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March 20th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile How to Elevate 5 Current Trends

We love following trends, but it can look and feel monotonous to wear and repeat them with everyone else. To keep from fading into the fashion background, there are ways you can elevate today’s trends to stand out by adding your own style and flair.

Below are five of my favorite current trends and how to elevate them to the next level!



1. Tuck in Your Blazer.
Refresh the way you style your blazers this spring and try tucking them in.  Opt for a lightweight, somewhat cropped length blazer, either crossing each side over and tucking or—following Kendall Jenner’s lead—half-tucking for a chic, undone look.


2. Wear Your Fanny Pack as a Crossbody.
Though maybe not as practical, wearing a fanny pack as a crossbody bag updates the trend just enough to add an unexpected punch of style.  I love Yara Shahidi‘s monochromatic yellow look showcasing her fanny pack.


3. Build an Outfit Around Colored Tights
Colored tights take me back to my elementary school days; it just doesn’t seem as sensible to wear brightly colored tights as an adult. The trick for elevating this playful trend is to build a neutral outfit around your tights, or go monochromatic and match your tights completely or in tone.


4. Try White Booties in a Sleek Silhouette.
White booties are definitely having a moment and I am all in. Pristine white booties will help make colors pop and instantly add a chic factor to your outfit. Looking to elevate the style of your white booties? Look for sleek kitten heel ones for the ultimate chic look.


5. Upgrade your Utility Jumpsuit.
Utility jumpsuits were all over the fashion week runways. Quality fabrics like silk will elevate your favorite jumpsuit from a trend to a closet staple.

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March 13th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile Unexpected Trend Alert: Dad Sneakers & How to Style Them

They’ve been slowly creeping their way into the fashion scene... First on the runway, then on street style “it girls” and celebs, and now I’m officially seeing style bloggers covet the surprising trend of the “dad sneaker.” You know the type: the off-brand, normcore sneaker your average dad can be seen wearing at an amusement park chasing after his kids. We embraced “mom” jeans, and apparently dad sneakers are next!

I’m not entirely on board with this trend, but in case you happen to be, there are some absolutely ways to make these chunky sneakers look chic!  Take a look at five ways to style dad sneakers and make them the “it” sneaker of 2018.


dad sneaker

1. Go athleisure.
What better way to wear any new sneaker trend than with your favorite athleisure look!


2. Pair with feminine pieces.
Create contrast by pairing these chunky casual sneakers with decidedly feminine pieces.


3. Embrace the perfect traveling shoe.
Let Chiara Ferragni inspire your style! She’s no stranger to traveling around the world and does it in only the chicest comfort.


4. Color-coordinate.
A little weary of drawing too much attention to your new sneakers? Coordinate the colors of your sneakers to your outfit for a seamless transition.


5. Suit it up.
Aimee Song creates an entirely different look with her suit, swapping out expected heels for Louis Vuitton sneakers.


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January 17th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile Surprising Trend Alert: Micro Sunglasses

The newest trend to be resurrected from the ’90s? Micro sunglasses.

Updating your accessories is an easy way to keep your style fresh. While we still love our oversized shades, micro sunglasses are a totally chic addition to your rotation of sunnies. Seen on your favorite celebs, models, and bloggers, take a look at some of our favorite looks featuring micro sunglasses.


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December 12th, 2017 by Jennifer Beile 5 Trendy Pieces to Get You Through This Winter

While I love getting dressed for chilly fall weather, the frigid days of winter can become monotonous. There are only so many combinations of sweaters, skinny jeans, and jackets to rotate through before I get bored and uninspired. But dressing for cold temperatures doesn’t have to be boring. Be prepared this winter with a plan for style all season long.

Don’t let your style fall to the wayside when it gets cold. Create a winter capsule wardrobe to stay inspired! Take a look at five of my favorite trendy winter pieces that are a must-have for your capsule wardrobe this season!


trendy peices

White Boots
A trend that’s been going strong all year, white boots look like they’ll be sticking around a little longer! Winter-white boots add instant chicness to an outfit and can be dressed up or down.


trendy pieces

Baker Boy Cap
Keep your hair in place and up your cool factor with a trendy baker boy cap this season.


A turtleneck is a must-have for your cold weather wardrobe. Try a thin basic to layer with or a chunky sweater for those extra-cold days.


Maxi Dress
A long-sleeved maxi dress can be layered and dressed up or down. It’s the perfect fill-in when you’re stuck in a skinny jeans rut!


Statement Coat
A fun statement coat can be thrown over any ordinary outfit to give it that extraordinary look.



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November 7th, 2017 by Jennifer Beile Surprising Trend Comeback: Stirrup Pants

Along with scrunchies, kitten heels, and fanny packs, add stirrup pants to the growing list of comeback trends that we never thought we would see again. Originally designed for horseback riders and skiers, stirrups pants eventually became popular in casual fashion in the 1960s. As an ’80s baby, I experienced stirrup pants in their height of popularity. With the “leggings as pants” trend returning this year, it’s no surprise that we are going the extra mile and bringing back stirrup pants. I’m not quite sure I love them, but I can tell you that I definitely don’t hate them! They’re able to add just a bit of interest to an outfit without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Take a look at some modern ways to wear stirrup pants this season!


Make them edgy.
Fishnet details and frayed denim give these striped stirrup pants an updated, modern edge.


Update your menswear.
Update your favorite menswear look by trying stirrup trousers!



Keep it classic.
Not too sure you’re ready for stirrup pants? Downplay them by pairing them with classic pieces. An oversized sweater and simple heels are perfect for fall.


Go athleisure.
Keep it old school and go athleisure with your stirrups. Throw on sneakers or a pair of heels to complete your look.


Try it in denim.
Stirrup straps add a little something extra to your otherwise regular denim outfits.



Fake it.
A little weary about stirrups and don’t want to invest in a fade? Add stirrup clips to any of your pants to get the look.

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