporate some pattern play into your wardrobe. Of all the trending prints for spring, the 5 listed below are definitely the most noteworthy for the spring season ahead!

Polka Dots

polka-dot wrap dress


Retro, yet timeless, polka-dots are a sophisticated print that we will see just about everywhere this spring season! We will be seeing this playful pattern on everything from clothing to accessories!

Groovy Prints

groovy printed top


The 60’s are back baby! Whether its a vibrantly hued florals or wavy shapes, psychedelic patterns are coming back with a bang and are a great way to incorporate a “hero” piece into any outfit!


rainbow printed dress


From contrasting stripes to tie-dyed gradients, color is definitely in this spring season and rainbow patterns are as fun to wear as they are to look at! Go ahead and keep your favorite tie-dye tee in rotation from last season, but be bold and try some fresh silhouettes as this pattern grows in popularity this spring!

Tropical Florals

Green tropical print dress

Think Hawaiian vacation, but with an 80’s flair, tropical florals are a stylish way to add an exotic beach vibe to any spring wardrobe. When trying this trend for yourself, seek out larger florals and saturated hues! 


Plaid dress with white boots

With suiting in such high demand this season, it is no surprise that plaid is a top contender for spring’s trendiest patterns! Wear this pattern from head to toe for a menswear-inspired look that is a sure power move! 


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Tuesday March 3rd, 2020 by Jennifer Bender 5 Refreshing Color Trends for Spring

While we may still be wrapped up in sweaters and coats, spring is quickly sneaking up on us. We are on the verge of the season that has me daydreaming about basking in the bright sunshine and constantly scouring for inspiration, including refreshing color trends for spring. The one element of my wardrobe that I love updating for a new season are the colors that I choose to highlight and add to my closet. As much as I love my black, white, and neutral dominated wardrobe, adding color at the beginning of a new season instantly uplifts my spirits.

Prepare for the new season by revitalizing the color palette in your closet with some of the most refreshing color trends for spring.

Shades of Green

An unexpected shade of olive green, typically reserved for fall, Biscay green, a calming aqua shade, and the jewel-toned emerald have swiftly taken over as one of the hottest shades of spring. See how Dalia from our Melrose store has added olive to her spring wardrobe.

Laura Byrnes Shades of green spring color trend

Hues of Blue

From classic blue to faded denim, the addition of this traditional color will ease you into adding more colors to your wardrobe for spring.

Aimee Song Hues of blue spring color trend

Bright & Bold Yellows and Oranges

Not surprisingly, bright and bold colors ranging from saffron yellow to orange peel have been incorporated into all styles, from romantic florals to bold monochromatic looks to chic accessories.

Caitlyn Warakomski Yellow Orange spring color trend

Vibrant Purples & Pinks

Wondering how to wear shades of purple and pink without perpetually looking like a child? Look for vibrant shades of these colors, from rich grape compote to bold coral pink.

Karen Blanchard Purple pink spring color trend

Flame Scarlet

And finally, for a showstopping, not to be missed look, try the boldest of colors: flame scarlet.

Casey Goode Quigley red spring color trend

Which colors are you excited to add to your spring wardrobe transition?

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February 26th 2020 By Samantha Furno 5 Styles Worth Trying this Spring Season

Fashion trends are coming and going at a faster pace than ever before, which is why it can seem hard to fully pinpoint which trends are actually worth exploring each season! Lucky for you, I’ve done a bit of the legwork and have rounded up a few trending styles that are going to be incredibly relevant for Spring 2020.

Check out my top picks for spring that are definitely worth making room for in your wardrobe! 

denim high neck victorian top with high rise pants

A Statement Making Top

When it comes to making a statement this spring season, it’s safe to say that the puffier the sleeve the better! A subtle ode to the Victorian Era, romantic tops with higher necklines, layered ruffles and voluminous sleeves are a definite must-have for the months up ahead.

woven leather purse

A Chic Textured Bag

Simple and eye-catching? Yes, indeed! Woven bags are an elegant yet understated way to update your spring outfits in a flash. This coming season, opt for a woven bag in a bright color, or even add a pair of woven mules to the mix to experience this texture from head-to-toe!

babydoll dress in black on a woman

A Babydoll Dress

Flowy and feminine, the babydoll silhouette is an easy and breezy style that can easily translate from day to night with the help of a few key accessories! Wear it with chunky sneakers while running errands in town or with a pair of flossy heels for the ultimate date night pairing! 

brown clog heels


Likely one of the more unsuspecting styles to be popular this coming season, clogs are taking the fashion world by storm! Love them or hate them, this infamous chunky heel will surely be sticking around through the summer season as well! 

oversized printed blazer and pants

A Tailored Set

Tailoring is definitely not groundbreaking for the spring season, but trust me, this menswear-inspired trend is going to be bigger than ever as things start to heat up! Pastel hues and feminine prints are a playful way to carry this stylish set into the season ahead seamlessly! 

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February 25th 2020 By Jennifer Bender Transition to Spring With 4 Key Pieces

Spring does not officially begin until mid-March and in many places, the weather is still frigid and freezing. However, ever since Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring on this year’s Groundhogs Day, I haven’t been able to stop planning out my spring transitional wardrobe. My favorite part of dressing during the transition between the agonizingly bitter winter weather and the pleasantly warm spring weather, are the pieces that pull an outfit together, allowing you to merge your cold and hot weather wardrobes.

The best pieces for transitioning between the two seasons are most likely staples already in your closet. The key is finding pieces that you can wear as much in the current season using layering as you can in the next season on their own (because who doesn’t like a versatile wardrobe!). Read below for what to pull from the back of your closet or what to invest in if it’s a missing piece in your wardrobe.

Midweight Outerwear

It’s about time to put away heavy winter outerwear and focus on midweight layering pieces that will be heavy enough to keep you comfortable during crisp spring mornings but not be a hassle to remove once the sun shines down in the afternoon resulting in the mild warmth that spring grants upon us. Think longline coats and jackets for this in-between weather, like a faux-leather trench coat or a twill utility jacket, that will add a comfortable layer without the bulkiness of a winter coat.

Key outerwear piece for transitioning to spring

Classic Collared Shirt

A classic button-down shirt will quickly become a staple piece during the transition between the two seasons. Swap out your layering thermals for a collared shirt under your sweaters for a preppy look that will keep you warm during the chilly mornings whilst allowing you to strip off a piece in the warmer afternoons. Forego the sweater altogether and tuck this timeless top into your go-to denim and booties combination, layered with a trendy chunky cardigan that can be removed as the weather warms during the day. And of course, use this piece as a layer under your favorite spring dresses that you just cannot wait one more day to bust out of storage for the season.

Key collared shirt for transitioning to spring

Midi to Maxi Length Dresses & Skirts

Speaking of dresses, if you’re in an area whose temperatures are already rising, midi to maxi length dresses or skirts will add that much-needed refresh to your wardrobe and cultivate your creative styling juices once again. It’s been a long winter, stuck in jeans, chunky knits and booties – not that I don’t love that combination and would most likely choose it to be my only outfit if I had to – but being able to bare a bit of skin and feel lighter is the best part about the weather warming up a little sooner this year. Throw your favorite chunky knit or cardigan top your spring dress or layer a thin turtleneck or classic button-down under for that little bit of extra warmth that is needed for later winter / early spring weather.

Key midi dress style for transitioning to spring

Lightweight Shoes

I am a boots girl, through and through, but I have already been busting out my flats, mules, and sneakers on mild, dry days this season. Swapping out heavy winter footwear for spring-appropriate shoes will lighten up your outfit and balance the chunky knits and jeans that you may still need to get through the rest of the winter season. Plus, they are so easy to style with every outfit and add a much-needed element of comfort.

Key shoe styles for transitioning to spring

Love to keep your closet fresh with new trends and inspiration? Check out Crossroads Trading spring ideas on our page

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