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March 25th, 2019 by Samantha Furno Spring Trend Alert: Tie-Dye Is Officially Back

Springtime always brings about brighter and cheery hues in the fashion world, but how do you feel about adding some groovy tie-dye to your wardrobe line-up this season? It is no secret that tie-dye is a major trend right now! We’ve been seeing a revival of this 70’s pattern on and off the runways, proving that tie dye is no longer a blast from the past. Tie-dye in 2019 is definitely more elevated; think sophisticated fabrics, modern silhouettes and chic color combos! Bold colors and carefree patterns make tie dye the perfect way to switch up those spring pastels in your wardrobe. Whether you opt to incorporate this trend in an accessory or even an entire frock, there is no denying that tie dye will add a hint of childhood nostalgia to your outfits.

The beautiful thing about this trend is that it is totally obtainable. We are seeing tie-dye in spring and summer lookbooks across the board, making it a simple pattern to shop around for, but you can also head to your local craft store, purchase some dye and rubber bands and try your hand at creating your own tie dyed styles as well. I’ve rounded up some awesome ways we have seen the tie-dye trend styled for spring that will make you want to try this psychedelic trend for yourself!

Elevated but Fun

High-end designers can’t get enough of the tie-dye trend this spring either! This gorgeous Proenza Schouler turtleneck is not for the faint of heart, but it is definitely enough to make any fashionista swoon!
Woman wearing elevated tie-dye.

Move Over Spring Florals

Tie-Dye is the perfect pattern to wear in place of spring’s typical patterns! Just look at how feminine and fun this dreamy pastel-hued dress is!
Woman wearing a floral styled dress.

As Classic as this Trend Gets!

A simple swirled pattern tee is really all you need to embrace one of 2019’s hottest trends!
Woman wearing a classic tie-dye pattern.

The Perfect Combo

The 90’s are alive and well in this fashion-forward utility jumpsuit! The acid wash tie-dyed pattern makes this fashion forward look a definite head turner!
Woman wearing full patterned outfit.

No matter how you style tie dye in your spring wardrobe, just remember to stay groovy!

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October 16th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile Round Up: 5 UK Style Bloggers You Should Be Following

There has always been something more sophisticated and chic about the style across the pond. I’ve recently been gravitating towards UK style bloggers for fall fashion inspiration. Take a look at my 5 favorite UK style bloggers that you should be following!


Emma Hill: EJ Style
Emma has an attainable everyday chic style. I also adore her YouTube channel which includes shopping hauls + try ons, travel vlogs, and styling tips.


Freddie Harrel: Freddie Harrel
Color, bold prints, confidence, women empowerment: if you are a fan of any of these, you will fall in love with Freddie immediately.
uk style


Lucy Williams: Fashion Me Now
She is the image definition of effortless.


Olivia Purvis: What Olivia Did
Feminine and simple, Olivia’s style is a breath of fresh air.


Carrie Santana: Wish Wish Wish
Earthy, muted tones and minimalistic outfits, Carrie’s style is right up my ally.

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September 11, 2018 by Jennifer Beile Round-Up: How to Wear the Western Trend

The Western trend is nothing new. It’s been meandering in the fashion industry the last several years, but it’s become apparent from recent runway shows that we are in a full-blown ’80s Western trend revival.

I feel your hesitation. I echo your hesitation. I’m all for having fun getting dressed, but going full on Little House on the Prairie has just never been on my style wishlist. It wasn’t until I noticed I was falling for the details of Western wear that I realized there are ways to subtly wear these styles—and that I already have quite a few pieces in my wardrobe that work.

Trends aren’t necessarily meant to be taken literally and worn as they are on the runway. They can inspire and influence a style that you may not have otherwise given a chance.  If you’re a bit hesitant to try the Western trend, read on for five easy ways to subtly incorporate it into your wardrobe.


1. Accessorize

western trend

Accessories are great way to test the waters of a new trend. Give a touch of Western flare to a neutral outfit with silver buckles, saddle bags, turquoise accents, or a horn necklace like the one Lucy is wearing.


2. On Your Feet

Perhaps one of the most obvious ways to try this trend is to rock a pair of cowboy-inspired boots. Go bold with fringe or buckles or understated with subtle stitch detailing. Fall is the perfect time to show off a pair of statement boots in a midi/maxi dress or cropped denim.


3. Maxi Shirt Dress

Speaking of dresses, midi and maxi dresses have been trending all year, so I know you have one in your closet. Cinch your dress with a silver buckle belt at the waist, add your favorite booties, and you’ll add a subtle Western vibe to your fall uniform.


4. Top It Off

You’ll nary see a cowboy without his hat! For the chicest way to finish your fall outfit with a Western twist, look for a hat with a wide brim and high crown. Bonus points for embroidery or belt detail!


5. All in The Details

Fringe, ruffles, and suede are characteristic of Western wear, and they can look thoroughly chic when suitably styled.

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August 15th, 2017 by Jennifer Beile 5 Early 2000s Style Trends Making a Comeback

I generally think of the early 2000s as a rebellious time in fashion, a time when fashion tried too hard to be different from previous decades. In trying to set itself apart, the early 2000s isn’t remembered as the most fashionable era. Some may even say it was the most cringeworthy. It brought us an overabundance of flip-flops, super low-rise jeans paired with belly-baring tops, bedazzled graphic tees, and more colors and patterns than we ever thought we needed in our wardrobe.

While there are many trends from the early aughts that we never need to be reminded of, it looks as though some are slowly making a comeback. I’m personally still on the skeptical side, but luckily, these trends have received major modern updates and can be paired with current trends and styles.

Take a look at some of the early 2000s trends making a comeback, plus tips on how to wear them today!


1. Low Rise Jeans

early aughts

Back in the early aughts, it was almost impossible to find any other denim style besides low-rise jeans. I cringe remembering it was actually a trend to have your thong show above your jeans. If you’re too young to remember this, be thankful! Low-rise denim is making a comeback, but instead of super low-rise styles with rhinestone embellishments, we’re seeing more wearable slouchy girlfriend denim.


2. Tracksuits

Track Suits

The image of Paris Hilton in bedazzled pink velour tracksuits will be forever burned into my brain as the iconic image of early 2000s fashion. This is the one trend from the early aughts that will need to work hard to convince me. If you’re feeling risky, look for a slightly fitted, branded tracksuit, minus the rhinestones. Pair it with your favorite sneakers for a throwback athleisure look.


3. Brightly-Tinted Sunglasses

early aughts

Everyone wore tinted sunglasses, specifically aviators. It was a gender neutral trend in sunglasses that didn’t do much to block sunlight, but it sure made a statement. To avoid looking dated, choose frames that are slightly oversized and have more muted lenses. Pair them with an understated outfit as an accent to your look.


4. Trucker Hats

Trucker Hats

The Von Dutch trucker hat was donned by every “cool kid” you knew, from Ashton Kutcher to Britney Spears. The trend went as quickly as it came, but the mark it made on the early 2000s is undeniable. Lately, models and influencers like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been seen wearing trucker hats. The early aughts were all about bright, in-your-face pieces, but the current round of trucker hats are more understated.


5. Dresses Over Denim 

Dress Over Pants

In high school, I was definitely into this classic early 2000s trend. A baby doll dress layered over flared jeans or cropped leggings? I totally thought I was cool. These days, you’d be hard-pressed to get me back into an outfit like that, but I will admit that the “it girls” of today have reinvented this look. And they make it more tempting with some artful layering! Choose a clean, tailored bottom and a shift or shirt dress for a modern take on this trend.

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April 26th, 2017 by Julius Adorsu Chicago Fashion Spotlight: An Interview with Two Creatives

Chicago is known for many things: deep dish pizza, great museums and galleries, and the beauty of the city itself. It’s a little less known for all the creative and fashionable people who reside here, but I’m looking to help change that. I had the opportunity to interview some of the most stylish bloggers/creatives I follow, and the results were inspiring beyond belief. The first two people were Brandon and Desirée—a creative and a blogger, respectively.


  1. How would you define style

Desirée: Style is your personality that comes across in your appearance. It can be the way you clothe yourself or the accessories you wear.


Brandon: Style is personal expression meets visuals. It can be the clothing, it can be accessories, it can be nail polish, it can be beads, it can be confidence. For me, it’s a way to express myself through the way I present myself.



  1. David Bowie once said, “I wanted to be thought of as someone who was very much a trendy person, rather than a trend.” How do you feel about that statement in our present time?

Desirée: If you’re trendy, you have a sensitivity to what’s going on around you and are able to pick up on it. But it’s something that continues to cycle. He was able to stay relevant for so long because he knew the difference.


Brandon: Everyone is into a certain look, a certain trend, a certain style. Yet that isn’t always authentic and genuine.  I’m just a really big fan of being 100% yourself.


  1. If you had to wear only one designer or brand exclusively for three years, who would it be and why?

Desirée: I’d have to choose a designer and it would be Marc Jacobs. He just knows how to do so many things.  He could do grunge or a polished-up lady Louis Vuitton look.


Brandon: Louis Vuitton would be the brand, mainly because of the rich history. He was able to bring [the brand] from a bag no one wanted, to a luxury luggage brand, then to a full fashion house. I really appreciate what the house represents because I’m all about the hustle and the grind.


Watch the full interview below!


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