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June 11th, 2018 by Mary Elizabeth OOTD: Cheetah Print – The Khaki of the Jungle

Hey guys, Mary Elizabeth here sharing yet another favorite Crossroads find and how I style it.  This week is all about my favorite “neutral”: cheetah print. (Shhh, don’t tell leopard!)  I affectionately call it “khaki of the jungle.” In my opinion, it looks great with everything and really bumps up the glam factor.



I picked up this DVF number at the Melrose in Hollywood location. I immediately wanted it, but I was also prepared for a not-so-flattering look, especially on a girl with very round hips. The thing is, DVF knows cut—and it was very obvious in the dressing room that this is an expensive, well-made piece that hugs in just the right places!

With western influences coming in strong for spring and summer 2018, I paired my skirt with a vintage cowboy hat and fringe cardigan. My sleeveless mock neck is Vince, courtesy of Crossroads in Silver Lake.  To finish my outfit, I added a classic espadrille in modern monochrome black and a pair of cat-eye shades.


February 14th, 2018 by Jennifer Beile Crossroads Shopping Tips from the Crossroads Style Council

Last week, five of my fellow Crossroads Style Council members and I took a short road trip from LA to Santa Barbara. We took over the Crossroads Trading in Santa Barbara and challenged ourselves to create an editorial outfit in just under an hour. Photos and videos will be coming to Crossroads’s Instagram soon!

Between photoshoot pit stops at gas stations, styling and shooting all of our fun Crossroads looks, the most amazing lunch together, I was able to round up some of the best Crossroads secondhand shopping tips from the experts themselves! Take a look at tips from your Crossroads Style Council on how to make the most of your store shopping experience.


shopping tips

Beth, B. Jones StyleInstagram

Beth is a secondhand shopping god (in my mind, anyway). Her thrift shopping challenges inspire my soul and make me want to spend hours at my favorite Crossroads locations finding treasures. From Beth:

My tip is: at Crossroads, I get all my awesome, great, classic essentials. Like a great rag & bone tee, designer shoes, denim. So I always use Crossroads as a way to build my essential, classic wardrobe staples.

shopping tips

Amelia, ClotheshorseInstagram

Amelia is the ultimate cool girl in her classic and chic pieces. I do have to admit that her Crossroads finds on our trip were the ones I was most jealous she found first!

Go when you can be leisurely—taking your time shopping secondhand will yield the best results. Get a coffee, caffeinate, eat something before so you’re not starving, make sure you’ve peed… Just know that you might have to do two rounds in the dressing room to be thorough.

Cassidy, Cassidy GardInstagram

Cassidy’s style is all-American, colorful, feminine, and flirty. It was my first time meeting Cassidy, and she is honestly the most genuine and so much fun to shop with!

I always pay attention to the materials—I don’t really look at the brand. I just look at the materials that I know are high quality, and the second I feel something that feels nice on my skin, it’s always a more luxurious brand than fast fashion [ones]. And that’s how I get through really quickly–looking at the colors and materials, feeling it… things that just breathe well on my skin.

Morgan, The Maverick MuseInstagram

Morgan has a style all her own: daring, retro, modern, and just SO MUCH FUN. I definitely have a girl crush!

One rule of thumb is that I will typically go where nobody else is, to not be clustered with other shoppers. A lot of thrifting is having the desire to spend time [on it], so I make sure that I don’t have any other requirements for the day and I can just leisurely stroll through and do my thing. You have to be hungry… you really have to have that desire to look and find the gems.

Mary, Hey Mary ElizabethInstagram

Mary has such a fun, whimsical style, and knowing that she is able to use Crossroads to build her wardrobe, you can bet that she has great tips to help you during your shopping trips!

Always check out the rejects from the dressing room. Think of it as a potentially curated section of clothes that didn’t fit someone else so well. Start at an area that’s not so overwhelming ([such as] shoes at Crossroads). When you find one good item right away, it gives you motivation to dig in.

Jennifer, Jennifer Beile

And from me: Go in with an open mind. If you are going secondhand shopping with specific pieces in mind, you will most likely miss out on some other great items that you weren’t looking for because you were concentrating too much on something specific. Also, look in multiple sizes! Not all brand sizing is created equal. I especially look at a range of sizes in denim, hold them up to my hips, and if they look close to fitting, I try them on. Don’t be afraid to try something on. It will always look different on the hanger versus on you.

January 18th, 2018 by Mary Elizabeth Styling Classic Converse All Stars

Heeey, I’m Mary.  You may have seen me around the Internet or on Crossroads’s Instagram feed at some point. I’ve somehow made it all these years on the Crossroads Style Council without an official Crossroads blog post.  So, here I am with a little about me, my style philosophy, and my favorite Crossroads finds!

Officially, my career is personal shopper and stylist. I work in fashion and interiors with individuals & brands. You could also call me a “Youtuber”, as my largest audience is at my channel HeyMaryElizabeth.  I live in Los Angeles with my mini schnauzer and nearby thoroughbred, dreaming of my future ranch and organic garden.

Born in the suburbs of Los Angeles, skate and surf culture permeated the air. Neighborhood kids searched for empty pools to skate, and Vans and Converse were the epitome of cool. And high tops were the height of it—I mean, of course the ones with the star were coolest. Duh.

Luckily, their appeal hasn’t worn off, and it’s been a lifelong love affair. I recently decided I needed a pair of high top white All Stars, and a few weeks later—as fate would have it—I stepped into Crossroads in Studio City to discover my size, like new, for under $20.  SOLD—the perfect addition for all my cropped pants. We’ll just call ‘em winter white.  A girly tomboy for life, here’s how I paired my new friend, Chuck:


APRIL 20, 2015 By Gina The Best of Spring Trends

Crossroads Trading in Evanston, IL is blooming with some of spring’s hottest trends and just had to share their favorite picks with you! Take a look below at some of the the fun looks they pulled straight off their racks.

Bold Blooms
Jordan is mixing and matching some great spring trends here. Her bold floral pattern dress is fun, while her classic cream trench gives her a polished look. Topped off with some heels in a spring neutral and a statement bag, and she’s ready for an adventure.


On Jordan:
Jacket – Laundry, size XS, $42.50
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff, $225.00
Shoes – Elle, size 6.5, $13.50
Dress – Weston, size S, $30.00

Bohemian Breeze
70’s-inspired prints and silhouettes are huge this spring. Karen is combining an easy boho maxi with a faux leather bomber to give it a bit of edge. Ankle boots and some daring sunglasses top of this look, making it the perfect spring combination for day or night.


On Karen:
Dress – MinkPink, size S, $27.50
Shoes – Report, size 9, $27.50
Jacket – Forever 21, size L, $20.00
Sunglasses – New Arrivals, $10.00
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff, $250.00

Lots of Layers
Spring can be a tricky season; it’s cold then hot then cold again. Nathan is wearing some great spring items, combining white chinos with a chambray button-up to give this look a fresh feel. By adding a pop of coral and this amazing jacket, Nathan is ready for whatever the day throws at him.



On Nathan:
Under Shirt – J Crew, size S, $15.00
Shirt – H&M, size S, $16.50
Jacket – Brooks Brothers, size M, $40.00
Pants – J Crew, size 32, $27.50
Shoes – New Arrivals, size 9, $20.00

APRIL 7, 2015 BY JENNIFER BEILE Round Up: Crossroads Style
Council Looks

If you haven’t met the Crossroads Style Council, I urge you to check out our stylish group! I personally follow each one and I am so inspired reading through their blogs; the group is made up of such successful and
creative women.

If you have not yet “met” the Style Council, here’s an introductory round-up of the group featuring my favorite recent looks from each member!

Samantha: Style Infurno

I adore Samantha’s floral bomber jacket! It is the perfect piece for the Nor Cal’s spring weather and freshens up your basic pieces.


Image 1

Beth: B. Jones Style

I followed Beth before the Style Council was created and am a bit of a fan girl, so sharing a spot on the Style Council and have gotten to spend a bit of time with her has been a treat for me! I love how fun Beth’s eclectic style is and how creative she is in mixing and matching vintage, secondhand, and new pieces.


Image 2

Rachel-Marie: Jag Lever

Rachel-Marie has such a free-spirited style. This girl is not afraid to express herself with color, pattern, and texture. She has the best statement pieces!


Image 3

Mara: M Loves M

Mara has the sweetest style! She is the epitome of classic chic and I love seeing her make it her own with modern accessories.


Image 4

Amelia: Clothes Horse NYC

Not a single blog post of Amelia’s gets past me without me wishing that I had her wardrobe! I adore her mix of minimalism and classic “cool girl” style.


Image 5

Grasie: Style Me Grasie

Grasie has a smile that lights up the room – whenever and wherever! She is a style chameleon, and can literally make anything work!


Image 6

Melanie: Lace and Combat Boots

Melanie is such a breath of fresh air! She always manages to add a playful twist to a traditional feminine style.


Image 7

Kristen: Miss Kris Turner

Kristen shares her style inspiration via YouTube and her beauty, confidence, and joyful attitude simply radiate onscreen! Click the link to see my most recent favorite video from Kristen: “5 Fresh Fun Ways to Welcome Spring.“


Image 8

Micaela: Drifter & the Gypsy

Micaela has the sweetest vintage-inspired wardrobe and a beautiful, colorful outlook on life.


Image 9

Noelle: Noelle’s Favorite Things

Noelle seems to have a really great knack for hunting down the perfect vintage pieces!


Image 10

Mary: Hey Mary Elizabeth

Mary is another one of our vloggers! Her style expertise transcends clothing to include home decor! Click the link to watch one of my favorite videos from Mary: “Mimosa Bar: How to Style.“


Image 11

Bethany: Snakes Nest

Snakes Nest was one of the first blogs that I began following regularly and I am always sure to keep up to date with Bethany! Her simple, effortless style has an aesthetic that I definitely attempt to strive for.


Image 12

Jessie: Style & Pepper

Jessie’s quirky style is so fun to keep up with! Her personality shines through her eclectic mix of vintage and modern. And I just may steal this jacket!


Image 13