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March 4th 2020, By Samantha Furno Sell This, Shop That

Spring is officially a few weeks out and now is the ideal time to do a bit of seasonal organizing within your wardrobe! When it comes to a closet cleanout, I’ve found the best way to sort through the chaos within my closet is by categorizing my pieces into three piles: keep, sell and donate. Prior to diving into my organization, I always take a peek at the Crossroads selling guide so I can make sure that I am setting aside pieces that are aligned with the current buying needs of my local Crossroads.

Since I recently did a cleanout myself, I wanted to share with you a few styles that are worth bringing to Crossroads to sell, as well as styles that are worth shopping for as a replacement!

Sell:Co-Ords & Buy:Slip Dresses

woman in tan silky slip dress

Matching sets, also known as co-ords, are a fantastic and effortless duo for any spring line-up, but if you’re ready to part with that set that’s been sitting in your wardrobe for the past year, then I highly recommend seeking out a chic, mid-length slip dress for spring instead!

Sell:Sequins & Buy:Lace

woman in white lace dress

Sequins are listed on the current selling guide at Crossroads, so go ahead and bring in those holiday-inspired pieces and seek out a fresh lace style for the new season.

Sell:Neon & Buy:Pastels

yellow floral pastel dress

Neon is still very much having its moment in fashion, but if you’re ready to switch up the hues in your wardrobe this season, go ahead and add your neon styles to your sell pile and shop around for some softer, pastel hues! 

Sell:Trench Coat & Buy:A Blazer

blazer demi, and t-shirt combo

Trench coats are right in line with this season’s tailoring trend, but so are blazers! Trade out your long line trench for a blazer that is slightly oversized and patterned for that ultimate cool girl vibe!


Wondering what other trends Crossroads is looking for right now? Check out the selling guide!

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