Sell By Mail – Terms of Service


Sell By Mail

Terms of Service

We want you to be 100% satisfied with our program. If you are less than satisfied, please contact us at so that we can help you resolve the issue.

By completing this electronic Bag Request Form and sending items to Crossroads Trading for evaluation and purchase, seller acknowledges that:

  1. Crossroads Trading will pay seller 30% cash (via Zelle mobile payment) or 50% trade credit of retail price set on each item purchased, based on seller’s selection at time of Bag Request.
  2. Seller is age 18 or older.
  3. Seller will only send clothing from the Continental U.S. and will be held liable for incoming shipping from Hawaii and Alaska or from any other country.
  4. Seller will only ship clothing in the bag provided by Crossroads Trading via UPS and will be held liable for shipping costs in any other packaging.
  5. Crossroads Trading will not be held responsible for the damage to clothing that results from improper packaging by seller or shipping process by UPS.
  6. All items purchased will be priced immediately for sale without seller approval and will become the property of Crossroads Trading.
  7. Seller’s selection of “Return” or “Donate” on the Bag Request Form will be executed by Crossroads Trading on all unpurchased items. If “Donate” is selected, we will donate all unpurchased items.  No tax receipt will be provided.  If “Return” is selected, seller agrees to pay $18 for return shipping.
  8. Seller acknowledges that in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, Crossroads only accepts authentic designer items.
  9. We reserve the right to limit payout to cash for professional sellers.  Professional sellers are defined as sellers that buy and sell clothing for profit via an online store, social media or brick and mortar store.
  10. All communication from Crossroads Trading will be delivered to the email address submitted by seller on the electronic Bag Request Form. Crossroads Trading is not responsible for emails that do not reach seller due to network and email filters. Adding and to your Address Book or Safe Senders List is recommended.
  11. Crossroads Trading reserves the right to change our terms and conditions at any time.