Blog: Crossroads Style

February 22, 2024 Get Cash for Clothes by Mail

Giving cash for clothes is what we do! Most people sell directly in our stores to collect cash or store credit on the spot, but if you don’t live near a store (or just don’t have the time), you can try our Sell by Mail program too.

However you choose to sell, there are a few things to consider when deciding on the clothes to bring to us. These 4 tips will greatly increase your odds of earning cash or trade.

1. Check the Brands We Love

Our selling guide shares the styles, trends, and labels we’re currently looking for. We’re always looking for popular mall and boutique brands in great condition.

2. Focus on Current and Classic Styles

We love to stock our racks with the trends and styles we’re seeing on the current runways, as well as classic investment pieces that can be worn for years.

Current and classic styles will always increase your likelihood of selling.

buyer giving cash for clothes at a Crossroads selling counter

3. Bring in Those High-Quality Fabrics

We’re on the hunt for superior natural fibers like cotton, silk, cashmere, leather, and wool. In fact, what your clothes are made of can turn your piece from a “maybe” into a “yes, please!”

Like with any fabrics, just make sure to inspect for pulls and stains. Our buyers won’t be able to accept damaged items.

4. Check the Condition

Finally, our buyers look for pieces that customers could wear out of the store. For this reason, they look closely for stains, tears, loose threads, missing buttons, and broken zippers. The better the condition, the more likely an item will be purchased!

Ready to give it a go and earn cash for clothes? Just visit one of our stores or order your Sell by Mail bag here.