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January 29th, 2019 by Jennifer Beile 5 Ways that Beige Doesn’t Have to be Bland

In the past year, we have seen vibrant colors take center stage: neons, coral, bold blues and pinks, so it’s a bit surprising that beige and brown has been such a focus of spring 2019 runway shows and trend reports. So how and why is this safe color tone competing with other playful and daring colors and trends? Beige can be used to complement stronger colors, bold fabrics, and textures. And because of all the saturated colors that have surrounded us in the last year, beige can now be used to stand out or make a statement in itself.
Take a look at some ways to style beige without feeling bland.

Mixing different shades of beige and browns will create a chic monochromatic outfit.

Blogger or a street corner wearing beige

Beige doesn’t have to mean boring; a playful print brings the safe color to a whole new level.

Blogger wearing animal print beige.

Accenting a bold color choice with a beige accessory or layer will subtly subdue your look.

Blogger pairing a beige overcoat with pink.

Unexpected fabrics, like silk or leather, add an unexpected refinement to beige and brown color tones.

Blogger wearing beige and copper dress.

Mixing different textures with different hues of beige add interest and define each layer of the outfit.

Blogger wearing brown and beige together.


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