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October 22nd, 2019 by Jennifer Beile A Modern Take on the Patchwork Trend & How to Wear It

This fall, the patchwork trend has gone through a modern update and we are no longer seeing the traditional patchwork pieces inspired by classic quilting, literally as it sounds: different pieces, or patches, of patterns and materials are sewn into one garment. Recently, this trend has undergone a modern update that results in sleek, chic pieces that are brought together with a more minimalistic approach, almost as if it’s only two separate items instead of multiple without any direction. As somewhat of a mix between colorblocking and print mixing, take a look at the modern update on the patchwork trend to inspire you this fall season.

Two-Tone Pieces

Alyssa’s two-tone dress is a chic update on a classic style.
Woman wearing two-tone jacket.

Patchwork Button-Up

Refresh your button-up collection, a fall essential, with a patchwork top like Mary’s with different prints and colors.
Woman wearing patchwork styled button-up.

Sweater Weather

It’s sweater weather and there’s no better way than to add a splash of color to your knit collection by looking for some patchwork designs.
Woman wearing a patchwork sweater with loafers.

Try Out Trousers

Bored with your collection of jeans? Shake up your wardrobe with a pair of two-tone trousers.
woman wearing two=tone patchwork pants with khaki top.

Mixed Material Jacket

Add some interest to your fall and winter outerwear collection with a mixed material jacket like Brittany’s with leather sleeve, pocket, and belt details.
Woman wearing an olive patchwork jacket with mixed fabrics.


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